Inter vs Atalanta talking points #86


This week Inter took on a strong Atalanta side in a all out beat down. Going into the match Inter were the favorites going into the match. But Atalanta were a side who weren’t going to go down easily and Inter have lost 9 out of their last ten matches in Bergamo. So that was Atalanta’s biggest advantage going into it. Inter also had the momentum winning all their matches since September 15th with the only loss against Barcelona in the Champions League. With the bets placed and players took the pitch and the match got under way. Atalanta took advantage of early on taking hold of the shot and possession game. Atalanta got the opening goal early in the half as Hateboer landed a right footed shot to the center of the goal giving them the lead. Atalanta continued taking chance after chance with Inter getting limited chances as the half ended with Atalanta up 1-0 on Inter. In the secend half Inter early on get a equalizer as Atalanta granted Inter a penalty after a hand ball by Mancini and Icradi converts it with a right footed shot to the lower right corner making things all square at 1-1 a piece. But Atalanta were just too strong as they scored three more goals each from Mancini, Djimsiti and Gomez as Atalanta landed the hurt locker on Inter giving them their first Serie A loss since mid September.

A tired Inter squad

Inter as of late been playing their hearts out over the last few weeks. This of course can cause a lot of fatigue and increasing the risk of potential player injuries. Some of the Inter players are already showing signs of fatigue going into the match over the weekend such as Asomah, Politano and a few others. Several of these players showed those signs early on with struggling to keep up and getting any momentum going. With the international break this could make the situation worse as players are more prone to getting hurt on international duty but hopefully that doesn’t end up being the case as Inter are still on the hunt to make it into the knockout stages of the Champions League along with trying to maintain a top three finish to get into the Champions League next season.

Atalanta Domination 


In this match it was all Atalanta from start to finish. Atalanta did a great job creating chances along with maintaining possession of the ball. They also did a phenomenal job holding Inter to a complete halt as they failed to get anything going in the match. The only thing they got out of it was a converted penalty because this match could’ve been way worse for them. Also Atalanta did a great job helping one another to get the job done and those much needed three points as they moved to eighth in the table. Atalanta did a great job in this match and a great win for them as I’m giving credit where credit is due. But hopefully this won’t be the case in their second meet up in the back half of the season.



Inter’s Woeful defense

This week Inter’s defense was severely lacking. They were all over the place and struggled with covering Atalanta’s offense. That and they were playing some tired players which also added to the issue such as Asomah who could’ve been rested and let Dalbert play along with rotating some of their other tired defensive players. Hopefully with the players who didn’t get called up for international duty get some much needed rest before their next match this goes for offensive players as well and hopefully Inter can get back into winning form before the winter break.

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