Defensive issues continue to plauge Inter as they now are winless in six #25

Score:SPAL 1 Inter 1

San Siro, Italy
After last weeks draw vs Roma Inter would travel to Ferrara Italy where they would take on relegation favorites SPAL. Inter would still be in search of a win which Inter have not seen since week sixteen. SPAL would come off a draw of their own against Udinese. So both teams would look to get on winning terms. The last time these two teams faced off Inter would defeat SPAL 2-0 and they would look to do the same again. Both teams are good at creating scoring chances despite both teams struggling to find the back of the net. Things Inter will need to keep an eye on is SPAL creating chances with long shots which they have a hard time defending. Also they need to keep their chances limted as well since SPAL are good at coming from behind situations. Also one thing to note is that the last time these two squads faced off is the first time these clubs ever faced each other which means Inter hold the lead in victories over SPAL. But with Inter’s recent struggles this match could go either way as both sides are hungry for that much needed three points espcially SPAL who are hoping to escape the relegation zone so they’ll stop at nothing to get those points in the bag. This match would look to get off to a bang when SPAL would look to put themselves on the board early but to no avail. Both sides would open multiple scoring chances with Inter leading in the possession and scoring chances area. But each side would hold each other to a stalemate as the half would end 0-0. Early in the second half is where things would heat up as SPAL would get a own goal by Vicari which would give Inter the lead. This would make the score 1-0 to the visiting Inter. Inter would hope to build up their lucky lead while SPAL would look to get back on even terms. Both these teams would continue opening chances and Inter keeping up the possession game. Late in the second half when Inter would look like they had the match in the bag SPAL would come from behind with a equalizer which would make the score 1-1. SPAL would have one last chance to get the three points but they couldn’t capitalize on that chance. The match would end 0-0. Which would give each team a point. This would cause Inter to drop points for the sixth straight match in a row.

This week Inter would stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation which they’ve been using since the start of the campaign which has been a formation they adopted when Spalletti took over the club. But there would be some player and position changes from last week. In goal would be second in clean sheets and main goal keeper Samir Hnadanovic. On defense would be left back replacing Santon would be a player who is normally on right back Danilo D’Ambrosio. Next to him would be left and right center back Miranda and a vital part to Inter’s sixteen game unbeaten run Skriniar who has been good on man to man coverage and keeping the ball away from the opposition. Capping them off on right back Cancelo. On defensive mid feild would be V squared Valero and Vecino who played together in this position majority of the season with occassional swithches in position with each of them. On the attacking mid feild would have one player switch in this section. On left wing would be secondary goal scorer for Inter Perisic who has been rumored to possibly leave the club at the end of the season. Next to him on center mid would be Brozovic who has been used as of late as a sub while Mario has taken that position but Mario’s departure to West Ham United on loan has left the position for Brozovic to return. Capping them off on the right wing Candreva. Up top Inter scoring beast and striker Mauro Icardi though he’s been struggling to find the back of the net as of late. This is a solid lineup that is capable of beating SPAL. Though D’Ambrosio should start on the right where he is stronger and puttting Cancelo on the left where he does better himself. The players that Inter need to keep an eye on is Viviani, Mattiello and Antenucci who are good at creating scoring chances and doing what is needed to score goals. Even though SPAL are the relegation side they’re out to prove that they deserve to be in Serie A and will stop at nothing until they’re back next season. If Inter can keep these players in check they can possibly win this matchup.

After the players would take the pitch this match would get under way. SPAL would look to start things off early when Schiattarella would take a right footed shot from outside the box but would go over the crossbar. So far this match would start off slow but Inter would finally get their first shot of the match when Candreva would take a right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the lower right corner of the goal which was passed to him by Vecino. Minutes later Grassi of SPAL would try and put his side on the board with a header from the center of the box is to high after a cross from Antenucci. Some time would pass as each team would play keep away with each other and hold each other to a stand still. After the thirty minute mark Perisic would take a left footed shot from a difficult position but misses to the right after an assist from Valero. So far Inter would dominate the match in way of scoring chances but would they be able to capitalize on one of them. Some time after Antenucci would yet again step up to try and put the home side up on Inter with a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the center of the goal by Handanovic. In the final minute of this split dominated half with Inter leading the possession match and SPAL leading in the scoring chances Icardi would take a right footed shot from the center of the box misses to the right with an assist from D’Ambrosio. The half would end with a score of 0-0. If Inter could create more chances and capitalize on them along with keeping up the defense on SPAL they could possibly get their first win in six matches.


After the break this match would resume. In the start of the half Inter would make their first substitution of the match when Eder would come on for Candreva. A minute into the half the stale mate would be broken has Inter would get a point on the board from a own goal on SPAL part when Vicari would accidentally kick the ball into his own sides goal. This would give Inter a 1-0 lead. Things would slow down a bit as both teams would struggle a bit to create any real chances. Inter at this point still control the possession game and being the side creating the most chances. After the fifty minute mark Inter would look to add to their lead when Eder takes a right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. Shortly after SPAL would look to even things back up when Viviani would take a right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. This half as really picked up in pace with both sides going at each other with such intensity. Near the sixty minute mark SPAL would yet again try and even things up when Mirco would take a left footed shot after a headed pass from Felipe from the right of the box is blocked. A minute later Vecino would look to add to Inter’s lead with a right footed shot from the center of the box is saved in the center of the goal. With twenty nine minutes left to play Cancelo takes a right footed shot from the outside of the box is close but misses slightly to the right. Minutes later Skriniar would take a header from the left of the box from a close are as well but is saved in the lower left corner of the goal after a cross from Cancelo. After the seventy minute mark both side swould have two great chances on net the first coming from SPAL when Kurtic would take a right footed shot from outside the box is saved by Handanovic in the center of the goal. A minute later Inter’s Brozovic would take a right footed shot of his own from the outside the box is saved in the top center of the goal. Both these sides are giving this match everything they got and then some. Near the seventy five minute mark Perisic would take a right footed shot from the left of the box is saved in the center of the goal. Moments later Paloschi would take a header shot from a close distance to the goal but misses the top right corner. With seven minutes left in this jam packed half Vecino takes a right footed shot from the right of the box is saved in the lower right corner of the goal. In the eighty seventh minute Inter would make their second substitutuion of the match when Gagliardini comes on for Brozovic. Just when Inter thought they had this match won SPAL would come from behind has Paloschi takes a header from the center of the box goes into the lower right corner bringing the score 1-1. A moment later Inter make their last subbing has Rafinha who is on loan from Barcelona comes on for Valero. SPAL would have one last chance to take all three points when Grassi takes a right footed shot from outside the box misses high and wide to the left. With that this match would end 1-1. With that each side getting a point and Inter dropping points for the sixth match in a row.

This result yeah Inter will take the point but the result in of itself is unacceptable. Draws against Juventus, Roma, Napoli are acceptable since they’re tough competitors but to draw with a relegation side is a complete and utter embarrassment. Inter have and are capable of thrashing relegation sides but their performances as of late is nothing to be desired. The defense defiantly needs work especially when it comes to long range shots coming from the opposing side which has been severely lacking and causing Inter issues. On the attacking side players who are normally good at scoring goals and taking chances on net have looked reserved as of late. For example the Inter scoring beast Icardi who is normally Inter’s main goal scorer as struggled to create chances and scoring goals but rumor has it he’s waiting on quotes from Real Madrid before signing a contract extension from Inter. He looks like he’s not playing for the club anymore which is like a slap in the face to the fans. The only thing Inter are playing for now is a entry into the Champions League but even if they do make it the chances of them going far in it is questionable based on their performances. Supporters are getting frustrated with the way things are going. The man of the match goes to Handanovic who was the only consistent player the whole match who did all he could to keep the ball from entering the goal. Next week Inter travel back home to take on 17th place Crotone the last time they faced each other Inter would defeat them 2-0. If Inter can wake up they can possibly defeat Crotone again but at this point another draw is most likely in the cards. Hopefully things turn around for Inter but until next week as always FORZA INTER.


Man Of the Match: Samir Handanovic (8)




By the Numbers…
Inter Milan
Possession 54%
Fouls 13
Assist 0
Shots 16
Pass Success 85%
Possession 46%
Fouls 12
Assist 1
Shots 11
Pass Success 79%
Top of the Table
Napoli 18-3-1 57pts
Juventus 18-2-2 56pts
Lazio 14-4-4 46pts
Inter Milan 12-8-2 44pts
Roma 12-5-5 41pts
Bottom of the table
Cagliari 6-3-13 21pts
Crotone 5-4-13 19pts
SPAL 3-8-11 17pts
Verona 4-4-14 16pts
Benevento 2-1-19 7pts



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