Inter vs Lazio match day preview #77

After beating Milan last week Inter will travel to Rome to take on fourth place Lazio. Lazio are coming off a win of their own against Parma. This match will be a tough one for Inter as Lazio sit one point behind them which means there will be no room for error if they want to maintain their place in third. The last time these two teams faced off was back in the final match of the season where Inter came back twice to win the match and secured themselves the final Champions League spot. Overall Inter have won three of their last six matches against Lazio. Both sides are hungry and they will do whatever is nessacary to win this match it’ll be a tough one for sure but as always in this sport anything is possible.

Inter Milan

The players so far for Inter have done a great job stepping up and working together as a cohesive team which as been one of their issues in the past. The only injury known on Inter is Radja who left early in the Milan match it is unsure whether or not he’ll play. On defense the players that have really stood out is Asomah who as brought Inter a winning mentality along with Devrij who as been great so far. Brozovic as done a great job himself especially in this weeks match against Barcelona blocking a shot with his back which was a smart move. Offensive wise Icardi is slowly getting his groove back as in the Milan match he suck that header into the back of the net giving them the victory. Also Politano and Radja have done a stellar job providing Inter with chances and assist. This season overall Inter have shown improvements but they still have work to do but they’re going in the right direction. The key player in this match will be Icardi though he gets few touches on the ball he is very good at reading the pitch and opening scoring chances if Lazio don’t contain him it can cause them issues.


On Lazio two players are out with injuries Durmisi and Badelj and two are out with suspensions Morrison and Perea. Offensive wise this team is strong as they have the likes of Immobile Lulic, and Savic these players are strong in creating chances and moving the ball forward and are good on counter attacks. They are also good at assiting the team and doing what is needed to get the job done and are good at rallying the team especially if they’re down points and need a kick in the butt. Defensive they are liit ke Inter they can be inconststant at times but when they have their good days they are solid and won’t break easily and are good at cutting through a opposing teams offense like butter. The key player will be Immobile who is a strong offensive player who will do what is needed to get the job done and who will move the ball with fluidity and who is phenomenal at scoring chances and assist. If Inter give him room it could be lights out for them.
The Bottom Line

The bottom line in this match is if Inter can isolate Immobile and shut down their offense early to not let them get any breathing room. Inter will also need to continue working on finishing scoring chances and defend the ball and keep the game in Lazio’s half of the pitch. Because if they keep the game in Lazio’s half it won’t allow them to get near their goal to create chances. Inter will also need to play the offside trap as that is one of Lazio’s weaknesses along with other teams this season. This will definitely be a hard match for Inter as they sit one point behind them and they will fight to get those three points it will all come down to who wants this win more. In my honest opinion this match I see a Inter loss 2-0. But as a supporter I would love nothing more than a win but I just don’t see it happening. But hopefully they prove me wrong as always FORZA INTER.



Inter projected lineup 4-2-3-1
GK Handanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic Vecino
Att Mid Perisic, Candreva, Politano
Striker Icardi
Lazio projected lineup 4-3-3
Gk Proto
Def Acerbi, Felipe, Lukaku, Radu
Def mid Marusic, Lulic, Correa
Att Savic, Immobile, Rossi


Inter’s Marco Icardi and Lazio’s Ciro Immobile 


Stadium Stadio Olimpico
Place Rome Italy
Date October 29th 2018
Time 2:30pm USA 8:30pm Uk 9:30pm Italy

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