Inter Milan Season Review #45


4th place Champions league 72 pts GD 36 GA 30
Top scorer Icardi 29 goals
Top assist Perisic and Brozovic tied 9 assist each
Top clean sheets Handanovic 17
Finally another jam packed football season is in the books. This season there were many highs and lows of Inter’s campaign. In the beginning Inter started the season on fire with a sixteen match unbeaten run while all other teams up to week sixteen at least expiriened a loss. At the time they looked to be title contendors. But after expiriencing their first loss of the season to Udinese Inter would go on a seven match downward spiral where they would go from first place down to fifth where they pretty much stayed but only staying a few points behind fourth place Lazio. In the dramatic conclusion of the season Inter would take on Lazio where the final Champions League spot was up for grabs as a slip up from Lazio resparked those hopes after Inter lost their match against Sassuolo the day before. Inter in that match came back twice to pull off the win and secure that much coveted Champions League spot which was complete football madness. This season would birth golden boot hopeful Icardi who shares the tie for first alongside Immobile so it can go either way. Also Inter welcomed a new manager Luciano Spalleti after his contract was up at the end of last season at Roma. But there were a lot of pros and cons to the season which will be covered in the upcoming sections below. But congratulations to Inter for turning a bad season into a good one and making the Champions League.



OOOHFirst off one of the cons of this season was the lack of finishing chances. Even though they did a great job creating weather through individual skill or through a team effort they struggled to finish on some of those chances and this coincides with them being caught offsides which as been known to cost them valuable chances. If they can work on this during the off season this will help them out immensely. One of Inter’s other weaknesses has been stopping teams from creating chances/ defending the ball especially against stronger teams like Roma, Lazio, Juventus etc. But this season even relegation sides were all over Inter. They really need to focus on man to man coverage and protecting shots in close quarters inside the box. Also they need to work on getting the ball away from the opposition to prevent them from getting any breathing room to take chances. The one final con is even though they got better on this than last season but is still an issue is letting mistakes get to them. Because every so often when a mistake is made they let it mess with their minds which can cause the whole match to fall into shambles. They need to continue on brushing off mistakes,breathing and maintaining their focus. If they can focus on these things during the summer one day soon they could be a threat in the coming year something they never were this season they were never in the title race hopefully that can change next year.



The first pro of the season is making the Champions League which they haven’t in eight seasons. This comes after their win against Lazio. They may not be a real threat in this tough competition but this a major improvement since last season where they even failed to qualify for the Europa League. Hopefully in the next few seasons they can one day be Scudetto winners once again. Another pro is producing Golden boot hopeful in Icardi who scored twenty nine goals this season but he has tough competition as Immobile shared the lead for first in goals. Also this season Icardi would score over 100 career goals in Serie A he is the fifth player to ever do so. The last pro is helping create and help develop young talent such as Milan Skriniar who has been a crucial element to Inter’s defense and Valencia loanee Cancelo who is up for sale during the transfer window and Karamoh who scored an important goal to end the 7 game skid. If Inter can help create and nurture the youth and use them Inter will have a bright future.


Player Of The Season: Marco Icardi

This was a no brainer with 29 goals this season and over 100 Serie A goals this pick was easy. Icardi has been Inter’s main goal scorer for the past few seasons and he doesn’t show signs of giving that up. When he takes chances he makes them look effortless and he does a great job converting penalties where ever those come up. He also helps in setting up goals for his teammates where ever needed. But majority of the season Icardi as been linked with a transfer to Real Madrid during the summer transfer window but with Champions League spot being birthed he may stay to help Inter make any moves in that competition but this may have been the last season of the Inter scoring beast.


Best signing: Milan Skriniar 20Million Sampdoria

This one was also easy as Milan Skriniar as been a critical piece to Inter’s defense. He was not thought of in this way last season he was one of the worst defenders last year but he really has turned that around. He is good at getting the ball away from opponents and getting the ball back to his team mates. He’s also good at scoring goals and assisting where he’s needed and he is very versatile he can play various positions as needed. Ever since signing for Inter he has a total of 38 apps and four goals. He is also a very focused player he knows what his job is and he does what he can to get the job done and he is one of those players that motivates the team to be better which is another assists. With this he as also sparked interest at staying at the club which would be a great thing as it would suck to see a crucial player leave and have to fill that void if he gets a contrary extension that would be huge.

Young player/Improved: João Cancelo

Cancelo gets the young player and most improved player as he’s improved a lot since joining Inter on loan from Valencia. When he first started he was very timid and wasn’t doing much of anything. But as the season progressed he got more fluid and better at getting the ball away from opponents and setting up goals and taking chances where possible. He became one of the best defenders in the league overnight Also as the season progressed he became more confident as a player and would be a great addition to the squad if they sign him during the summer. If he gets signed he’ll only get progressively better and the more he gets into it he can be a real player threat in the future.

Manager performance…


This year Luciano Spalletti did a rating of eight out of ten this season. He did a good job getting Inter to the Champions League where they haven’t been in eight seasons. He also did a good job getting a top five finish which is better than last season has they finished outside the top five and failed to secure even a Europe spot especially since they lost it to their rivals Milan by just one point. He has done a good job in helping develop some of the younger players which is one thing he struggled to do while at Roma it’s good to see him break out of his mold and help develop the younger talent. But he still needs to get better with some of the tactics especially against stronger teams. If Inter failed to qualify for the Champions League it was possible that they could’ve sacked him based on the fact they had a sixteen match unbeaten run and could’ve had a better title challenge but due to tactical errors along with some player issues they dropped to fifth if it wasn’t for regaining focus and making needed changes and sticking close in points with Lazio this he could’ve been out the door. But now the transfer window as history shows Spalletti is more conservative in spending money but with Inter possibly losing some of their valuable players he can’t be afraid to splash that cash to get quality replacements or else Inter will struggle next season in the Champions League and in Serie A. If he can adapt to the change in players and find tactics and quality players in the transfer window I think he has potential to help Inter on the right path to help them become title winners once again.

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