Inter Milan win Race for South American Talent Lautaro Martinez #47

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After Inter signed Stefan De Vrij from Lazio on a free transfer last week. Inter look to continue to add players to their squad in light of rumors and speculation of some of their best players leaving this summer such as Icardi, Perisic and Miranda. With that Inter need to add players just in case these rumors pan out in the next few months. So the Suning Group have been hard at work in trying to find potential replacements. Mostly they’re searching for a good replacement for Icardi as he’s been linked with several clubs such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and various other clubs and if he leaves it’ll be a crushing blow to the club so it is critical that they find a quality replacement. So the Suning Group went to Argentina and entered negotiations with  Racing Club and are going to other clubs to see if they can find a decent striker and midfielders to replenish their arsenal. Over the past few months it has been rumored that Lautaro Martinez would make a exit from the club. This rumor as been going on since February. He was also linked with possible transfers to Real Madrid and Athletico. But in March Martinez confirmed with Inter back in March with only small details to be finalized. At the beginning of May Racing Sporting Director Victor Blanco confirmed that Martinez would be leaving the club ahead of this upcoming season at Inter. But Vistor wouldn’t be happy as he tried to keep him on loan so he could continue to compete in Argentine Copa Libertadores. This would fail as he signs a four year contract for a fee of 20.7 million but if Inter sell him in the future Racing will get 10% fee as Martinez in addition to that they has been a 96 million buyout clause inserted in his contract as Inter get one of the most talented youngsters in South America.

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Born in Blanca Lautaro would follow in his father steps as he would play for the club Liniers where he would score thirteen goals in the under seventeen level before transfering to Racing Club on the youth level in 2014. After signing for Racing he felt homesick and wanted to leave the club to return home. He was talked to and convinced by teammate Mansilla to stay at the club and his homesickness would slowly go away. Which they did as he stayed with the club and would score 53 goals in 64 apps for the Racing reserves. In 2015 Martinez was set to leave Racing for Real Madrid but he would stay with Racing as he didn’t want to leave the club. He debuted for the first team in November 1st 2015 as a substitute for Diego in a 3-1 over Crucero. On April 1st he got his first sending off after two yellow cards in a span of five minutes in a draw vs Argentinos but later that year he would score his first goal in the main team in the opener in a 1-1 draw against Huracan in November. The following season Martinez would become a starter as key striker Lopez would get injured. That season he would get 9 goals and in 23 appearances. He would continue to lead in goals for Racing in the 2017/18 season. In December he went through a medical at Atletico  where it was rumored he signed a contract. But it was later revealed that Martinez signed a contract extension with a increased buyout clause which is set at 96million. Later he ended the year with winning Man of the match and scoring once and assisting in a 3-1 victory against Gimnasia. In February he scored his second hat trick of the season when he scored three times in the Copa Libertadores against Brazilian side Cruzeiro Racing won the match 4-2. This was the same year that it was rumored that Lautaro was linked with a transfer to Inter Milan even though Director tried to keep him but the transfer went through and signed a four year contract for 20 million dollars. But if Inter decide to sell him in the future before the end of his contract Racing will get a 10% future fee due to his high buyout clause at 96 million. With Racing he scored 27 goals in 2 seasons as a starter he is considered by many as the most promising strikers in South America. 

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With twenty seven goals over the past two seasons and being a young twenty year old and one of the hottest prospects in South America he can do a lot for the club. In one way he can be a great backup replacement if Icardi gets injured or if Icardi gets transferred to another club he would be a great addition to the starting lineup if that does occur however he could play Along side Icardi if Inter go with two forwards as well showing value as a impactful sub. With being so young he can gain further experience and develop into a strong player and who can be one of the stars of the future and with the experience he already has he is already on the right path. Also he is a very versatile player who can adapt to different positions if needed he can play upfront as well as on the wing. Ways he can be utilized in other areas are if Perisic or Candreva are injured or get transferred he can be utilized on the wings on both right or left depending on the situation. This is good to get a great versatile player to add to the Inter arsenal. Also he has been given the number ten kit which is commonly used for strikers and midfielders and it’s fitting as that’s where he’ll play and with that being said WELCOME LAUTARO TO INTER.

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