Despite sloppy performance Inter secure victory #28

Score:Inter 2 Benevento 0


San Siro
Milan Italy
After last weeks last weeks loss against Genoa Inter welcome visitors relegation favorites Benevento. Inter who have been struggling to find their form look to get into a winning rhythm and get things back on track to secure a spot in one of the final Champions League spots which the race for them is very tight as Roma and Lazio are in hot pursuit of those places as well. Benevento look to get whatever wins they can as they are looking like one of the first teams who will be relegated at the end of the season. Also Benevento is coming off a win against Crotone. But if they can win more matches they may possibly get out of the relegation zone but at this rate it’s not likely for them. The last time Inter nd Benevento faced each other Inter wins that one 2-1 but that was the first time these two teams would face each other so their history has been brief. Since Benevento are a weaker side there is not much Inter need to keep an eye out for except one or two things but however there are things that they can continue to exploit to help secure a much needed victory. Things they need to exploit are drawing Benevento into offside situations which they are known for when a scoring chance is possible for them. They also need to keep their chances limited and keep defensive pressure on their offense. Also they play aggressively which causes them to draw fouls often which is another thing they need to exploit. But overall their is no reason Inter can’t slaughter a weak side. The first half would start off slow with very limited chances being taken by both sides despite Inter dominating the possession. The first half both teams hold themselves to a standstill and a score of 0-0. The second half is where things heat up with both sides opening more chances and early in this half Inter would put up two stellar goals. These goals come from Skriniar and Ranocchia in the sixty minute range. This gives Inter a 2-0 advantage. Both sides would open more chances but were unable to capitalize on them the match ends with Inter winning 2-0.

This week Inter sticks with the 4-2-3-1 formation but with some player and position switches. Even though our normal starters would be cleared to play they are used as subs with the exception of one of them as a safety precaution and Inter right now need fresh legs. In goal is none other than key starter Handanovic. On defense is where the first of the changes are made. On left back staying in that position from last week D’Ambrosio. On left center back moving from right center is Skriniar who has been linked with a transfer at the end of the season but this is not confirmed at this time. Inter are hoping they can keep him for the long term as a vital part of the squad. Next to him on left center back is Rannochia who is getting his fifth start of the campaign. Next him on the far right last weeks man of the match Cancelo. On defensive mid is the pairing of Gagliardini and Vecino who have on and off again started with each other throughout this season based on the side they are facing and the needs in certain positions. On the attacking side of the spectrum returning to his spot on the left wing is secondary goal scorer Perisic who has seven goals for the campaign. In the center getting his first start for Inter and who has one goal for the club Rafinha who is on loan from Barcelona. Capping them off on the right wing Candreva. Up top still replacing Icardi backup striker Eder. This is a strong lineup and they should have no problem winning this match. One player they need to keep an ey on is Djuricic who is Benevento’s best goal scoring taker and is fast once he gets the ball he will do whatever it takes to score. But this match should be all Inter.

Inter 12
On a early Saturday night this match gets underway. The half starts off slow as both sides get a feel for what the other side is going to do and also get a feel for what they want the pace of the match to be like. Both sides continue to play keep away with each other until after the fifteen minute mark when the first chance of the match comes from the home side Inter when Perisic takes a header from the left of the six yard box misses to the left this happens after Cancelo provides a cross. Minutes later Benevento has their first crack at taking the lead as Brignola takes a left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Shortly after Djuricic takes a right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. Despite Inter leading in possession Benevento have so far done a stellar job creating chances and doing what needs to be done to potential win this match. Inter need to start creating more chances and being able to follow through on them. At the twenty five minute mark Brignola yet again tries to put his boys on the bored with a left footed shot from outside of the box is blocked. Three minutes later Coda of Benevento takes a right footed shot from the left of the box is saved in the center of the goal by Handanovic. Benevento are all over Inter at this point and look like Inter are struggling to amount an offense against even a relegation side which is pathetic especially when they should be destroying them. With fifteen minutes left in play Letzia takes a right footed shot from outside the box but his attempt is blocked. Minutes later another attempt from Coda occurs as he takes a right footed shot from the outside the box is high and to the right. With four minutes left in the so far now dominating Benevento side Inter finally gets their second chance of the match as Eder takes a right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. With that the half ends both sides with a score of 0-0. This was a dreadful and piss poor first half for Inter. They should be up 3-0 against a weak team such has Benevento. Benevento for the most part have been playing like the better side. Inter need to create more chances and quick unless they want to be handed either another draw or loss. Also they need to look down Benevento’s offense and stop them from taking chances. Inter need to wake up ASAP.

The match resumes after the break with both sides trying to get on the bored. After a sloppy first half Inter look to turn things around while Benevento look to keep the home side at a stand still and make. Minutes into the second half Benevento who has dominated much of the match in way of scoring chances Sandro would add to those chances with a right footed shot from the outside of the box misses just over the crossbar. Shortly after Inter look to create something of their own has Vecino takes a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the center of the goal. Coda later on takes a right footed shot from the right of the box goes to high. In the sixty fifth minute Inter make their first substitution of the match has Karamoh replaces Rafinha. Three minutes later Milan Skriniar takes a header from the left of the six yard box and sinks it into the top center of the goal. With that Inter take a 1-0 lead over Benevento. Moments after the opening goal of this matchup Ranocchia takes a header of his own from the center of the box and places the ball in the lower left corner of the goal. This puts Inter up 2-0 with twenty minutes left in play. A minute later Candreva looks to add to the home sides lead with a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the top center of the goal. Inter may have had a sloppy first half but they’re finally showing life in this second half. With nine minutes left Inter bring on Brozovic to replace Perisic. Shortly after their second subbing Gagliradini takes aa left footed shot from outside the box is close but misses to the right. With two minutes left Benevento have one last chance to get a consolation goal with Letzia taking a left footed shot from outside the box is to high after a corner kick. Inter look to get a third and final goal with Candreva taking a left footed shot from the left of the box is blocked. With that the final whistle blows and Inter win this match 2-0.

This was a sloppy win but it was a win nonetheless. Though this match should’ve been a all out slaughter because Inter have and are capable of thrashing relegation sides. Inter still have a lot of work to do. Defensively they need to close the gaps to prevent chances being taken on them. Offensively they need to work on creating more chances and capitalizing on them. Also they need to work out any tactical issues as well. With this win and the recent matches that happened this week Inter drop to fourth in the table. The man of the match is Handanovic who did a excellent job at preventing any goals getting by them in this match. Next week Inter have a big challenge and it’s derby day has Inter take on their fierce rivals AC Milan. The last time they faced off Milan wins 1-0. Inter have their work cut out for them as they’ve been struggling but this match is highly anticipated and anything can happen. As always FORZA INTER.

Man Of The Match: Samir Handanovic (9)


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 53%
Assist 2
Fouls 15
Shots 9
Pass Acurrecy 89%
Possession 47%
Assist 0
Fouls 14
Shots 10
Pass Acurrecy 85%
Top of the table
Napoli 22-3-1 69pts
Juventus 21-2-3 65pts
Lazio 16-4-6 52pts
Inter Milan 14-9-3 51pts
Roma 15-5-6 50pts
Bottom of the table
Sassuolo 6-5-15 23pts
Crotone 5-6-15 21pts
SPAL 4-8-14 20pts
Verona 5-4-17 19pts
Benevento 3-1-22 10pts

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