The start of the Galleria of Internazinale Milano. #6


Hi everyone I’m Danielle and I am the writer of the blog series the Galleria of Internazionale Milano. Some people have been asking me who or what inspired me to start this blog series. I know this is a uncoventional Inter blog but I want to give my readers the answers to those questions. Also since it’s the international break this gives me something to do. So in this article will be a blog behind the blog.
Before I tell you the whos and what’s inspired me to do this blog you need to know a little about me first. Also how I got into football and Inter Milan as well. I’m from Chicago Illinois in the states. I was bullied since I was 6 years old for various things and it got to the point where when I was 16 I wanted to commit suicide because on top of the name calling they threw stuff at me and would do things to hurt me and vandalized my parents home. I was also for a few years a bully myself to fit in with the bullies who were bullying me they said if you do this we’ll spare you. But after high school I dropped being a bully after a war between the dark and light in me but I’m not a pushover either. I will still stand up for myself if needed. That and it was a time of self discovery figuring out who I was and what I enjoyed. this was because I was told what to do, think, and say for so long I had no clue who I was. In that time I learn I’m a kind, sweet, and beautiful person. But I also learned I’m a strong badass as well. Some of the things I liked were metal music, art, long walks and most of all sports.
               When I discovered I loved sports I found people who enjoyed the same interest. So one day one of my friends I met through a Facebook group started a group chat with a few of their friends and there we talk about not just sports but other thing we enjoy like music, hobbies and we talk about life as well. One day one of the other members of the group chat brought one of his friends in and his name is Eliot. He is what we all call the Sports Guru. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to football aka soccer for my American readers, NFL and basketball. Eliot would later on become my mentor and also a adopted brother has I became his Sports Apprentice. This my readers is where my football aka soccer journey would begin.


A Rising Star In the Blog Game Writer for Everything Roma Blog and Writer for A very close Friend of Mine
               While I was still Eliot’s apprentice Eliot would be watching a post game analysis of a Aston Villa match which would be the club we share feelings for. One of the players Christian Benteke would be interviewed on the match result they received. In that interview Benteke would state that God is the only reason he has the talent he does and gave him all the credit. So upon hearing this Eliot would tell me if you loved football you’d love Benteke as both of you are followers of Christ. So at that time I wanted to expand my sports horizon so I got into football. First learning the rules and regulations involved in the sport. Then would come learning teams and players and match formations. The formations ,rules and regulations would come the fastest but everyday I’m learning about different clubs and players. Out of all the people my brother Eliot taught about the sport I grasped it the fastest. But after learning the sport I needed a club/clubs to support. Of course I would go with Aston Villa as my England club which would be the only club I would support for awhile. But later on Eliot recommended I get into Serie A and he said he didn’t want to share his club of A.S Roma so that meant I had to find a club of my own and with the help of Eliot he found a few clubs that met my criteria which were great history, great fan base and cool colors. Upon looking into each one he mentioned I fell in love with Inter Milan. I mostly support Inter but I will always love Aston Villa. Now that your up to speed now I’ll discuss the who’s and what’s that inspired me to do this thing.



Eric Thomas One of the World’s Best and Most Moving Inspirational Speakers  
             First off are the people who inspired me. Eliot first and foremost get the credit for getting me started on this path. He is the only person who saw any real potential in me. He saw past my flaws and saw what I could become. So to Eliot thank you for setting me up on the path to greatness. Next would be motivational speaker Eric Thomas has the quotes he has would give me the motivation I need to keep going even if things get rough. Because has he says if you want something has bad has you want to breathe then you’ll be successful. That and I was ready to sacrifice who am for what I will become. Next of all I’d like to thank my haters and the people who said I was worthless and would’t amount to anything. You all gave me the motivation to go out to prove each and every one of you wrong. Last I’d like to give a shout out to my friends in the Sports Guru Cult people who will stand with me no matter what Gabe, Brian, Stephenie, Toni, Ryan thanks for always being there.


              Now what inspired me to do this blog series is that there are not many football writers in the states has it’s not the common sport here. So I’m helping bring the love of my sport and my love of Inter to the states. Also before my journey has a blogger and former Sports apprentice I was on the path to mediocrity. I was also about to give up the one thing that makes me my creativity. When life hit I was going to let my creative side die since life always wanted to throw me handballs and I had no time to keep it unlocked. This was a path I didn’t want to go down. So when my brother Eliot wanted to take on an apprentice I had to jump at it. That and he was the one who mentioned I start the Inter blog. Which meant it would give me a second chance to unlock the creativity that was going dornmant. That and mediocrity is a place I don’t want to stay in. Over time I will chase greatness and look forward to where it takes me. In the meantime as I’m starting out it’s all about getting into the rhythm and getting used to the technique. But has I chase greatness I look forward to having each of you with me.
Now one of my goals is to get so good that I can like my brother Eliot and getting websites to ask me to do things for them and maybe one day get paid for doing them. Until then let’s get this journey started and has always FORZA INTER.

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