Rating Inter Milan’s Summer Transfers #84




My Thoughts on the Inter transfers so this far this season.
As we head towards the mid season point of this years campaign it’s fitting that I give my thought and opinions on the transfers Inter brought in over the summer. I’ll be talking about how the players are doing so far along with talking about what they need to improve in the future and if they were loan signings give my thoughts on if they should become a permanent fixture on the squad at the end of the year. Of course these are my thoughts and opinions and of course they may differ than yours so if you’re reading this don’t get upset and offended. So let’s jump right in. First I’m starting with players bought then the loan players.





Radja Nainggolan…



Radja signed for the club after a deal was reached by former club Roma for a total of 38 million euros and it cost Inter Santon and Inter youth product Zaniolo. This was a deal I was skeptical to at first as Radja isn’t as young as he used to be and is a avid smoker and partier which can sometimes hinder a players performance. Also it came with losing one of Inter’s best youth product. But that isn’t the case here as he has become a vital piece to the midfield when he isn’t out with injury. He has helped provide depth to the midfield area not only in scoring also with helping with assist. He is good at setting up chances and passing the ball. If he can continue with the hard work and persistence he can party all he wants just as long as he doesn’t let it interfere with his on pitch duties he has 2 goals this season in eight appearance.




Asomah signed on a free transfer after leaving seven time Scudetto winners Juventus at the end of last season. Asomah has found himself right at home mostly playing the position of left back. He has helped bring a winning mentality to the team which is one of the reasons the club as improved after a rocky start to the season. He is a great asset helping block chances and getting the ball from opponents and getting it back to his side. He is also very versatile if needed in the roll of the midfield. He has one assist so far this season. He has become a strong asset to the team and has also bring a new dimension to the former lacking defense.



Sassuolo loanee Politano despite having no goals or assist he is a good addition to the midfield. He has helped create chances and assist in certain shots setting up his team mates for success. He is a quick and agile player and is good at reading the pitch. Despite having a rocky start in the beginning of the season he is slowly finding his place on the team. If given time he can be a possible threat going forward and would be a great addition to the team and would be a great buy at the end of the campaign.
In conclusion they each bring something different and unique to the team which provides the team with different playing styles. Of course some of them have more work to do than others in ways of improvements but even veteran players always have room to improve. Of course these were my thoughts and opinions on them but at the end of the day we all love the club

Lauturo Martinez…


Lauturo Martinez signed for Inter from Racing Club for 22.7 million euros. So far this season Martinez has a total of 1 goal and 4 appearances overall for the club. He is a player who really hasn’t been given much playing time on the squad as he usually plays as a backup for Icardi when he needs rest which has happened because they need Icardi rested during certain times as he is apart of the Champions League squad list. So far it is unclear how he’s doing based on limited playing time but what he has shown so far is hit and miss in my opinion. Sometimes he is a strong asset to the club but in this past match against Genoa he seemed out of place and had a hard time getting anything going. But of course when you’re not playing on a routine basis these things occur. When he does get the chance to play he needs to work on being more consistent and become stronger on taking chances and helping assist where needed. Because if he does that he can be a strong asset going forward.


Steffan Devrij..


Devrij signed for Inter on a free transfer when his contract was up at the end of the season at Lazio. This was a good move on the part of Inter as Devrij is a strong defender and has a winning mentality. Devrij even did the unthinkable by back stabbing his former club to help him get Champions League football this season. Devrij has done a great job blocking opposing teams chances along with helping assist he has a 1 assist for the season. Overall he is a great defender and look forward to seeing what he can do for the club in the future.





Keita is on loan from Monaco. He has yet to prove himself on this team. He has nine apperences for the club and only one assist. When he plays he looks like he has no idea what he’s doing and has a hard time passing the ball and really isn’t geling well with the team. But in my opinion that comes with the lack of playing time he gets. Hopefully he improves and does a better job creating chances and assist because if he doesn’t this is one player that needs to go back at the end of the year.


Athletico Madrid loanee Vrsaljiko


has found himself at home playing the position of right back sometime alternating with D’Ambrosio in the spot. He has done a great job with assisting player chances as seen in recent matches like against Lazio and Milan. He has also helped defend the ball and do what is needed to get the ball back to his side from the opposition. He has become an anchor and become a vital part to the defense. He is one of the players that would be a great asset going forward and that Inter should sign at the end of the season if money isn’t a object but that will also depend on if Atletico want him back or not.




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