Brozović goals secure victory from another unorganized performance. #11


Inter Milan 2 Benevento 1 FT

Stadio Ciro Vigiorito, Benevento 

After beating Genoa last week in a less than stellar performance Inter would travel to Ciro Vigiorito to face bottom of the table Benevento. Benevento would look to get some sort of momentum going this season has they sit 20th in the league table. Their record is 0-0-7. They would try and beat 3rd place Inter Milan who have had a easy schedule up to this point. This match early on would be all Inter has they would look to dominate as they would go up 2-0 before the halfway point of the first half. But before the first half would end Benevento would score a goal of their own making a 2-1 matchup. In the second half both teams would hold each other to a stand still where no team would score in that half. The match would end with Inter winning 2-1 has they would scrape by after another unorganized and weak performance

As usual we would stick with the all to familiar 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal would be our main starter Handanovic. On defense we would have Nagamoto replacing Dalbert from the previous week. Next you would have Miranda, Skriner who has shown he’s more than capable for playing with Inter after being signed during the summer transfer window. Capping off the defense would be our top defender D’Ambrosio. Up in front we would have has I call them V squared with Valero and Vecino . On the attacking mid field we would have secondary goal scorer Ivan Persic. Next to him replacing Vecino would be Brozovic capped off by Candereva. Up front would be the Inter scoring beast Mauro Icardi the last goal he would score was against Bologna to give us a draw in that matchup. This looks like a solid squad but in this sport anything can happen so you should never take any opponent lightly.

               After the anticipation this match would commence. Inter would look to take advantage early when in the 3rd minute Miranda with a right foot shot from a difficult vantage point but would miss to the right. In the 8th minute D’Ambrosio would try and break the deadlock with a shot from the right side but that would be blocked. The 10th minute Benevento would try a shot of their own has Marco would take a right footed shot from the left side but would be blocked. In the 13th minute Brozovic would take a left footed shot from outside of the box but would be blocked. Two minutes later Benevento would have an attempt when Ledian would do a header from the left misses to the left. In the 19th minute Inter would break the deadlock with a goal from Brozovic with an amazing header from the center of the box to the top right corner which would put Inter up 1-0. Not even three minutes later Inter would add to their lead when Brozovic would score his second goal of the match with a free kick with his right foot to the top right corner. In the 31st minute Icardi would take a left foot shot from the center of the box is blocked. Some time would pass without some real action but in the 42nd minute Benevento would get on the score board with Marco taking a right foot shot from the center of the box to the bottom right corner assisted by Pietro with a through ball. Before the half would end Inter would try to add to their lead Valero taking a right foot shot from outside of the box would miss to the left. This would conclude a jam packed half. If Inter could maintain their attack and keep up on their defense they pretty much have this match in the bag.

              After the break the players would resume this matchup. With Benevento looking to tie things up while Inter look to add to their lead. In the 51st minute Benevento would try and score a goal but they would be found offside. A minute later Inter would make their first substitution of the match when Mario would come on for Candereva because of an injury. In the 56th minute Inter would try and add to their lead with Vecino taking a right footed shot from a very close range from the out side of the box but the ball would miss to the left. Two minutes later Marco of Benevento hits the left post with a header from the left side of the box. In the 63rd minute Icardi would take a right foot shot from the outside of the box is blocked. In the same minute Brozovic takes a right foot shot from outside the box is also blocked. Three minutes later Persic would take a header from the center of the box but goes wide left. In the 68th minute Miranda gets a yellow card for a bad foul. In the 75th minute Icardi takes a left foot shot from the center of the box but goes over the crossbar to the left. In the 79th minute Inter makes their second substitution Gagliardini Replace Valero on the pitch. In the same minute Persic takes a right footed shot from the left of the box is saved in the center of the goal. In extra time Inter would take one last goal attempt when Vecino takes a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom left corner. The whistle would blow and Inter would secure their next victory of the season.
              My man of the match is the whole squad as they all worked as a cohesive unit. To me this was another average performance. But there are pros and cons of the matchup. The cons are that we could’ve been up easily 4-0 against a bottom tier team but we failed to score further goals once we get a goal scored against us or we make a mistake we clam up. We need to become better organized on both offense and defense and we need to maintain clear communication with each other if we ever hope to secure the title and have any chance of being a threat in the Champions or Europa League. But the pros are we won another match and we proved that we can open goal opportunities but all we need to do is capitalize on them. But after the international break we have our first real challenge when we face our derby rivals AC Milan at home. In this match I think we’ll draw or lose 2-0.

Man Of The Match: Marcelo Brozović

Benevento Calcio v FC Internazionale - Serie A

Next Game: Milan Derby vs AC Milan, Sunday, October 15th, 2017
By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 65%
Shots 22
Fouls 10
Assist 1
Pass Accurecy87%
Possession 57%
Shots 14
Fouls 11
Assist 1
Pass Accuracy 78%

Top of the table
Napoli 7-0-0 21Pts
Juventus 6-1-0 20Points
Inter 6-1-0 20Points
Lazio 5-1-1 16Points
Roma 5-0-1 15Points (One Game Behind)

Bottom of the table
Fc Crotone 1-2-4 5Points
Sassuloso 1-1-5 4Points 
Verona 0-3-4 3Points 
Genoa 0-2-5 2Points 
Benevento 0-0-7 0Points

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