Inter vs Parma match day 4 five talking points #62


Soccer: serie A; Fc Inter - Parma Calcio


Last night Inter played promoted Parma. Inter dominated in both halves playing very well defensively and offensively. They created scoring chance after scoring chance though being unable to finish them. In the first half Inter only allowed Parma to get one scoring chance and did a excellent job holding them to a stale mate. But in the second half Parma would get seven shots in the half. Inter still did a phenomenal job creating chances and keeping the pressure on Parma. But one slip up cost Inter the match. This would happen as a result of a few things. One was letting Parma get breathing room on one of their chances and Handanovic leaving a whole part of the net open which allowed Dimarco the opening he needed to land a wonderful strike into the top right corner of the goal. With that mistake Inter lost 1-0 and now sit fifteenth in the table which as been Inter’s worst start since the 2016-17 where they ended up in 12th before finishing sixth that season. So far Inter are on the track for massive underachievement.

Spalletti Out?


Spalletti who was brought in at the beginning of last season as been inconsistent in way of tactics despite making the champions league this season this may not be the right  manager for Inter in the near future . He’ll change the formations in ways that doesn’t  make sense and won’t put the players where they’ll flourish. Also he looks like he has no clue what he’s doing at times and that is costing Inter terribly. Like mentioned this is the worst start they’ve had in 2 seasons. The only positive to take away from Spalletti is he helped them qualify for the Champions League at the end of last season and has done some great things for the club when he is on he can have brilliant ideas but we haven’t seen that version of him this season but my honest opinion he is not the best manager solution going forward. NOT quite ready to call for his head but if results don’t change in the next few weeks Inter will have to consider it.


Icardi’s misery…

FC Internazionale v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

Icardi despite being Inter’s usual main goal scorer as been struggling to find the back of the net this season which is very unusaul for him as he is a great striker. Also after being linked with seasons of rumored transfers may be apart of his decline as he may be showing that he doesn’t want to play for the club anymore. Or it could be lack of quickly geling with fellow team mates. Also however whenever Icardi comes on the pitch the other players pull back on the reigns if you will as Icardi is a one dimensional striker and as a hard time working with his team. Which in turn causes the others to not create scoring chances at time thinking Icardi will save the day which hasn’t been the case as of late. Icardi’s time at Inter at this point maybe numbered.

Inter’s lack of determination…

Italy Soccer Serie A
Inter as of recent seasons have showed lack of heart and determination. They look like they’re only out there to earn a paycheck and go home. When they make a mistake or let a goal get by them they don’t even try to fight to get back into the match it seems they lose all hope. It’s also the lack of a winning mentality is killing them. Fans everywhere are frustrated and annoyed especially since they paid their hard earned money to get a team that doesn’t even care about trying to be a success again and settling for mediocrity. Maybe them getting put down a peg will spark a fighting mentality at this point.

Parma staying up…


Parma are showing that they have what it takes to stay up this season. They are hard working and determined. They also are great at scoring chances and finishing them. Parma are also a team that has actual fight and determination in them which is another reason why they could stay up the season. Also they have excellent squad depth and gel well together which is why they work as a cohesive unit and get along as well. They have potential to have a long stay in Serie A. With Gervinho and Inglese in the attack this Parma team will score goals not to mention the tremendous ability of their goalkeeper Lugi Sepe. They have every needed to stay up this season and maybe even push midtable.


Opportunistic Parma…

Parma are good at reading the pitch and capitalizing on chances. They take the bull by the horns and run with it. Also defensively when they have a chance to take the ball away from the opposition they take that risk. Offensive wise they do the exact same thing they find a opening they take it which helped them in this weeks match to give them the win. If they continue to do the same things consistently they can become a potential threat. They were dominated by Inter Milan on Saturday put they took advantage of their chances only held 27% possession  and only took 9 total shots but they made their changes count as it was the difference between 0 and three points.

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