Inter vs SPAL Talking points #73


This week Inter took on SPAL in a late match in the heart of Ferrara Italy. The last time Inter took on SPAL was in the second half of last season where they both would play to a draw. But overall Inter won the season sweep as they beat them in the first half of the season. SPAL in this match looked to move up in the table while Inter looked to keep their winning momentum going as after the international break they have a tough three matches ahead and they need all the positivity they can get going into those matches. In the first half SPAL would be all over Inter after Inter’s opening goal of the match as Icardi lands the ball in the back of the net after a header from the right of the box. SPAL at that point took on the attack as they would get chance after chance while it looked like Inter were taking a nap. In the second half SPAL continued their onslaught as they were looking on capitalizing on one of their chances and they did just that with eighteen minutes left in the match as Paloschi lands a right footed shot in the center of the goal. It looked as if Inter winning this match was out of their grasp as SPAL were all over them but Icardi saved the day landing a right footed shot to the lower right corner giving Inter the win and those much needed three points.


The Marco Icardi Show and Inter History


Icardi in this match was a absolute beast. If it wasn’t for him and his quick thinking Inter may have not won the match. Icardi as proven why he is one of the best clinical strikers out there. Yeah he may not get many touches on the ball but when he does you know something big is about to happen. Last season due to his technical abilities he was the shared golden boot winner. This season he as struggled to find the back of the net but when he does get a goal however he makes it look effortless. Hopefully we see more of these moments from him this season. Not only that but he make Inter history as he equaled  Inter Legend Christian Vieri as the seventh player with the most Serie A goals scored with Inter.


SPAL’s Attack…


SPAL’s attack in this match was top notch. The way they were creating chances showed how hungry they were to get those points. SPAL after getting promoted last season have shown how much they want to stay in Serie A. It is due to their attack and way they take chances and maintain possession of the ball that can make them dangerous. If they can continue to work hard and make decent transfers this club may be a threat in the future. However with that being said they severely damaged themselves as their finishing ability as really bad even missing out on a chance to equalize with a first half lead. They dominated the match yet failed to deliver with much more chances then Inter they squandered points at home in a game they easily could of at least obtained a point from.. 


Ugly win…


There is not much to say here it was a ugly win and if it wasn’t for Icardi being where he was and the defending that went on this match would’ve been a draw plain and simple. Inter were fortunate with how poor SPAL were in front of goal had they been better you just never know what the result could of been.Why? Because it looked like the rest of the team took a nap and didn’t show interest of wanting those three points. But at the end of the day it’s a win which moved them up to third place. it could be prove to me an important one battling out ugly wins is what champions are made of.



Spal v US Sassuolo - Serie A
Paloschi of SPAL is a beast he did a excellent job getting his side a equalizer despite the result. He did a great job after being subbed on in the second half providing the chances and assist they needed. He came on and increased the intensity of the SPAL attack and his goal was stellar. He is a great assets to the team and does what it takes to get the job done for his side. Hopefully he stays on the club for the foreseeable future because in my opinion it would be awesome to see him in the future. However if I’m being honest I’d love him at Inter I think hes a very good player that could fit into Inter’s side much better then Candreva I’d take him no problem top player. A very underrated player who performed superbly well against a tough Inter side. 


Inter’s lack of focus…


In this match Inter seemed to have lost their focus compared to recent matches. They struggled to take chances and the ones they did take were wasted as they failed to capitalize on them. They looked like they weren’t even trying to get anything going in the match. It was mostly the team passing the ball. Defensive wise however despite the slip up on the SPAL goal they did a decent job protecting the ball and trying to help keep even possession of the ball. But every team sometimes have a off day and this seemed to be one of those days for Inter but in the end they still one. Now they really need to work hard and focus as they face Milan, Barcelona and Lazio after the international break and they’ll need all the focus and training they can they will be very limited in that trust due to the lack of rest they will have in-between fixtures.



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