Inter vs Bologna Match day 3 Preview #58

After a shaky start to the season Inter look to get some sort of momentum going as they only have one point so far this season after a loss to Sassuolo and a draw last week to Torino. This week Inter will take on Bologna Fc in a Saturday night matchup. Bologna themselves have has similar results to Inter. In their past six meetings Inter have dominated Bologna in four out of their last six matches while also sharing two draws. Last season they would split the season series as they would get a draw in their first match while Inter would win the second one. Both sides are looking to get things going for their side and this week maybe the opening one of these sides are looking for. 


Inter Milan 

Inter Milan who have been struggling to get any momentum going. So far their tactics have been awful everything from player selection and formation choices. Also their have been several errors on the part of aging keeper Handanovic as last week he completely came out of the box which gave Torino the life they needed and gave them the momentum to come back from 2-0 down and salvage a point. On the plus side however are proven goal scorers and do a excellent job creating them despite not always finishing them. They do a great job keeping the ball in the opponents half of the pitch. Also they are good at defending certain areas and stealing the ball away from opponents. Last of all they’re good at exploiting a teams offside weakness if they’re opponents struggle with that. If Inter have any hopes of starting anything this season they need to work on their tactics and also reconsidering Handanovic future as he’s aging and losing his touch. Inter’s key player in this match will be Perisic as he is good at stealing the ball and getting it to teammates for assist situations and taking things into his own hands if needed. He will give Bologna headaches as he’s good with the ball and will steal it away from them.


Bologna also are looking to get their first win of the season. Bologna are also known for stealing the ball away from their opponents and defending certain situations as well. They do a great job protecting the lead which if Inter give them one it’ll be hard for them to possibly get back into the match. Bologna will cause problems for Inter down the wings as they do a great job attacking the ball down them. Though some weaknesses will be them maintaining possession of the ball and finishing scoring chances. Bologna will look to play with aggression and they will utilize the whole pitch to get as much room to work as possible. They will also attempt crosses and use long shots to create scoring chances. The key player for Bologna is Palacio as he knows Inter like the back of the palm of his hand as he played for them and who knows what to expect. He is a great goal chance taker and also is strong in assisting his teammates.

Bottom line

This match will come down to who wants it more. If Inter can isolate Palacio and prevent his advances and keep him in tight quarters to not let him have any breathing room will be Inters hope to win along with tactical changes Icardi must get going soon. If Bologna have any chance of winning they need to prevent Perisic from creating scoring chances and making it harder for him to help with assisting his teammates. Inter are statistically the better team on paper in almost every aspect of the match and should be a very easy win for Inter but if they can’t get their act together Inter maybe looking at another draw if they lose this it may be GOOD NIGHT for Luciano Spalletti at the San Siro.

Inter projected lineup: 4-2-3-1

GK: Handanovic
Def: D’Ambrosio, Skriniar, DeVrij, Vrsaljiko
Def Mid: Asomah, Gagliardini
Attacking mid: Perisic, Martinez, Politano
Striker: Icardi
Manager: Luciano Spalletti

Bologna projected lineup: 4-3-3
GK: Costa
Def: Gonzalez, Danilo,Matiello, Calabresi
Def Mid: Cordo, Helander, Maio
Attack: Valencia, Palacio, Falcinelli
Manager:Filippo Inzaghi



Key Players


Inter’s Ivan Persic 



Bologna’s Palacio


Date: Saturday, September 1st, 2018
Venue: Renato Dell’Ara, Bologna 
Kickoff: 11:00AM (USA) 5:00PM (ENG), 6:00PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Itaila, ESPN+

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