Inter Preview 2017-2018 Season #3

Inter Milan have a tough road ahead before their 2017/18 campaign.
Has most of you know Inter Milan have a lot of work ahead of their 2017/18 campaign. In this article I’ll be discussing what Inter need to do to improve next season. Also i’ll be discussing a few players who contributed greatly to this past campaign. Last of all do I think Luciano Spalletti is the best manager for us going forward.

Ok first and foremost one of the most crucial thing that Inter must change is their mindset. Majority of the time if the team or player makes a mistake they let it mess with their psyche. Letting simple mistakes is very costly in any sport. Once you let a mistake get to you become more prone to making more mistakes later on in the match. In football aka soccer for my American readers this can lead to missed goal opportunities and getting more penalties. If they make a mistake they need to just breathe and brush it off and just keep their heads in the game. Also there has been a lot of talk from various sources that there is tension in the locker room between players and with players and management. Majority of the problems between everyone is issues that occur off pitch. The solution to this is very simple leave the personal problems you have with other players or management at the door and focus on becoming a cohesive unit. Second of all they need to work on various areas on the pitch. When it comes to the defense some weeks it’s stellar other weeks it can be sloppy. They need to make sure they keep a solid performance all season. When it comes to the midfielders we need to continue to create more goal opportunities and being able to follow through on them as well. Last of all we need to maintain a winning mentality. Because if we don’t do that in mediocrity is where we’ll stay and I know we are better than mediocre. These are the top things we must need to work on if we plan on doing better this upcoming season.

Next off there are a few players I’d like to acknowledge in this paragraph who overall helped us a lot last season. First off I’d like to give props to Mauro Icardi for being the clubs top scorer this season. He would go on to have a total of 26 goals and 8 assist this season. When Icardi steps on the pitch on great days he become a unstoppable force. He’s able to find openings on goal and follow through on the opportunities he’s given. On the assist side he is able to find a person who’s open and is able to get the ball to them with ease. But the downside of Icardi is how he handles mistakes. When Icardi makes a mistake he let’s it get to him which causes him to lose all motivation during the rest of the game. That and there is also occasionally discord amongst him and the other players in the locker room because of his short temper. Because if there is discord in the locker room that can lead to the downfall of the team as your not going to want to work together as a cohesive unit because of egotistical pride. If Icardi can control his temper and work on his mentality he can be a great leader and dominant force not just on good days but all the time.

Also I’m giving recognicion to Ivan Persic as he would go on to get 11 goals for the Nerrazuris. Ivan is overall a consistant player. He’s able to adapt to diffrent situations and excecutes getting the ball with ease. When he’s given a opening on goal he takes that chance and if he misses he just shakes it off and focuses on the next goal oppurtunity. Ivan has that winning mentality that this club needs and to be honest he would make a great captain for the club has he has that leadership mindset. But we will see if he plays with us next season has Manchester United are intrested in the 28 year old winger from Yougoslavia. So far Manchester United have not yet met Inters 49-55million euro evaluation. Luciano Spalletti is doing his best to keep Persic at Inter but if Man United meet the evaluation it will be his choice if he leaves, But if that happens we are all hoping he stays as hes a great asset to the squad and it’d be a shame to see him go.
Last of all goes to my favorite defender D’Ambrosio who scored 3 goals for us. In my opinion he’s our best defender we have on the whole squad. He is able to keep the ball away from our own goal. He’s amazing when it come to man to man coverage and getting the ball away from our opponnents. Even though he’s a defender when Ambrosio gets a chance on goal he makes the goal look effortless. Because there are some players out there who don’t make goals often been when they do they make it count. Ambrosio needs to continue to keep up what he’s doing like keeping the ball away from net and keep up the hard work on man to man coverage and getting the ball away from the opposition. Overall he’s a top notch player and look foward to seeing what these players can do next season.

Now last of all do I think Luciano Spalletti is our best manager going foward. The answer is yes he will do a great job. I know this because he had great success at his former club A.S Roma and Russian club Zenit. In his first stint at Roma he would have a 55% win average with 118 wins 51 draws and 48 loses. At Zenit he would have a 58% average with 103 wins 47 draws and 29 loses and at his last stint at Roma before signing with Inter 67% average 50 wins 11 draws and 14 loses. Some of his award acheivements include Copa Italia with A.s Roma in both the 2006 and 2007 camaigns and the Supercoppa Italiana in 2007. While at Zenit he would win the Russian Premier Leauge in 2010 and 2011-12 seasons he would win the Russian cup in 2009-10 and their super cup in 2011. Some of his individual awards include Serie A coach of the year in 2005-06 and 2006-07 campaigns. Now the positives are that hes good at formations and tactics and finding what the best formation is and what players to use in each position. Hes good at reading the pitch and is good at giving directions to players on what they need to do. Also he is very energetic and provides motivation to the squad and when the squad misses a goal or a goal gets past them he will always show it. The downside of Spalleti is how he handles things with the media some of the stuff he says can come out the wrong way which can start problems. That and his temper has beeen known to cause friction between him and the players. If hes able to work and improve on those things I think he proves to be the best manager for us going foward.

In conclusion I look foward to this upcoming campaign. I say we’ll finish 6th we’ll do well but we don’t have anything special to do anythin signifficant. But regardless win,lose or draw I’m a Nerrazuri until the day I die. As always FORZA INTER.

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