Inter vs Cagliari talking points #70


On Saturday Inter took on Cagliari. Inter looked to keep their winning ways as they have gotten nine points in their past three matches. They also looked to move up in the table. Cagliari on the other hand looked to move up the table as they sit a few points above the relegation zone which they look to get away from. The last time they faced each other Inter won in a 4-0 shutout. Inter going into this match won five out of their last six matches against Cagliari. In the first half things would start off slow as there were limited chances taken but Inter would come out ahead as the bull Larturo Martinez took a wicked header from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower right corner. In the second half things would heat up as Inter would take more chances as they had a total of 16 shots of the night. Cagliari looked to have gotten back on even terms but it was ruled a hand ball and the point would go away. In the final minutes Inter would secure the deal as Politano lands a left footed shot from the right of the box lands in the bottom left corner of the goal. With that Inter would get their fourth win in a row and show no sign of letting up.


VAR in Inter matches and Cagliari’s scratch off…




As most of you know in recent matches the use of the VAR as been present in Inter matches. This as cost both Inter and their opponents goals but mostly Inter as of late they have had at least five goals over turned. Some fans think that there is a conspiracy against Inter to get them to fail. While others think that the goal over turning was legit. In my opinion the goals that got over turned were justified as they were actually offside or known as a hand ball. This week Cagliari’s goal was over turned due to a hand ball and it was a legit hand ball. But in my opinion the VAR could be getting used to screw teams but it is better to have it than not at all as referee could be bought and abuse his power but the VAR can put a stop to that. The final say shouldn’t be with the referee it should be with the people who are overlooking VAR because the ref doesn’t see everything.

Barella the future of Cagliari…


Barella as done a great job on Cagliari’s offense. He does a great job creating chances and helping on assist. He is quick and agile who knows how to maneuver the ball and progressing the ball forward. Despite only having seven goals in 73 appearances he is overall a great player He also can play a defensive roll when needed and get the ball back to his side. His ceiling is incredibly high the engine on the kid is unreal hes going to book a move to a bigger club before you know it. Hes going to a huge national team player and one of the best in this league for the next 10 years . Hopefully if Cagliari don’t sell him he as the potential to being one of their future stars but one day he will get that big money move a few more years are need at Cagliari but when hes ready hes going to make them a fortune.


Martinez is a Young Icardi…


Both Icardi and Martinez are both good clinical players. But they both lack in touching the ball. They both play with fluidity and fitness and they do a great job moving the ball. They also do a great job scoring chances and executing them. But in my opinion there is one distinct difference. While both players are similar in certain key aspects there is one thing that in my opinion sets them apart. While Icardi plays the rest of the team takes a back seat in way of creating chances and stepping aside and letting Icardi be the star as he’s more of a solo kind of player. While the bull Martinez works with the rest of the team and helping create chances and assist. To me Martinez looks to be a person who wants to work together with the team than rather be in the limelight unlike Icardi where it seems the team revolves around him. In my opinion it’d be best to start Martinez from now on so that way the team works together instead of having them take a back burner to let Icardi have the spotlight. However Martinez isn’t anywhere near Icardi’s level he doesn’t take a lot of  touches but hes incredibly smart and moves into position better then anyone on the Inter team. Icardi’s style is a certain way but he makes his impact when his not scoring its just in a different style. Icardi is the most clinical finisher in Serie A since Andriy Shevchenko Martinez his the Understudy putting Martinez in more situations would be smart but this is Still Icardi’s team without him they struggle. But Putting Martinez on the wing and Having Icardi up front might be a good idea because of the service he can give Icardi. Icardi is the best  finisher in the league so that might be a theory Spaletti could try out.

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