Milan Derby 5 Talking Points #76

This week Inter took on their noisy neighbors Milan in their next edition of the Derby Della Mandonina. Milan who have more wins than Inter looked to add another win against them while Inter would still and try to catch up to their noisy and successful neighbors. The last time they faced each other was at the end of last year where they each got a point as that match ended in a 0-0 draw. Going into this match Inter looked to be the stronger side as they sat in third going into this match while Milan have been stuggling this season as they sat in 10th. In the first half of the match early on Milan looked to be the better side opening and creating chances and defending the ball and maintaing possession of the ball. But once Inter got their first chance of the match things would turn around for Milan as Inter gained momentum. Inter would then take over in possession and scoring chances. The first half of this highly anticipated match ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second half both sides would continue to fight tooth and nail going back and forth though Inter still dominated the possession and scoring chance game. This match was heading towards a draw but when in stoppage time Mr. Clinical Striker otherwise Icardi pulls a goal out of thin air. This happened when Donnurama made a huge error as Icardi slipped past him and he slipped a wicked header from the center of the box as the ball his the back center of the goal sealing Inter those much needed three points. Inter have now won seven of their last eight matches in all competitions.

Inter’s Attack

Inter in this match was absolutely amazing. They did a great job passing the ball and progressing the ball forward. Icardi did a great job finding room and reading the pitch which he was able to land the ball in the center of the back of the net. Politano and Brozovic did a great job creating chances and assisting the team. Overall they have improved in creating chances and following through on the though they still have work to do on that front. They also have done a better job communicating and working as a cohesive unit. So far Inter’s offense has improved with a few adjustments and hard work they can one day be real threat to even stronger teams.

Milan’s Defensive Mistake

Milan’s defense made a critical error as Donnuruma let Icardi get the room to breathe and score that goal. So far this season though Milan are known as a strong side have been struggling this season to get anything going. They so far have had hit and miss performances not just defensive but offensive as well. This season they look to be the better side against mid table and lower table sides but have had a hard time coping against top clubs. This is not like the Milan people are used to seeing. They seem to have a lot of miscommunication and focus. Two years ago Inter were in the same shoes and they finished behind Milan losing a chance in even Europe but now the tables have turned and Milan are struggling to get in the top six which is uncharacteristic of them if they don’t change things soon it is possible that their manager may get the sack or things will have to be done differently.

Inter’s Momentum

Inter ever since beating Spurs in the CL they have had a strong momentum despite their loss against Barcelona they have been on fire. Normally Inter have been known for breaking down after losing a few matches in a row or making an error in a match. Normally they would let the error mess with their mentality which as caused them to make more mistakes down the road and losing multiple matches like last season when they went on a seven match downward spiral and didn’t see them win again until January 2018. I think in my opinion the reason things have changed is having the likes of Radja, Devrij and Asomah on the team especially Asomah who came from helping Juventus win seven titles in a row and who is used to having a winning mentality which as seemed to rub off on the team. Of course they have things to work on play wise but when it comes to their mentality they’re heading towards the right direction.

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