Inter land Scudetto Winner Kwadwo Asamoah as the transfer window heats up #50

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After the successful signing of Matteo Politano from Sassuolo on a loan deal Inter make another signing days later as Inter land Juventus defender/midfielder. Inter and the Suning Group continue to bring in talent from various clubs to help with the lack of squad depth Inter have been struggling with for the past few seasons. Inter have been mainly going after midfielders to help create squad depth around Icardi and Nainggolan to help with creating scoring chances and to help fill the voids left by Rafinha as Inter lost the chance to sign him due to the strict financial fair play rules and the possibility of losing Valero, Perisic and Brozovic though it has been rumored that Perisic and Brozovic will stay throughout this upcoming season at least for the time being. They have also done a great job by signing Politano from Sassuolo as a possible replacement of Candreva on the right wing as Candreva as of the past two seasons has been struggling to get anything going in ways of scoring and opening scoring chances. So this was a massive move on their part. But the Suning Group however have brought in Stefan Devrij from Lazio who is great at getting the ball away from opponents and does a great job at keeping the ball away from his teams half. But due to the loss of Cancelo to Juventus Inter need a player to take over the right left back position so as of the past few months Inter have been in talks with Juventus to bring in one of their defenders who can play in the midfield if needed depending on the situation. Because with loss of Cancelo this means the D’Ambrosio will more than likely move to the right back position which leaves the left back spot vacant to fill the void Inter have been in talks over Juventus Ghaninian left back Kwadwo Asamoah who agreed to join Inter in May which became official July 2nd on a free transfer after his contract with Juventus ended at the end of the campaign.

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Asomah during his youth career played for Liberty Professional but he didn’t become established as a player until he signed a contract for Udinese in the summer of 2008. In the 2008 season at Udinese he had 20apps and 2 goals and udinese that season they finished seventh and was just shy of the Europa League failing to win the playoff. Between the 09-12 season he had a 94apps and a total of six goals throughtout those seasons. For Udinese he had a total of 114apps and eight goals. In July of 2012 Juventus got Asomah signed a 9mill euro deal with the football powerhouse with Juventus having 50% of his contract. He made his debut in August scoring his first goal in the Suppercoppa Italiana as Juventus won the match 4-2.Antonio Conte who was coach at the time started him in the first match against Parma where he made a huge impact by assisting teammate Stephan goal in a 2-0 win. In 2013 with his help they won the league title that season with 27apps and 2 goals. In June 2013 Asomah signed a four year deal after Juventus bought him outright. In 2014 he scored a prolific goal in a 1-0 win against Geona and he would help Juventus win their second league title and would have 2 goals that the season the following season Juve would win it’s third title in a row despite not scoring a single goal he maintained to help defend the ball in matches. Despite getting injured in 2014-15 season which kept him out of the game until the end of the season he was able to play in the final match of the season in a 3-1 win against Napoli as Juventus yet again secure another league title. In the 2016/17 season despite getting injured with a knee injury he help make a small push to help Juve hold on to the title and that season Juventus made a huge push making the Champions League final where they would sustain a 2-1 loss against reigning champions Real Madrid. That season he would make 18 apps. In his final season with the club the 2017/18 season he had 19 apps and helped them continue the Juventus dynasty as they won their seventh title in a row. In January Asomah decided not to renew his contract at the end of his expiring season. In 6 season with the Bianconeri he made 156 appearances for the club winning 13 trophies playing in two champions league finals. On July 2nd on a free transfer he signed a contract for Inter until the 2021 season where he will make almost 13 million euros a season.

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Known for being versatile and hardworking Asomah can be used in a variety of areas. He is mostly used in defensive areas primarily as a left back and in the center back positions. Due to his strength and stamina and being able to read the game he is good in the defensive position as he is good at winning the ball and keeping the ball out of his teams half. But offensively he is usually plays as wide midfielder on the left side. Due to his agility and skill also with the ability to make a strong attacks he is good at creating scoring chances and getting the ball to his teammates to help in assist situations. He is very tactical and will do whatever is needed to win the match. The area where they primarily can use him is on left back and central midfield as they need a player in those two areas. Since Inter lost Rafinha and with the possibility of D’Ambrosio needing to be moved back to right back he would make a great addition on left back especially with being stronger on the left of the pitch. But due to his versatility wherever he is placed he will shine. Due to his work ethic will help Inter as they are now in the Champions League and need someone who is willing to fight to help make a push in one of the toughest football competitions out there. This was a huge signing for Inter as they hunt for the Scudetto and Champions League with that welcome to the club Asomah.

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