Inter slides past recently promoted SPAL 2-0 #7



Inter 2 SPAL 0 FT

San Siro,Milan 

               After the international break Inter Milan would travel back home and take on 7th place SPAL. SPAL would get promoted last season from Seri B after winning the Seri B title. This would be their first time facing Inter since 1968 which was the last time SPAL was in Seri A. Inter would get another win has they slide past SPAL 2-0. The first goal would be scored by none other than the Inter scoring machine Icardi. This would put them up 1-0 at the half. Then in the second the next goal would come from Ivan Persic which would give them the 2-0 victory over SPAL.
              This week in Inter news there would not be much but there are a few things worth mentioning. Joao Cancelo Inters recent loan signing from Valencia will be out until further notice. This would be due to a knee ligament injury he sustained in world cup training for his club Portugal. In Inters last match against Roma would be the last we will see of him for quite some time. This is a crushing blow has he was a promising signing. I hope he gets better and comes back soon. Because when he’s healthy I look forward to seeing what he can do. In other news Ivan Persic would sign a new contract for the Nerazzuris. This would come after he was the highly anticipated target of Epl club Manchester United during the summer transfer window. They would fail to make the deal after they failed to meet Inters 48million euro evaluation. They will add a 70 million buyout clause to hopefully drive Man United and other prying eyes away from the soon to be 29 Croatian midfeilder. His new contract will include another estimated 5million euros per season. His new contract extends to the year 2022. During his current time so far at Inter hes made 20 goals in 81 apperences with the club. Also from Icardi agent he has heard from Icardi that he sees his future with Inter Milan for the unforseeable future. Even though many clubs have been intrested in the Aregentina striker he is happy to be at Inter and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.
              This week Inter would stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation which has been successful so far at Inter but there would be some position and player changes. In the goal would be main keeper Handanovic. Over on defense we would have Dalbert replacing Nagomoto. That would be followed by Miranda, Skrinier and D’Ambrisio. Up Velaro would replace Vecino and next to him would be Gagliardini. Up in the mid feild we have none other than Ivan Persic, Mario would replace Valero then as always Candereva. Up front the scoring machine Icardi.
              After a long break this match would commence. The first goal attempt would come from Gaglardini after he would take a right footed shot but the ball wold miss to the left. This would be assisted by Icardi. Next SPAL would try to get the opening goal of the match but their attempt would be blocked by Handanovic. A few minutes later SPAL would attempt another goal by Frederico with a right footed shot from outside of the box but would go over the crossbar. two minutes later Gaglardini would yet again try to get the opening goal of the match but would miss to the right. In the 22nd minute SPAL would get a yellow card for a bad foul. This call would be reviewed and would be oveturned. But Inter would still get a penalty kick and this would help put them up 1-0 as Icardi with a right footed shot into the left hand corner. In the 30th minute Inter would get their first yellow card from a bad fould by D’Ambrosio. SPAL would try to get a much needed equalizer but Borrillo left foot shot would be blocked. A few minutes later Inter would try to add to their lead with a goal from Candereva but his shot would be blocked by SPAL keeper Gomis. Inter would get one last goal attempt before the end of the first half that would be Ivan Persic but his header would be just to high and would go over the crossbar. This would end a eventful first half. If Inter could maintain a excellent job on defnse and get goal oppurtunites this match would be Inters for the taking.
               After the intermission the second half would get underway. In this half Inter would look to add to their lead while SPAL would look to get that much needed equalizer. In the 49th minute Inter would look at adding to their lead with Persic taking a shot to the center of the net but that would be blocked by SPAL keeper. A few minutes later Valero would attempt a goal of his own but his left footed shot would also be blocked. In the 58th minute Gagliardini would get a yellow card for a bad foul call. SPAL would attempt that much needed equalizer but would be blocked by Handanovic. Dalbert in the 63rd minute would attempt a shot with his left foot the outside of the box but his attempt would be saved. In 65th minute SPAL would try yet again to even things up but Frederico tries a through ball but would be offside. In minute 66 Inter makes their first substitution when Brozovic would come on for Mario. In the 71st minute SPal would yet again try to get that equalizer but that attempt would be blocked. In the 73rd minute Inter would try to add to their lead but Skriner attempt would hit the goal post. In the 78th minute Inter would make their 2nd substitution of the match when Vecino would come on for Valero. In the 87th minute Persic would add to Inters score from a left foot shot to the top left corner. Which would put them up 2-0. In the e90th minute SPAL would try and get at least consolation goal but that attempt would miss. This would secure Inters 3rd straight victory of the season.
This week my man of the match would be Inter keeper Handanovic as he would get his second clean sheet of the season. Also I’d like to give SPAL credit for putting up a nd giving a great performance. So far Inter look good but we are still early in the season so anything can happen. Next week Inter travel to Ezio Scida has they face 18th place FC Crotone which should be hopefully be a easy victory for Inter but we shall see. Until next weekend as always A INTER.


64% Inter 36% SPAL
19 Inter 9 SPAL
14 Inter 13 SPAL
1 Inter 2 SPAL
Pass Accuracy
91% Inter 85% SPAL

Top of the table
Inter Milan
Bottom of the table
Hellas Verona

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