Inter vs Florentina Talking Points Match day 6 #67




Last night Inter took on what was then second place Fiorentina. The last time they faced each other near the end of last season they would each get a point in a 1-1 draw. In this match Inter were the declared under dogs due to their recent poor run of form. While Fiorentina have been a strong team and have been doing a great job staying in the top five teams which normally they are a middle table side. In the first half both sides would create chances and defend the ball but Fiorentina proved to be the stronger side creating most of those chances. But due to a critical mistake in the final minutes of the half Victor Hugo mistakenly touched the ball with his hands which granted Inter a penalty kick. The penalty a few seconds later would be converted by Inter’s penalty king Icardi. This gave Inter the 1-0 lead as the half would conclude. In the second half Fiorentina turned up the pressure continue taking majority of the chances and trying to not let Inter add to their lead. But in the middle of the half Inter made a mistake of their own as Milan Skriniar kicks the ball into his own teams net and things would get equalized once again as each sides are at 1-1. Inter would not let that get to them as they would come back as Dambrosio would score the game winner as they would hold on to win the match 2-1. This moved Inter up to fifth place but after today’s games they dropped to sixth. This would be their third win in a row.


Inter’s determination…


Inter in the past few matches have really stepped up and showed heart and fight. They’re slowly not letting mistakes get to them as of recent seasons where they would let it mess with them. For example as mentioned earlier they could’ve let that own goal get to them and they could’ve gave up but they acted like it never happened and moved on to get those much needed three points. Hopefully the win against Tottenham in the first match of the Champions League was the spark they needed to get things moving in the right direction. If Inter can continue to work on this and brushing off the mistakes like water off a ducks back they may just be in the top five for another season.


Cheisa and Florentina’s Fight
Fiorentina so far have stepped up as normally they’re known to be a middle table team. Players such as Victor Hugo, Cheisa and several others have helped them come a long way. They have done a great job on offense. Such as creating chances and moving the ball to one another. They have also stepped up in way of using individual player skills to create those chances and they have also done a better job covering the whole pitch and using it to their advantage. Defensive wise they have done a phenomenal job holding teams to a stand still and not letting them have breathing room and space to work. Who knows Fiorentina may become a real threat soon and teams better prepare for when they do.

Inter’s slowly improving tactics…


In the beginning part of the season it looked like Spaletti had no clue what the heck he was doing as he was using different players in spaces they don’t flourish in and using unorthodox formations. This cost Inter valuable points which gave Inter their worst five match start since the 2016-17 season where they stayed in 12th until a managerial switch occurred then they came back to finish 6th that season. But after going through a few different formations Inter went back to the successful 4-2-3-1 formation which helped them secure a Champions League spot since the 2010 season. They also played players out of where they would shine and be best suited this as slowly been resolved and the players themselves have seemed to finally gel together and are starting to work well as a cohesive unit. If Spaletti can continue to utilize players to their strengths and use formations they are familiar with occasional tweaks if needed such as player injuries things may be going on the right track for Inter.

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