Inter Milan 2018-19 season Preview #52

Welcome everyone back to another year of highly anticipated football action. After what has been a busy summer with the World Cup where France would defeat under dogs Croatia. In what has been an average summer transfer window from Inter despite many believing it has been great I have taken the quite controversial opinion. We have seen Lazio defender Stefan DeVrij to Racing Lauturo Martinez being the stand out signings for Inter. As the season draws ever closer in this article there will be brief recap of what happened last season, what Inter need to work on this year and my thoughts on where Inter will finish in the table and why. Last season Inter went on what fans would call an up and down roller coaster which tested both fans and players mentally and emotionally as well. Inter in the beginning of the season looked to be title contenders as Inter would sit in first in the league for 16 straight weeks. They looked to have had good form despite a few sloppy performances along the way but to be honest it was all luck that they stayed at the top of the table for that long. Like Roma vs Inter in the first match of the season where several bad calls by officials lead to Inter getting a very lucky victory as Roma by far were the better and stronger side. Same with a few other matches along that 16 match unbeaten run were just luck. But in their 17th match is were things would take a turn for Inter as fans were saying we are going to win the Scudetto but me and a Roma friend knew that their luck would run out at some point and during week 17 it did as Inter experienced their first loss of the season which lead to a seven match downward spiral. This is where Inter would go from first to fifth which is where they would stay for quite sometime. But however they still had hope for securing a Champions League spot as they stayed close in points with Lazio who were also in the hunt for that coveted spot. This would come down to the wire as in the second to last match of the season Inter would lose their match and all Champions League hopes looked to have been slashed as Lazio’s match would be a easy win for them as they faced a relegation side. But they would get a draw in that match. So due to that Inters hopes were resparked and due to Serie A head to head rule if Inter won that match it would push them into the Champions League. In that match against Lazio Inter would come from behind and win the match 3-2. Inter would secure the Champions League spot and finish 4th in the league standings. Things that Inter will need to work on this season is first continuing to not let mistakes get to them. It’s like every time they make a mistake they let it mess with their psychy and then they’re prone to making more mistakes and end up on a long streak of draws and losses. If they can learn to not let things mess with them they would be able to go far. Also they need to work on their squad depth and figuring out player positions like who works better in each spot to help provide a potential winning formula. Icardi is the main goal scorer but with the right pieces he’d be able to get more along with setting up others to take chances of their own or set up other players. Spalletti can do better on not being afraid to start young players and not be afraid from using different formations to do what is needed to get results. Inter have potential to do great things but they have things to work on before they can get back to their glory days. In my opinion Inter will finish 4th this year. The reason is as mentioned earlier they let mistakes get to them which if they let one get to them they more than likely will end up on a losing streak which will cause them to drop down in the table but they’re good enough to do what is needed to just get in the Champions League spot. All I know is I’m looking forward to this season and continue bringing you all the latest news and action as it’s available so let’s get this thing started and as always FORZA INTER.


My 2018/19 Serie A Predictions 
20. Frisone
19. SPAL
18. Empoli

17. Cagliari
16. Parma
15. Cheivo
14. Bologna
13. Genoa
12. Udinese
11. Sassuolo
10. Torino
09. Sampdoria
08. Fiorentina
07. Atalanta
06. Lazio
05. Milan
04. Inter
03. Napoli
02. Roma
01. Juventus


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