Lady luck would be with Inter has they top Roma. #5




Inter 3 Roma 1 FT

Stadio Olimpico, Rome  
After Inter would get a easy win against Fiorentina Inter would travel to the Stadio Olympico has they would face title contenders Roma. The last time Inter beat Roma at home was 2008. This match would come with controversy and some bad officiating. Early on Roma would score with a goal from Edin Dzeko. Inter would have to wait until the second half to get a equalizer when top scorer Icardi would a goal to even things up. Then a few minutes Icardi would score again later followed by a goal from Matias Vecino for his first goal of the season. Inter would pull off a very lucky victory against a quality Roma side who dominated majority of the match.
This week Inter would continue with the 4-2-3-1 formation. But this week Spalletti would make some tactical changes. In goal would be none other than Handanovic who kept a clean sheet in last weeks match. In the defense we would have Nagamoto and flipping positions would be Miranda and Skriner who made his Inter debut last week. This would be followed by top defender D’Ambrosio. Up in front of the defense would have some changes has well Valero would move up front in the attacking midfield so in his position Vecino will take over and where Vecino was taken by Gagliardini who would make his first start of the season. In the midfield you would have none other than Ivan Persic who scored 1 goal in last weeks matchup next Valero who’d take over for Brozovic and Candereva. Than up on top would be Inters scoring machine Mauro Icardi who scored 2 goals in the first match of the season against Fiorentina.
After all the anticipation and hype this match would get underway. In the 1st minute Valero would get a free kick in the attacking half. In the 7th minute Inter would try to score but Candereva would be found offside. A few minutes later Candereva would attempt another goal opportunity but it would be blocked by Roma keeper Allison who kept a clean sheet of his own in their last match against Atalanta. In the same minute Icardi would attempt his third goal of the season by a right footed shot from the center of the box but would miss from a close range to the left. About 15 minutes in Edin Dzeko would attempt the first goal of the match but would be blocked by Handanovic. After a few more seconds Dzeko would get a incredible goal using a right footed shot from the center to the right hand corner assisted by Nainggolan. This would be Dzeko’s 50th goal for Roma. Two minutes later Inter would try and get a equalizer with a header from Valero but it would go over the crossbar. In the 19th minute Inter would be shown his first yellow card of the match for a bad foul. In the 27th minute Dzeko would attempt another goal but would be saved in the top right corner. A minute later Inter would still attempt to get that much needed equalizer but this attempt would be offside by Icardi. Later on Nainggolan would hit the post has he would try a goal of his own. Inter would get one last chance this half to get even things up in the 43rd minute Icardi would use his right foot in the center of the box but would be saved in the right corner. This would end a eventful half has Roma would be up 1-0 at the half. If Inter could keep on opening goal opportunities maybe the luck for them would change has they may be able to capitalize on them.
The second half would begin with Roma trying to add to their lead Strootman would attempt a goal from the left of the box but would be blocked by Handanovic. Not even 3 minutes later De Rossi takes a shot from the outside of the box but would just miss it to the right. In the 54th minute Inter would try to get that much needed equalizer but Marios shot from the outside of the box would be blocked in the center of the goal. Inter will make their first substitution of the match bringing in Dalbert for Nagamoto. In 66th minute Ivan Persic would try a goal but that would be blocked in the right side. A minute later Inter would get taht much needed equalizer Icardi would get a shot from the right of the box to the right corner. In between all this there would be some bad officiating fouls that should have been called against Inter like clearly blatant hand balls that the ref clearly saw but was wiped off and some that should of at least been reviewed but weren’t Now back to the action. El Shaarawy would get a blocked attempt in the Center of the box. Two minutes later Vecinos shot would miss over the cross bar. In the 77th minute Icardi would take a right footed shot from the center of the box to the left corner giving the them 2-1 lead. In the 82nd minute Roma would try to even things up with both goal attempts by Nainggolan but one would be blocked the other would be missed. In the 84th minute Inter would make their second substitution Cancelo would come in for Candereva. In the 87th minute Vecino gets a goal of his own with a left shot to the left corner assisted by Ivan Persic. This would cement the victory for the Nerrazuris. But would this be a match that was well deserved.
Do I think this was a well earned match for Inter. The answer is both yes and no. Yes is was a good win in the aspect of us not being able to beat Roma at home since 2008 so we can say we finally beat them at home in a very long time. But how we won it was all wrong. Using dirty tactics to draw fouls and bad officiating on things that were clearly fouls that should have been given to Roma for Pks but weren’t. All I know is we’re better than resorting to dirty tactics to get wins. But what has been done has been done the only thing we can do is move forward. The next match we will see won’t happen until September 10th against recently promoted SPAL from Serie B. This upcoming match should be a very easy win for Inter but in this sport anything is possible. Has always FORZA INTER.

Next match: SPAL September 10th


49% Roma 51%Inter
18 Roma 14 Inter
On Target
3 Roma 8 Inter
12 Roma 6 Inter
Passing Accuracy
83% Roma 86% Inter

Top of the table
Inter Milan
Ac Milan
Bottom of the table

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