Fiorentina makes it tough but Inter rally late to win back to back games #66

Score: Inter Milan 2 Fiorentina 1FT



San Siro
Milan Italy
After a nail biter performance in a last minute winner Saturday Inter look to move up the table and get some momentum going for a change. Inter this week would challenge third place Fiorentina in a midweek match up. The last time Inter faced Fiorentina they played to a 1-1 draw. Inter so far this season have been in a bad run of form with a record of 2 wins 1 draw and 2 losses. This is like their rocky start to the season two seasons ago when by December they were in 12th place and could’ve gotten relegated if it weren’t for a managerial switch. Fiorentina have overachieved having done a great job stepping up and managing to be in the top five so far. This may be a new Fiorentina team than people have seen in the past only time will tell. Inter have several things to worry about while facing them. First of all Fiorentina are known for creating chances and being able to finish them if Inter can’t isolate their offense and make sure they don’t have room to breathe it can cause them issues. They also do well down the wings and during set piece situations. However they do struggle to avoid fouling in dangerous areas such as inside the box which Inter can use to their advantage. Inter will need to make sure they control the game in Fiorentina’s half of the pitch. For Inter on their side they need to work on finishing scoring chances and avoiding individual errors. They also need to do a better job defending top notch players. One major thing that as been Inters pitfall is their mentality they struggle to have a winning mindset despite a few players who actually want to see a victory. They can’t let mistakes get to them. If Inter focus on these things they could win this match or at least a draw. In the first half both sides created chances and due to a hand ball from Fiorentina Inter took a the lead after a penalty. In the second half both sides continued to keep the pressure on each other as they would continue opening chances but early in the second half Fiorentina would get a equalizer. But Inter wouldn’t go without securing one final goal and securing a victory. With that Inter would get their third win in a row.

In this match Inter stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is main keeper Handanovic. On defense on left back is Asomah and in the middle is the dynamic duo of Skriniar and remaking his start Devrij who when partnered together work magic. On right back is top defender D’Ambrosio. On defensive mid is the pairing of Brozovic and Vecino. On the attacking side of things on left wing making his first start since two matches ago Ivan Perisic who as really stepped up as a leader in critical times and been one of the back bones of the team. In the middle is the ninja Radja who as been a help this season. Capping them off on the right wing is Candreva who as still yet to win fans approval again due to his poor run of form as of late but hopefully with getting back into form and stepping up he may be a fan favorite once again. Up top is the Inter scoring beast Icardi who as yet to show up this season but hopefully he can get a rhythm going once again. This is a solid lineup who can potentially win this match but they need to focus on one player from Fiorentina that’s their main goal chance taker Chiesa.

The players take the pitch and this match gets underway. Fiorentina in the first three minutes look to start off things with a bang as Marco Benassi after a pass from Simeone takes a shot from outside the box is blocked. A minute later Kevin hits wood work after a right footed shot from outside the box. So far Fiorentina are owning the chances game. After the ten minute mark Inter get their first chance of the half as Icardi following a cross from D’Ambrosio misses a header from the center of the box. Seconds later Candreva misses a chance of his own after a right footed shot from the center of the box. Minutes later Icardi takes a right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the middle of the goal. Inter have finally picked up momentum as both sides seem evenly matched at this point. They are both doing a great job defending and attacking the ball and are keeping the pressure on each other. After a brief time of no real chances being taken after the thirty minute mark Simeone after a through ball from Chiesa takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is saved in the lower right corner. Seconds later on a rebound assist from Simeone with a left footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. Perisic a few minutes later misses a left footed shot from the left of the box. Moments later Candreva misses his shot after a pass from Brozovic which goes high and to the right. Fiorentina’s Victor Hugo accidentally hits the ball with his hands which granted Inter a penalty kick which is shortly converted by Icardi in the forty fifth minute. This gives the home side the 1-0 lead. Before the half would end Inter would look to add to their lead as D’Ambrosio takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. If Inter can take this momentum into the second half and add to their lead or hold onto the 1-0 lead they have they can possibly come away with those much needed three points.

After the break this match resumes with Fiorentina looking to equalize things while Inter look to add to their lead to get the critical three points. Early in the second half Fiorentina look to bring things back on even terms as Marco takes a right footed shot after a headed pass from Chiesa from outside the box is saved by Handanovic in the lower left corner. Minutes later Kevin takes a right footed shot of his own from outside the box is blocked. Seconds later Chiesa after a pass from Hugo takes a right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Fiorentina are doing what it takes to get back into this match-up. Seconds later Inter would make a critical mistake as Milan Skriniar knocks the ball into his own sides net which gives Fiorentina the life they needed as things are all square at 1-1 a piece. Now there is a real match going on. Can Inter shake off this mistake and focus and capitalize on one of their chances to win this match? Fernandes gets a right footed shot blocked after a pass from Pjaca. Near the sixty minute mark Inter make their first subbing of the match as Politano replaces Candreva. Pjaca a minute later takes a header from the center of the box is blocked. Seconds later Marco gets his left footed shot blocked as well. Fiorentina are now fighting tooth and nail to win this thing while it seems Inter have shown down a bit. Pjaca with twenty nine minutes left in the match takes a shot from the center of the box is blocked. A minute later Cheisa gets a right footed shot from the right of the box is saved in the lower right corner. Fiorentina are doing a great job keeping Inter at bay so far this half. Near the seventy minute Inter make subbing number two as Keita replaces Vecino. After the subbing Icardi misses a header after a cross from Asomah with a cross. A few minutes later Nikola after a cross from Vertout takes a right footed kick but it would go over the cross bar. Near the eightieth minute D’Ambrosio lands a beautiful left footed shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower right corner. Inter take the lead once again as the score is now 2-1. A few minutes later Keita misses a shot from outside the box. With two minutes left Inter make their final subbing as Gagliardini replaces Perisic. In the final minute Fiorentina look to salvage at least a point as Duncan takes a header from the center of the box misses to the right following a cross from Biraghi. With that the match ends with Inter grabbing all three points for three wins in a row.


This was a much needed win for Inter as they seem to finally have some momentum going. Finally fans are seeing the Inter they all know and love. This win now pushes Inter up to fifth place right behind Fiorentina. Inter are finally showing life and wanting to win and give fans something worth celebrating. They still have a long way to go and have a lot to work on but these wins slowly add up and can set them up for bigger things. They still need to work on their mentality and shaking off mistakes and in this match they did just that they didn’t let the own goal shake them they just remained focused and did what needed to be done and that was winning this match and they did just that through determination. Hopefully Inter can continue to climb the table and keep this momentum going. The man of the match the match goal winner D”Ambrosio as he did a great job defending the ball and scoring the game winner. Next match on Saturday Inter take on Cagliari. In their last match Inter dominated them in a 4-0 win and they look to do the same again. This should be a easy win but anything is possible. Until the next one as always FORZA INTER.


Man Of the Match:  Danilo Ambrosio (1)



By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 50%
Shots 13
Fouls 18
Assist 1
Pass Success 76%
Possession 50%
Shots 16
Fouls 23
Assist 1
Pass Success 77%

Top of the table
Juventus 5-0-0 15pts
Napoli 4-0-1 12pts
Sassuolo 3-1-1 10pts
Fiorentina 3-1-2 10pts
Inter 3-1-2 10pts
Bottom of the table
Cagliari 1-2-2 5pts
Empoli 1-1-3 4pts
Bologna 1-1-3 4pts
Frosione 0-1-4 1pt
Cheio 0-2-3 -1pt

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