Inter vs Genoa talking points #82



This week Inter after a win against Lazio away Inter came home to welcome visitors Genoa. The last time they faced each other prior to this match Genoa defeated Inter 2-0. Both sides had three wins a piece between them and this match could’ve gone either way. Inter going into this match were looking for as much momentum as possible as on Tuesday they welcome visitors Barcelona in the CL which will be a tough match and hopefully the momentum would help them. They also have been the strongest side that people have seen in quite sometime. Genoa on the other had at least would try and move up in the league table. In the first half Inter would hold Genoa to a stand still only giving three chances in the half while Inter dominated in chances and defending. Inter in this half would score two goals the first from Gagliardini with a left footed shot from the center of the box giving them the 1-0 lead but minutes later Inter would strike again as Politano lands a left footed shot of his own to the lower right corner giving Inter the 2-0 lead. Inter would continue to create chances the half would end with Inter up 2-0. In the second half Inter continued their dominance as Genoa got only four chances in the half Inter early in the second added another goal as Gagliardini scored his second goal of the match with a right footed shot to the high center of the goal making it 3-0 to the home side. Inter in the final minutes of the match scored two more goals adding insult to Genoa’s injury the goals came from Mario and Radja and Inter win this one 5-0 as they hold their position in second place.


Tactical switches

Inter have mad a few tactical changes as of recent weeks. The first change has been their change in formation instead of the 4-2-3-1 formation they have been experimenting with the 4-3-3 formation which as been unorthodox for them. In my opinion I think the reason they’re using this formation to test things against stronger teams or being able to utilize players to their strengths and allowing them to flourish. It also could be trying to do a bit of both of those things. Also they have been switching up players more often to give players to give them resting time to provide fresh legs in matches and giving other players a chance to play as well.


Joae Mario Finding himself  


As of the past two weeks it seems that Spaletti as been trying to give a player who as been sidelined for a long time due to under performing is Mario. Last week against Lazio he got a chance to start for the first time in over a seven plus months. In his first match back he did a great job creating chances and assisting fellow players this week he even scored a goal which means he is slowly showing progress. Spaletti probably wanted to give him a second chance to prove he can be a better player and be a real asset to the team again. If he continues to work hard at practice and do what is expected of him he is definitely on the right track.

Unfortunate Genoa


Genoa in this match struggled to get any momentum going in this matchup. Genoa’s first mistake was their tactics the first was the formation they used but the one they set up was to be used thinking Inter would use their 4-2-3-1 but they made the error thinking they were going to use it. They also struggled defensively Inter walked all over them as they got chance after chance. On offense they struggled to create chances and get anything going. Also they were facing Inter at home where they are strong so it was more than likely that Inter were going to do well. Overall they just struggled along with player errors they were just unfortunate in this match.

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