Eder equalizes as Inter point drop vs Torino. #16

Score: Inter Milan 1 Torino 1FT

 Ok cool

San Siro, Milan 

After recent success against Hellas Verona last week Inter would travel back home to take on 9th place Torino. Last season Inter won the first of their matchups vs Torino has they defeated them 2-1 but in their second match last season they drew in this match 2-2. In this match Inter would look to keep their undefeated streak alive has they have gone unbeaten all season. Torino on the other hand would look to move up in the standings and look to make the a Champions or League appearance. In the first half would be dry has both squads would hold each other to a stand still has both teams would go scoreless. In the second half Torino would break the deadlock when Falque would score and put them up 1-0. But Inter would not give up so easily when 20 minutes later Eder would put Inter on even terms and he would get his first goal of the season. Each team would try and get one more goal to get the much needed 3 points but they would not have that luck has both teams would finish in a draw and has they each would come away with a point.


                 Inter would stay with Spalletti’s favorite formation the 4-2-3-1. They would also stick with the same players from last week. In goal would be key starter Handanovic who is second in clean sheets followed after A.s Roma keeper Allison. On defense would be left back Nagatomo who would have make his 171st appearances for the Nerazzuris, left center Miranda, Milan Skriner on right center who has been a crucial factor on keeping Inter on their undefeated ways after signing with them this summer from Sampdoria and right back D’Ambrosio who has 1 goal for the season. On defensive mid Inter would put out the dynamic duo Gagliardini and Vecino. On the attacking midfield side Persic would be in his usual position on the right wing who leads second in goals for the Nerrazuris with a total of 4 goals in the center would be Valero who gave them the early lead in last weeks Verona match and capping them off Candereva. Up front would be none other than the Inter scoring beast the main striker Mauro Icardi who is the second top scorer in Serie A competition behind Immobile of Lazio. This looks like a solid lineup but Inter need to keep their eyes open for the Torino defense has they’re strong and they won’t break easily and on their offense they’re unpredictable and are good at reading the pitch and can tear a teams defense apart which Inter have seen from them in the past. Even though Torino are middle of the table they’re definitely a team not to be taken lightly.


On a wonderful early Sunday afternoon in the heart of Milan this match would begin. Near the 10 minute mark Inter would look to strike early has Icardi takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked after an assist from Nagatotmo. A minute before the 10 minute Torino would look to break the deadlock Baselli takes a right footed shot from the outside of the box goes over the crossbar. In the 13th minute Torino would yet again look to break the stale mate when Baselli would yet again try and out Torino on the board with a left footed shot from outside the box is saved in the center of the goal by Handanovic. After the 20 minute mark Icardi takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is saved in the center of the goal assisted by Candreva. A few minutes later Gagliardini right foot shot from outside of the box goes to high. In the 37th minute Icardi would yet again would try to put one of these teams on the board in what has been a very dull first half with a left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. A minute later Skriner would try and score and get his third goal of the season with a header from a close range is saved in the top center of the box which is assisted by Vecino with a headed pass. With five minute left to go in the half D’Ambrosio takes a header of his own from the center of the box misses high and to the right which was followed by a cross from Candreva after a set piece. Three minutes later Gagliardini left footed shot goes just to high. In the final minute Baselli would have one last chance this half to help put one of these teams out front with a header from the center of the box is close but misses to the right assisted with a cross from Ansaldi. This would end a uneventful half has both teams end the half 0-0. If Inter could continue opening goal opportunities and keeping the pressure on Torino they can come away with another possible victory.


             After what was an uneventful first half this match would resume. Only three minutes into the second half Inter would look to go up on the board when Gagliardini would take a left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Not even a minute later Vecino would take a stunning header from the center the center of the box is saved in the bottom left corner assisted by Nagatomo. After the 50 minute mark Andre Belloti who would return from injury would have 26 goals last year and was 3rd in the league goal scoring standings takes a header from the center of the box is saved in the top right corner. Two minutes before the 60th minute Icardi would take a right footed shot from outside the box but would be blocked. A minute later the stalemate would be broken has Torino would score with a goal from Falque with a left footed shot from outside of the box goes to the bottom right corner of the net with an assist from Lorenzo. This would put Torino up 1-0 has Inter would struggle to gain momentum. Shortly after Torino would go on the board Icardi would try and bring Inter on level terms with a right footed shot from the center of the box goes to the right and over the goal. In the 69th minute Inter would make their first substitution of the match when Eder would replace Gagliardini. Directly after Milan Skrinier takes a header from the center of the box from a close range but misses to the right assisted by Candreva with a cross after a corner. With under 15 minutes to go in the match Persic takes a right foot shot from the center of the box misses to the right assited by a cross from Candreva. In the 76th minute Inter makes their second subbing of the afternoon has Brozvic replaces Nagatomo. Time would pass but later in the 79th minute Inter would go back on level terms has Eder scores an equalizer with a right footed shot from the center of the box to the top left corner. Assisted by Icardi and puts the score at 1-1. With short minutesleft to go in the match Inter would try and gain the lead has Eder would take a right footed shot from outside the box is high and to the right. Burdisso would give Torino one last chance to claim the victory with a header from a difficult position hits the post. In the last remainingg minutes Inter themselves would try and get the 3 points up for grabs has Vecino hits the bar with a right foot shot from outside the box. After that it was a game of keep away has both teams would each get a point has the match would end in a 1-1 draw.


               This was a badly earned point for Inter including the point drop. Inter did struggle to get the point but they weren’t going to give up since they’d rather take a point rather than nothing. What does this mean for them going forward? It means that they struggle in some aspects. They need to tighten up on defense and work on player coverage. On offense they’re doing well opening up opportunities but capitalizing on them can use improvements. They’re proving they can be contenders for the league title but to succeed in the Champions League they’d need to step up their game. The man of the match would be Icardi who would open multiple goal opportunities throughout the match and would assist where ever he could. But kudos to Torino who gave Inter a well fought match and showed they can one day be contenders for the title. After the international break Inter will take on visitors Atalanta who currently sit 10th in the league standings. The last time these two met Inter would dominate 7-1. This could be another draw for them but anything can happen. As always FORZA INTER.




By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 53%
Fouls 19
Shots 20
Assist 1
Pass Accuracy 85%


Possession 47%
Fouls 12
Shots 8
Assist 1
Pass Accuracy 80%

Top of the table

Napoli 10-2-0 32pts
Juventus 10-1-1 31pts
Inter Milan 9-3-0 30pts
Lazio 9-1-1 28pts (One game in Hand)
Roma 9-0-2 27pts (One game In hand)

Bottom of the table

SPAL 2-3-7 9pts
Sassuolo 2-2-8 8pts
Genoa 1-3-8 6pts
Verona 1-3-8 6pts
Benevento 0-0-12 0pts

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