Icardi steals the show in Ferrara in Ugly Inter victory on the Road #72

Score: Inter Milan 2 SPAL 1FT


Paolo Mazza, Ferrara

After their fifth match in a row against Cagliari Inter traveled and took on SPAL. Last year Inter would win the season sweep as Inter won the first one and drew the second. This is only Inter’s third meeting against SPAL as before their promotion they never faced each other up until last season. So this match will add to their history against them. Inter look to keep their winning ways as after this match and the international break Inter will have their first real challenge of the campaign as they go into another installment of the derby della mandonina or commonly known as the Milan Derby so any momentum they can take into that match would help them immensely. SPAL on the other hand look to move up in the league standings as they sit 13th in the table. So both sides have their reasons for needing these much needed three points. Inter are slowly getting better tactic wise but they still need to work on their consistency. If Inter are going to win this match they need to maintain possession of the ball as SPAL are known for stealing the ball away from their opponents. But they do have a few weaknesses that they can exploit first they can exploit the facts that they have a hard time not fouling in critical areas such as inside the box. They also struggle defending against counter attacks and avoiding player errors. Long as Inter don’t make any critical mistakes and keep their composure they can be looking easily at win number six and take that momentum into the derby match after the international break. In the first half things would start off slow but near the fifteenth minute Icardi scores the game opener. Both sides would continue opening chances and defending the ball as Inter took a 1-0 lead at the half. In the second half SPAL heated things up as they dominated the possession and scoring chances and they capitalized on one of those chances as Paloschi would bring things back on even terms. Based on how SPAL was doing it looked like Inter would struggle to regain the lead but with twelve minutes left to play Icardi gave Inter hope as he scored in the 77th minute and with that the match ended as Inter would come away with the much needed three points and their sixth match in a row.

Inter would stick with the usual 4-2-3-1 formation but their were some player switches. In goal is none other than Handanovic. On defense on left back is Asomah who as done a great job on defense. Next to him is the pairing of Miranda and Skriniar. Skriniar along with Asomah are some of the more consistent players on the squad. Capping them off on the right getting his first start after being out with injury is Vrsaljiko. On the defensive mid is V squared the duo of Valero and Vecino. On the attacking spectrum on the left wing is Perisic. In the middle is a person who as helped the depth of the midfield the ninja Radja. On the right wing is Keita who as had sketchy performances but hopefully he can become more consistent and a valuable part to the team. Up top as usual is the Inter scoring beast Icardi who as got off to a slow start but is slowly finding his roots again. This is a ok lineup in my opinion they should’ve started Politano on the right wing as he’s a stronger player than Keita. The main player on SPAL that they need to be worried about is Petagna who is one of their strongest strikers and is good with the ball and creating chances and assisting players with scoring chances if they don’t lock him down it could spell disaster for Inter.


After the players warmed up and the people filled the stands in Ferrara Italy this match gets under way. Seven minutes in Inter would try and get things started off with a bang as the ninja after a corner takes a shot from outside the box but his attempt would go high and to the right. After the ten minute mark SPAL get their first chance of the match as Mirco misses a header from the center of the box. Shortly after Keita gets his left footed shot blocked. So far this match is fairly even but of course things could change. In the fourteenth minute after being set up with a cross from Vrsaljiko Icardi takes a brilliant header from the six yard box and the ball lands in the center of the goal this gives Inter the 1-0 lead. Now SPAL are in the hunt for a equalizer while Inter look to add to their lead. SPAL would try and capitalize on a attempt from Petagna as he took a header from the center of the box but it is saved by Handanovic in the lower left corner. Seconds later SPAL are granted a penalty which is missed by Mirco. Valoti a minute later gets his shot blocked in the center of the box. Now SPAL is on the attack as the gained dominant possession and are using it to create chances as it looks like Inter have quieted down if Inter don’t wake up it could be catasophical. The next real chance took place in the 39th minute as Skriniar takes a header from the center of the box but his shot is blocked. Seconds later Vecino misses a header after a cross from Vrsaljiko from the six yard box. Keita misses a left footed shot from outside the box a minute later. Thiago with one minute left in the half takes a header after a cross from Pasquale from the center of the box but it misses to the left. In the final seconds of the half Valoti gets a right footed shot saved from outside the box. The half ends with Inter having the lead 1-0 but if Inter don’t take possession SPAL can take advantage of it and get the chance to capitalize and score so Inter need to wake up and fast.

After the break the resumes with Inter trying to add to their slight lead while SPAL look to equalize. Early in the half SPAL looked to get the equalizer they were looking for as Mirco takes a header from outside the box but it misses to the left. SPAL as been a very dominate presence in this match while Inter have slowed down ever since the opening minutes of the first half. After the fifty five minute mark as Mirco takes a shot from outside the box as it’s saved in the lower left corner of the goal. Minutes later Andrea misses a left footed shot from the center of the box. A minute later Manuel takes a left footed shot of his own and even his shot misses to the left as well. SPAL really want a equalizer and are doing everything in their power to get it. In the sixty seventh minute Inter make their first replacement of the match as Politano comes on for Keita. Seconds after the subbing Radja takes a right footed shot from the right of the box but it misses to the left this would be Inter’s first chance of the half as it looks like they’ve been asleep after their first goal. Mauro Icardi after a connecting cross from Vrsaljiko takes a right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. After the seventieth minute Radja misses a right footed shot from the center of the box. A minute later things would look disastrous as SPAL would get the much needed equalizer as Paloschi converts a right footed shot from a close area near the goal as it lands in the lower right corner. A few minutes Inter make subbing two as Martinez comes on for Valero. A minute later Icardi from the center of the box following a through ball from Perisic lands a right footed shot as the ball goes in the lower right corner Inter now have the lead once more as they now lead 2-1. With eight minutes left Inter make their final subbing as Gagliardini replaces Icardi. SPAL would get one last chance to bring things back on even terms and to try and salvage a point as Fares misses a right footed shot from the outside the box. In the final seconds Inter would try and add to their lead as Politano takes a left footed shot from the center of the box is blocked with that Inter come away with the lucky and much needed three points as Inter get their sixth win in a row.


Despite being a sloppy performance a win is a win. This was one of Inter’s off days normally they’re a possession based team but today they struggled to keep the ball and had a hard time creating chances which is uncharacteristic of them they usually struggle to do that against stronger teams. The chances they did take they had a hard time finishing them and capitalizing on them. So this win today was lucky because in my honest opinion SPAL could’ve easily gotten the win based on how much they were fighting today. But still a win is a win regardless of how they got it. The man of the match hands down is Icardi if it wasn’t for his opening goal and the winning goal this match could’ve gone a completely different way. He is one of the best clinical players he has good read of the pitch knows where he is and knows where his teammates are and knows what is needed to get the job done. After the international break is one of the high profile matches of the season for Inter as they take on their rivals Milan in the next addition of the Derby Della Mandonnina the last time they faced each other they played to a 0-0 draw but it’s a new season and it could go either way. This match could be a turning point for one of these teams. This match should be a good one. Until the next one as always FORZA INTER.


Man Of the Match: Marco Icardi


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 48%
Shots 13
On target 3
Passes 407
Pass success 84.3%
Possession 52%
Shots 14
On target 5
Passes 434
Pass success 87%

Top of the table
Juventus 8-0-0 24pts
Napoli 6-0-2 18pts
Inter 5-1-2 16pts
Lazio 5-0-3 15pts
Roma 4-2-2 14pts
Bottom of the table
Bologna 2-1-5 7pts
Atalanta 1-3-4 6pts
Empoli 1-2-5 5pts
Frosinone 0-1-7 1pt
Cheivo 0-2-6 -1pt

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