VAR Madness in Genova as Inter Brozovic scores at the death in late thriller #64

Score: Inter Milan 1 Sampdoria 0FT



Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genova 
After a loss against promoted Parma and a win in the Champions League against England side Tottenham Inter take on red hot Sampdoria. Last time they faced each other Inter gave Sampdoria a thrashing as they would dominate them in a 5-0 shut out. Inter have won three out of their last six matches against them. Inter this season have been in a poor run of form as they sit 15th in what as been their worst start in recent history. While Sampdoria are on fire as they sit 6th. Inter have a few things they need to work on first they need to work on tactics and player planning and also developing a winning mindset. Hopefully they use the win against Tottenham as a way to do just that. Things that Inter  needed to focus on while facing Sampdoria they would need to shut down their offense as they’re scoring chance takers and using a few different methods. First they use individual player skills and also trying to score after direct free kicks. So they needed to really step it up defensive wise and control the ball in Sampdoria’s half. On the offensive aspect Inter needed to work on finishing scoring chances which is also one of Sampdoria’s strengths. Also Inter who are usually known for protecting the lead in certain matches have been struggling to do so this season with the exception of their win against Bologna which are a weaker side but facing stronger teams they fail to keep it. Would things turn around for Inter or this could spell disaster for them going forward. In the first half both sides would attack the ball and Inter would come out being the stronger side. But after a disallowed goal both sides would hold each other to a stand still. In the second half both side would continue to fight right and left and put the pressure on each other by defending and creating scoring chances. But in the final minutes Inter would finally get some resolution as  Brozovic’s  goal won it for Inter at the death.



Inter this week stick with the favorite 4-2-3-1 formation but there are several player switches from their previous match. In goal is Samir Handanovic who as been struggling as of late to do his job which as been costing Inter much needed points. On defense on left back is former Juventus player Asomah who has become a crucial part of Inter’s defense. On left center back is Miranda and on right center is Milan Skriniar and capping them off top defender right back D’Ambrosio. Up on defensive mid is epic Brozovic and Vecino who is getting his first start in quite sometime. On the attacking mid on the left wing in place of Perisic is Candreva who as been on a poor run of form but hopefully he can turn things around for the better. In the center mid is the ninja Radja who has one goal for Inter this season and who as helped in assisting players when needed. On the right wing is former Sassuolo player Politano. Up top is none other than Icardi who as struggled to find the back of the net as of late but hopefully the goal against Tottenham was the spark he needed to get things back in motion. On Sampdoria the players they need to keep an eye out for and need to shut down early are their two strikers Defrel and Quagliarella who are great at taking goal chances and pushing the ball forward and do a great job finding the back of the net. If Inter don’t shut them down from the get go it could spell disaster for Inter.


The players take the pitch in the beautiful Genova as this match kicks off. In the first minute Sampdoria look to strike while it’s hot as Fabio takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is saved in the bottom left corner. A minute later it would be Inter’s turn to get their first chance of the match as Candreva after a pass from Asomah takes a strike from distance but was deflected from the defence. Both sides were doing well defending against each other and attacking the ball. After the ten minute mark Defrel takes a shot but his attempt is blocked but seconds later on a rebound with the right foot Linetty chance is also blocked expectational defensive effort from Inter. Sampdoria are now heating up and putting the pressure on Inter. Minutes later Fabio from the left of the box takes a strike but but was denied. Two minutes later again Fabio tries to put his side on the board with another right footed shot but again Handanovic would make the save. Radja a few minutes later takes a right footed shot from outside the box is saved. Inter were finally heating up. Politano would have his shot blocked before the twenty minute mark. Both sides were going at each other with everything they’ve got. Vecino after the thirty minute mark takes a header after a cross from Candreva misses to the right. With ten minutes left in the half Candreva takes a right footed shot but his attempt is blocked. Vecino shortly after a headed pass from D’Ambrosio after a corner takes a header of his own takes a shot but it misses to the left. Before the half would end Inter would look to go up 1-0 but after a VAR review the goal was overturned. In the final minute Brozovic would try to get the goal back with a right footed shot but his attempt would go over the crossbar. With that the half would end as each side hold each other to a draw. If Inter could focus on creating chances and holding Sampdoria to a stand still they can at least get a draw but if they capitalize on a scoring chance they can possibly win this match.



After the break this match would resume as both sides look for those much needed three points. A few minutes into the final half Candreva takes a left footed shot but his shot would hit the woodwork as it hits the left post. A minute later Candreva yet again would try and put Inter on the board with a right footed shot but his attempt is blocked. Inter are stepping it up this half. A few minutes later after a connecting cross from Candreva Icardi takes a header from the right of the box misses to the right. In the sixtieth minute Inter make their first substitution as Perisic replaces Politano. Inter have been doing a great job holding Sampdoria to a stand still so far this half. Candreva before his subbing in the seventieth minute takes a right footed shot from the right of the box but it would be saved in the top right corner. After that Keita replaces Candreva. Minutes later with a cross from Perisic Icardi takes a header from the center of the box goes to the left. With nine minutes left in play Sampdoria get their first chance of the half as Jakub misses a left footed shot from outside the box. A minute later Jakub misses another left footed shot again from outside the box. In the eighty third minute Inter make their final subbing as Valero replaces Radja. Fabio after a headed pass from Anderson takes a left footed shot but it would miss to the right. With four minutes to play Skriniar misses a left footed shot from the center of the box. Inter and Samp would both get goals over turned by VAR review In the final minutes of stoppage time Brozovic takes a right footed shot from the center of the box lands in the center of the goal which puts Inter up 1-0. With that the match as Inter secure those much needed three points in a roller coaster of a match.



This was a much needed win for Inter. They fought hard in this match which is something they need to continue doing. There were some calls that didn’t go their way but they managed to get a goal in to secure those three points. With this win they move up to 7th place and hopefully they keep the momentum going and continue to move up the table. They still have things they need to work on in order to continue to go in the right direction. First they need to work on scoring chances and defending the ball better along with keeping their opponents to a stand still. Also they need to work on their mentality this win fans are hoping is the push they needed to get things going. The man of the match is a tough one as a few players stood out but this week it goes to the man who secured Inter the three points and did a great job vison and defending the ball this week it goes to Brozovic. On Tuesday Inter take on second place Fiorentina who have also been red hot this season. The last time they faced each other they would hold each other to a 1-1 draw but this time around things could be different depending on which Inter shows up the good or the bad one. For the sake of the fans they’re hoping it’s the good one. As always until the next one FORZA INTER.
In this portion I’d like to take a moment to thank someone for getting me started on this journey that is my best friend and person I call a brother Eliot without him seeing potential in me almost four years ago and being my number one supporter The Galleria of Internazionale Milano would not be possible. For that bro I am truly grateful and I’m happy to call you my brother.

Man Of the Match:  Marco Brozovic (1)

Marcelo Brozovic of FC Internazionale celebrates after

Next Match: vs Florentina, Tuesday September 25th,2018

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 51%
Shots 16
Fouls 13
Assist 0
Pass Success 82%
Possession 49%
Shots 8
Fouls 14
Assist 0
Pass Success 82%


Top of the table
Juventus 4-0-0 12pts
Fiorentina 3-1-1 10pts
Sassuolo 3-1-1 10pts
Napoli 3-0-1 9pts
SPAL 3-0-2 9pts

Bottom of the table
Atalanta 1-1-2 4pts
Empoli 1-1-3 4pts
Bologna 0-1-3 1pt
Frosinone 0-1-3 1pt
Cheivo 0-2-2 -1pt

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