Sanchez early goal helps stops Chelseas double in it’s tracks as Arsenal win the FA CUP #1


Wembly Stadium


              After a dramatic conclusion to the EPL season there would be one more matter of afairs for Arsenal. They would travel to Wembley Stadium as they would take on league champions Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Chelsea would run with the league title as they would came out with a bang and would maintain momentum all season. Arsenal manager Arsene Wangar would come under intense scruitiny by fans as they would finish below the Spurs for the first time in over 20 years. That and they would fail to make it into the top 4 as well. This would be their last chance to silence the doubters and bring a trophy home to the Emirates and stop Chelseas double in it’s tracks. Arsenal would take a early lead has Alexis Sanchez would score early but with some controversy. They would continue the attack on Chelsea as they would lead 1-0 at the half. In the second half Chelsea would drop a man but manage a equalizer by Diego Costa which would make it a tie game. But it would not last long has Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal would score just shortly after. Chelsea would try to get back into it but could’nt has Arsenal would win their 13th FA Cup titile and would make Arsene Wangar the most successful manager in competitions.

               In this matchup Arsenal would go with a 3-4-2-1 formation. In goal would be Ospina who would replace starter Chech. On defense would be Monreal, Mertesacker who had successfully performed in Arsenals previous FA Cup wins got his first start of the season and Holding. In the midfield would be Chamberlain, Xhaka, Ramsey and Bellrin. Then Up front would be none other than foward Alexis Snachez and midfielder Mezut Ozil followed by the solo frontman foward Welbeck. This to me would be the perfect lineup to secure Arsenal a FA Cup victory.

With all the anticipation and hype the game would get underway. Arsenal would look to take advantage early on in the matchup. They would do just that as they would score early as Alexis Sanchez would score in the 4th minute. Aaron Ramsey would be offside and let Alexis take the ball. The ball would roll of his hands and would tap it into the right corner of the box while he walked into the goal. This goal would be Sanchezs 30th goal of the season. Tho this goal came with controversy. Arsenal would continue to get many goal oppurtunites like in the 16th minute Granit Xhaka would just miss to the right following a right foot shot outside the box. In the 36th minute Alexis Sanchez goal attempt would be blocked after he tired to kick it in from a difficult angle on the right. In the 42nd minute Aaron Ramsey would get a free kick but would be blocked by Chelseas keeper. The half would end 1-0 with Arsenal leading. If Arsenal could maintain this kind of momentum in the second half the FA Cup would be theirs for the taking.


               As the second half would get underway Arsenal would maintain their momentum.They would continue to get goal oppurtunities like in the 65th minute Hector Bellrin would go for the bottom left corner after he would right foot it from outside the goal box. Than a few minutes later in the 71st minute Alexis Sanchez woould attempt a goal from the left side of the box. But that goal would be blocked by Chelseas keeper. But their lead would come to an end as Chelsea would score in the 76th minute. Diego Costa would knock the ball into the middle of the box to the left corner of the goal. But their equalizer would be short lived as Arsenal would go on to score in the 79th minute only 3 minutes later. This goal would come from Aaron Ramsey has he would get a header into the bottom right corner which would make it 2-1. Hector Bellirin would attempt a shot from the right of the box but would miss just to the left in the 84th minute. Arsenal would pretty much play keep away with Chelsea. But they would get one last chance to increse their lead in the 90th minute Aaron would take a right foot shot from the right but it would be blocked . After stoppage time Arsenal would finish the game 2-1 making them the 13 time FA Cup champions. Which would be a record for any club in competitions.


               After Arsenal would win their 13th FA Cup title they proved that they are one of the best clubs in the league. All I can say is it was a great game to watch from start to finish. Both teams performed very well but in this game it was all Arsenal. Once they got the early lead they would run with it the whole game. They did well attacking and defending the ball with only the one goal by Chelsea in the second half. In close congratulations to the champions Arsenal you deserved it. My man of the match would be Alexis Snachez because once he scored the opening goal it would give Arsenal the motivation they needed to be victorious. Also he provided many goal oppurtunities and was the key component to this game.

Possesion: Arsenal 52% Chelsea 48%

Shots: Arsenal 16 Chelsea 18

Assist: Arsenal 1 Chelsea 1

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