Defensive masterclass by Genoa causes Inter Milan headache #27

Score: Genoa 2 Inter 0

Luigi Ferraris
Genova, Italy

After their first win in seven matches Inter travel to take on Genoa. Inter who have been struggling as of late finally get their first win in what seems like forever vs Bologna. It was a sloppy win but it was a win nonetheless. Inter have just won one of their eight past matches at Luigi stadium. They look to continue getting back into winning form as they take on another challenge by facing Genoa who are coming off a hot victory vs Champions League hopefuls Lazio who are also in the hunt with Roma and Inter for the final Champions League spots which is now a very tight race in of itself. The last time Inter faced Genoa Inter won that one 1-0 which they could barely win from the get go. Inter have won half of their last six matches against Genoa. Things Inter will need to keep an eye on is that Genoa is great at taking chances and doing what is needed to win the match. They will also try and steal the ball often and keep the ball away from their opponents to create chances when they have possession. Also they use individual players skills to create some of those chances which can cause nightmares for Inter. Laxalt will be a big problem if they’re not careful at maintaining possession of the ball themselves. Most of all they do a phenomanal job when they get into the oppositions half and creating scoring chances from outside the box and capitalizing on them as well. Defensive wise they are good at keeping the pressure on their opponents and do a great job at shutting them down before they have any chances of scoring a goal. Inter have their work cut out for them in this matchup as they’ve drawn four of their last five matches and have been in poor form due to various reasons like player injuries, tactical errors and players who just look unintrested in playing or they look like they’ve just given up hope which is another thing they need to set aside. Yeah they may have been struggling but they got to stop letting past losses/draws mess with the matches that are going on the here and now. The first half both Inter and Genoa open up multiple chances on both sides but both of them being unable to capitalize on them but late in the half the deadlock would be broken as Inter scores a own goal when the ball flies off Ranocchia’s knee into the goal. This gives the homeside the 1-0 lead. But costly mistakes and tactical errors continue to plauge Inter well into the second half. Early in the second half Genoa yet again put themselves on the board with a goal from Pandev. Inter look to try and get back into the match but the damage was already done as Genoa goes onto win this match 2-0. Just as quick as Inter takes a positive step forward they get knocked two steps back and yet the roller coaster for them continues.

This week Inter returns to the 4-2-3-1 formation along with player and position switches. This is due to three of Inter’s crucial starters being sidelined due to injuries the players that are out this week is Icardi who is still out with a muscle injury and Miranda and Perisic also are out after sustaining injuries in last weeks Bologna match. In goal would be none other than Handanovic who is third in clean sheets. On defense is where the first of the changes are on left back moving from his usual right back position is D’Ambrosio who has one goal this season. On left center back replacing the injured Miranda is Ranocchia who gets his third or fourth start of the season next to him on right center is summer signing Skriniar who continues to be a vital part to Inter’s defense. At right back taking over D’Ambrosio position Cancelo. On defensive mid on the left is Vecino and next to him taking over for Valero who is normally next to him Gagliardini. On the attacking mid feild on the left getting his first start for Inter the young up and coming star Karamoh who last week scores the game winning goal and helping give Inter their first win in seven matches. On center mid is Valero who occasionally startsin this position if it’s needed hes one of the versatial players on the squad who is able to adapt to position changes. On the right Candreva who has done a great job in this area. Up top is striker Eder who has three goals for the season. This is a ok lineup it’s bad because it looks kind of weak but despite Inter’s three main starters being out it’s the best they could put together despite the circumstances. The players Inter need to keep their eyes on are their goal keeper who is underated and who is good at what he does. they also need to keep their eyes on the number 93 Laxalt and Pandev who are some of their squads top goal chance takers and who are good at taking the ball away from their opponents. Also Genoa have a great manager to work with Davide Ballardini taking over he has the third most points in the league. With all this the best Inter can hope for is a draw.

In Luigi stadium on a early evening match with an electric atmosphere of the Genoa fans this match gets underway. This match would start off slow as both sides would get a feel for what each side can do. The first chance of the match comes from the home side as Pandev nearly ten minutes in steps up to try to put his boys up on Inter early with a right footed shot from a difficult position on the right of the box but his attempt is saved by Handanovic in the lower right corner of the goal. Ten minutes later Inter’s first chance of the match would come as the youngster Karamoh takes a right footed shot from the center of the box gets kicked to hard and it goes flying over the crossbar and to the right. So far this match is balenced despite there being limited chances on both sides. Minutes later Genoa would yet again get a great chance with Andrej taking a header from the center of the box misses to the left after a cross from Laxalt. Inter later on would string together a bunch of great chances with the first coming from Candreva with a right footed shot from outside the box is saved by Perin in the top right corner. Shortly after him Vecino takes a wicked header from the right of the box misses to the left. The last of the string of great attempts from Inter comes from Candreva with a right footed shot from outside the box with a great sense of difficulty is saved in the lower left corner of the goal. Now Inter have taken over the possession and chances game despite being able to capitalize on one of those chances. With two minutes left to play Genoa Andrej takes a header from the center of the box misses to the right. In the final minute is where Inter make a crucial and accidental mistake when Ranocchia scores a own goal after Skinniar kicks the ball away from their own half and the ball rockets off his knee into the center of their own goal. This mistake puts Genoa up 1-0 with that the half ends with Genoa up 1-0. If Inter have any hopes to comeback from this they need to capitalize on any of the chances they get in the second half and keep Genoa’s chances to a stand still. But defensively Genoa have been all over Inter keeping them at a stand still. If Inter can get past that defense they may have a chance of pulling it off.

After the break this match resumes with Genoa having the 1-0 lead over the visitors Inter. Genoa look to add to their slight lead and hand Inter another disappointing result. Inter on the other hand look to get back into this match and get their second win of the year and continue to break the gap in the tight race of getting one of the final Champions League spots and also try to keep the positive momentum going. This half starts off slow with both sides playing keep away with each other. The first chance of the half comes from Laxalt with a left footed shot from outside the box missing to the right. Seconds later Genoa adds to their lead when Pandev takes a left footed shot from the center of the box goes into the lower left corner of the goal. This puts Genoa up 2-0 on Inter. In the sixty second minute Inter make their first subsitutuion of the match Rafinha comes on to replace Vecino. Inter’s first chance of the half comes as Candreva taking a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the lower right corner. Shortly after Genoa look to add to the insult to injury with Omeonga with a right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Inter have been struggling ever since the own goal in the first half. With alomost twenty minutes left in play Gagliardini tries to get Inter on the board with a header from the center of the box misses to the left. Minutes later Karamoh who looks to get his second goal of the season takes a left footed shot from outside the is high and over the crossbar. Rafinha who looks to get his first goal with Inter takes a left footed shot from outside the box is high and to the left. Next Inter make two subbings Brozovic replaces Valero and Pinamonti replacing Candreva. Ginaluca of Genoa takes two incredible chances with two left footed shots one from outside the box the other from the center both attempts get blocked. Shortly after Eder takes a right footed shot from the left of the box misses to the right after a corner. Inter in the fianl minute has one last chance to get a consolation goal with D’Ambrosio taking a right footed shot from the left of the box is saved in the center of the goal. With that this match ends with Genoa defeating Inter 2-0.

Pandev puts the nail in the coffin as Genoa takes the to 2-0 lead the former treble winner with inter refuses to celebrate.

Genoa deserved this win based on another dismal performance by Inter who are severly lacking in multiple areas. The first thing that is lacking is the mid feild who are good at creating chances but are continuing to lack on finishing those chances. Also they lose possession of the ball way to much which is allowing their opponents to take full advantage to take chance of their own and some of them are being able to capitalize on them. On defense is spotty at times. They need to work on closing the gaps and keeping up on man to man coverage of their opponents. Next managerial things are also awry with frequent tactical errors are costing them as well. Last of all injuries are killing them most of all especially with three of their starters being out at the same time. Hopefully they all recover soon and can get back into it as soon as possible. Anyways Genoa desevered this win and congratulations to them on their victory. The man of the match this week goes to the player who was consitent the whole entire match and pretty much was carring the whole squad on his shoulders Cancelo who did a excellent job from start to finish despite the circumstances.The only other player for Inter did a great job that should get acknowledgement is Candreva who was the main goal chance taker and did a great job creating them despite not being able to capitalizing on any of them. Next week Inter travel back home to welcome visitors bottom of the table relegation favorites Benevento. The last time Inter met them Inter would struggle to beat them as Inter wins 2-1. Since Inter are at home they have the home crowd on their side Inter should easily win this matchup but based on recent actions a draw maybe in the cards. But Inter if they wake up are definatly are capable of beating them. Until next as always FORZA INTER.

Man Of the Match: Joao Cancelo

By the numbers

Inter Milan

Possession 67%
Fouls 9
Shots 14
Assist 0
Pass Accurecy 86%


Possession 33%
Fouls 11
Shots 9
Assist 1
Pass Accurecy 68%

Top of the table

Napoli 21-3-1 66pts
Juventus 21-2-2 65pts
Roma 15-5-5 50pts
Inter Milan 13-9-3 48pts
Lazio 14-4-6 46pts

Bottom of the table

Sassuolo 6-5-14 23pts
Crotone 5-6-14 21pts
SPAL 3-8-14 17pts
Verona 4-4-16 16pts
Benevento 3-1

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