Inter vs Cagliari match day Preview #68


During the week Inter and Cagliari had midweek matches where Inter took on Fiorentina while Cagliari took on Sampdoria. Inter would win that match in a 2-1 win after D’Ambrosio scored the game winner which moved Inter up to sixth place after having a rough start to the season. Cagliari on the other hand only salvaged a point in their match where it went scoreless. Both sides are looking to move up in the standings and Inter is hoping to secure another Champions League spot like they did last season after defeating in a close match Lazio. The last time these two faced off was back in April close to the end of the season where Inter would annihilate Cagliari in a 4-0 butt kicking. Inter have won five out of their last six matches against Cagliari while the only win they have against Inter was back in October of the 2016 season which saw Inter struggling early on. Inter are looking to continue picking up steam while Cagliari look to get motivation of their own.


Inter Milan


Still out with injury is Vrsaljiko and Martinez. Icardi who scored a penalty in the Fiorentina match but as of late he seems to struggle to find the back of the net which is unlike him and this could be costing Inter possible points and wins. But on the plus side of this with Icardi taking a back seat allows other score chance takers such as Radja, Perisic and the like the ability to step up and take the mantle and do what is needed to score goals. Like as of late it’s come down to players such as D’Ambrosio and Brozovic to score those critical game winners to continue getting Inter moving in the right direction. On defense they have done a better job shutting down teams offenses and doing what is needed to not let them getting any room to work. Defensive wise the player who as been a great assets to the team and who as that winning mentality that he was used to at Juventus is Asomah though he needs to work on not getting fouls. The player that can be a issue for Cagliari is Brozovic who not only is a good defensive player but is good at being offensive where needed and if given room to breathe he is good at creating chances and finishing them if they don’t shut him down it could be a issue for Cagliari.




On Cagliari Luca Ceppitelli is still out with a muscle injury sustained back in August and it’s still uncertain when he’ll return. Player wise Cagliari on the defense side of things can be weak at times and can let players especially from stronger sides let them get the breathing room they need to create chances which as cost them valuable points. Though they do have a solid defender in Andreolli. On the offensive spectrum Cagliari players have a hard time sometimes like Inter finishing scoring chances and capitalizing on them. The key player for Cagliari is going to be their best goal chance takers and midfielder Barella he is quick and agile and can move the ball with fluidity if Inter give him space Cagliari could capitalize on that,

Bottom line



The bottom line in this match is can Inter maintain their momentum and continue not letting mistakes get to them. Also they need to continue working on finishing scoring chances and doing a better job defending the ball and keeping their opponents in their own half of the pitch. That and if they can isolate Barella that would be half the battle. Cagliari on the other hand need to do whatever needed to get momentum started as they sit in site of the relegation zone and no team wants to be stuck near their especially come seasons end. If Cagliari can stop Brozovic and not let him work his magic and focus on capitalizing on their chances they could possibly win but this match should be a easy win for Inter but anything is possible.
Inter Projected Lineup 4-2-3-1
Gk Handanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att mid Perisic, Radja, Candreva
Striker Icardi
Cagliari Projected Lineup 4-3-3
Gk Rafeal
Def Andreolli Romanga Pisacane Klavan
Def mid Cepitelli Barella Pajac
Att Pavoletti Farias Farago
Stadium San Siro


Place Milan Italy
Date September 29th
Time 1:30pm USA 7:30pm UK 8:30pm Italy

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