Bologna steam rolled as Inter silence doubters in much needed win #59

Score:Inter Milan 3 Bologna 0



Renato Dall’Ara,Bologna

After a another dismal performance against Torino Inter travel to take on Bologna in a Saturday night affair. Both sides are looking to get their first win of the season as Bologna who are also coming off a draw of their own against recently promoted Frosinone. Inter in their past six matches against Bologna Inter have won four of those matches the others resulted in a draw. Inter have beaten Bologna in 13 of their past away matches against them. There are several things Inter will need to keep an eye on when facing Bologna despite being a mid table side they do have several key strengths. First they are good at stealing the ball from the team they’re playing which can cause Inter problems if they can’t maintain control of the ball which as become a problem for them along with passing the ball. They also do a great job at covering the wings and attacking certain set piece situations. If Bologna get the lead that can also be a issue for Inter as they do well defending the lead. They also are good in in the air as they usually win majority of aerial duels and getting the ball back in those situations. Despite these strengths they do have several weaknesses that Inter can use to their advantage. Just like Inter they have been struggling to finish scoring chances. They also have defensive issues in a few areas such as counter attacks and long shots so if Inter take more long shots it’ll be a little easier to move the ball forward. Also they have a ton of individual errors. Bologna will use the whole pitch to their advantage so Inter need to maintain defense in all areas. Also just like Inter they like to control the ball in their opponents half which Inter will need to make sure to push the ball back to their area. They like doing crosses often and using long shots when pushing the ball forward. These are the things that Inter need to focus on but on their end they have things to work on as well. First they need to work on tactics and figuring out a good player formula as they have struggled with this over the past few weeks. In my opinion I think its been hard to get into things and finding the formula as some players came in late in the preseason as some of the players were in the World Cup and needed a break before getting back into league play which means they haven’t been playing that long together especially with players that came in the mercato. Also they need to work on finishing scoring chances and making sure their opponents don’t get any momentum going which is was what caused last weeks draw once Torino got that first goal it gave them the life they needed to come back from 2-0 down. Last of all they need to develop a winning mentality because mentality helps everything. Statistically Inter are the stronger side and should be a easy win but if Inter can’t get something going Inter are going to have serious problems going forward. In the first half both side would open multiple scoring chances but each side would struggle to get anything going as both side would hold each other to draw at the half. The second half things would heat up for Inter as they get three goals from Radja, Candreva and Perisic which would give Inter their first win of the season.

This week Inter go back to the 4-2-3-1 formation which was successful for them last season hopefully coming back to this helps them get things off in a better direction. In goal is none other than Handanovic. On defense on left back is former Juventus player Asamoah who as been a great addition to Inter’s weak defense and gives it some structure. Next to him on left center back is Skriniar who proved to be a vital asset last season. On the right center back is former Lazio player Devrij and finishing them off on right back is top defender D’Ambrosio who as been a key defender in recent seasons. On defensive mid we had the dynamic duo who are back together again Brozovic and Gagliardini. On the attacking mid on left wing is secondary goal scorer Perisic who helped get Inter off to a great start last match despite things falling apart in the second half. In the center mid and making his debut is former Roma player  Radja Nainggolan and on the right is Politano. Up top would as the striker getting his first start of the season was Keita who is on loan from Monaco. This is a solid lineup which should get the job done but it is weird they opted for Keita instead of Icardi but hopefully this change helps give Inter new life. Players on Bologna Inter need to keep an eye out for is Mattiello who is good at stealing the ball and helping his side on assist and is a great goal chance taker. Also they need to keep an eye for one of their good goal chance takers is Falcinelli. Also if he’s subbed on Palaccio as he knows Inter very well from when he played for them several seasons ago and can cause issues if Inter are not careful.

On Saturday night matchup and after the players are situated on the pitch this match gets underway. Early on Inter look to strike first blood as Perisic connects from a cross from Perisic from the left of the box goes slightly to the left of the goal. Minutes later Gagliardini attempted with a right footed shot but it goes to high. Seconds later Radja looks to get his first goal of the season with a shot from the right of the box but his shot misses to the left. Inter early on are doing a great job holding Bologna to a stand still and not letting them get any momentum. Near the ten minute mark Bologna get their first chance of the match as Filip takes a header but it would be saved by Handanovic in the center of the goal. After the twenty minute mark Politano takes a solo shot from outside the box goes to high. A minute after a headed pass from D’Ambrosio Keita from the center of the box with the right foot misses to the left. So far Inter was dominating Bologna but Federico after a set piece situation takes a header from the center of the box misses to the left. With eight minutes left in the half Pulgar after a free kick takes a right footed shot from a long distance misses to high. Before the half would end Radja misses a shot after a shot from outside the box the half would end as both sides stay at a draw.


After the break the second half would begin as both sides are still hunting for their first win of the season. Just like the first half Inter look to get things going for their side as Radja taking a strike from outside the box is blocked. Minutes later Bologna look to break the deadlock after a pass from Pulgar to Blerim he takes a shot from outside the box but his attempt misses to the left. Keita after a through ball from Gagliardini from a difficult position from the right goes to the right. Inter just like in the first half are still maintaining their pressure on Bologna. Persic has a right footed shot blocked after a pass from Gagliardini. After the sixty minute mark Bologna would have two great chances to get things going for their side as Blerims first chance after a right footed shot misses to the right and a minute later with another right footed shot also misses but this time to the left. Just after the sixty sixth minute the stale mate would be broken as the Ninja Radja takes a right footed shot from the center of the box lands in the bottom left corner. This would break things wide open as Inter take the 1-0 lead. Blerim tries to even things up once again after a connecting cross from Federico takes a header but it goes just to the left. Federico near the seventy fifth minute after a cross from Matiello takes a header but his shot misses to the left. Seconds later Keita miss a right footed shot from the center of the box and seconds later Politano gets his left footed shot blocked. Near the eighty minute mark Inter make their first substitution of the match as Vecino replaces the tired Radja. Then they also sub Candreva for Keita. After the eightieth minute Candreva lands a right footed shot to the lower left corner of the goal as Inter take a 2-0 lead. Not even two minutes later Inter seal the deal with Perisic executing a wonderful left footed shot from the center of the box kisses the upper right ninety. With that all Inter had to do was play keep away as the final whistle blew this would signify Inter’s first victory of the season.


Its all Smiles from Inter Milan in Northern Italy
This was a much needed win for Inter. They eventually picked up steam in this match which eventually gave them their first win of the campaign. However they still have a lot to work on in way of organization and working together more cohesively and using better communication. But hopefully this win gives them the motivation they need to get something going this season. The man of the match goes to the ninja Radja as his opening goal gave Inter the life they needed to get things going in the right direction and he shows he has a winning mentality which hopefully leaches out to the rest of the team. After the international break Inter welcome visitors and recently promoted Parma the last time they squared off back in the 2015 season they would hold each other to a draw. On paper Inter are the better side but in this sport anything is possible. Until the next one FORZA INTER. Also I’d like to give a shoutout to the Inter Milan Whatsapp group chat for being some of my biggest motivators and supporters without you this wouldn’t be possible I love you guys you’re awesome.

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 73%
Shots 14
Pass Success 90%
Fouls 10
Assist 2
Bologna A.K.A Lunch Meat FC
Possession 27%
Shots 8
Pass Success 71%
Fouls 8
Assist 0


MAN OF THE MATCH: Radja Nainggolan (1)


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