Inter vs Genoa match day preview #80

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After recent success and coming off a win against Lazio Inter will welcome visitors tenth place Genoa. Genoa are coming off a draw against Udinese who now sit in sixteenth place. The last time Inter faced Genoa was back in February where Genoa would go on to defeat Inter 2-0. Inter during that time was having hit and miss performances but eventually got the final Champions League spot. Inter have won five out of their last six matches with the only loss coming from Barcelona in the CL. Genoa however have won two out of their last six matches. In their recent meetings overall each have three wins a piece against each other. Inter have been a strong team as of late but don’t count out Genoa as they managed to get a draw against table leaders Juventus a few weeks back. This could be a tough match for them but if Inter can maintain their momentum they can possibly pull this match off.

Inter Milan



Inter so far this last few weeks have been the strongest they’ve been in the past few seasons. Player wise after returning from injury Vrsaljiko as been making his presence known on the position of right back not only as he helped the defense he has helped offensively as well helping create chances and providing assist to fellow team mates setting them up for chances of their own. Brozovic as of late as been a beast scoring a total of two goals this season and he did a awesome job defending the ball in their match against Barcelona reading the pitch and taking the ball to the back after sliding to the ground. Icardi as been doing a great job finding the back of the net again. Last match they played someone who as been under scrutiny for under performances that is Mario who maybe getting the chance to redeem himself. Overall the team as done a great job creating chances and have been getting better finishing them and even getting goals from those attempts. Defensive wise this is the strongest they’ve been in recent seasons. Still out with injury and it is unsure of his return is the ninja who as been out since the match against Milan. The he key player in this match is Perisic who if given space wil create chances and assist if they’re not careful he can cause them issues.


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Genoa offensively are a strong side they do a great job creating chances and following through on them. Their offense also favors using player skills to create those chances but the downside of them doing so is they end up having more player errors. Pandev is one of their clubs strongest goal chance takers and who is good at reading the pitch and helping with assist if he’s unable to take the shot himself. Overall they do well offensively and can be a threat if they catch the opposition off guard. Defensive wise they are also strong they can cut through a teams offense like butter if they catch you sleeping. Player wise they are a cohesive team and even though thye’re a middle table team they are a team to keep an eye on because if Inter make a mistake it could be lights out for their opposition. The key player in this match is main goal chance taker and assisted Pandev who will do whatever it takes to help his side get those three points.

The bottom line

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In this match it will come down to is Inter can prevent Pandev from getting space to work along with their other offensive players who will do what it takes to score goals. Inter can do this by drawing fouls as they are a side that in dangerous areas Genoa fouls in them they can also utilize their offside trap to catch them off track. Inter will also need to continue to work on finishing scoring chances and continue to do well defending the ball and fight to keep possession of the ball like they did in their Lazio match earlier this week. Genoa on their side of things need to prevent Perisic from doing his job in helping with assist and taking chances of his own. Also Genoa if they get the lead is maintaining it as they struggle to do so. The result as of recent matches this match can go either way


Key Players


Goran Pandev

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Marco Icardi


Inter projected lineup 4-2-3-1

GK Handanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Devrij, Vrsaljiko
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Attacking mid Perisic, Mario, Politano
Forward Icardi

Genoa projected lineup 4-3-3

Gk Radu
Def Romero, Lopez, Pereira, Gunter
Def mid Zukanovic, Romulo, Spolli
Attacking mid Pandev, Favilli, Piatek

Staduim Giuseppe Meazza
Place Milan Italy
Date November 3rd
Time 9:00Am Usa 3:00pm UK 4pm Italy

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