Inter drop points as Roma comeback twice to salvage much needed point #91

Score:Inter Milan 2 Roma FT 2


Stadio Olimpico
Rome Italy
Following their win against Frosinone and loss against Tottenham Inter travel to the capital of Rome to take on seventh place Roma. Roma are coming off back to back losses against Udinese and Real Madrid in the Champions League though they did move on to the knockout stages. Inter in this match are looking to jump to second place or maintain their spot in third which gives them another Champions League spot next season while Roma are looking to move up in the table to get in Champions League contention once again. Returning to the Stadio Olimpico after being signed to Inter over the summer is Radja Nainggolan. Over his time at Roma Radja he scored 26 goals. Two players on Roma are going against their former club Inter is defender Santon and Zanilio. Santon is a player who struggled to find his place on the Inter squad but on Roma he is being better utilized and used to his potential and so is Zanilio who has been a valuable sub on the team. In this match there are a few things Inter will need to do to secure a win in this match is keep Roma’s chances limited. They do this by creating them using by using long shots and creating them after direct kicks along with winning the ball in the air. But this season Roma have been very inconsistent this season and with half of their key starters out it could be a problem for them. Inter will need to continue creating scoring chances and finishing them and they’ll need to make sure they avoid the offside trap Roma will use to stop some of their chances. The only thing Roma have is that they’re at home but due to a less than full deck Inter had a better chance of winning the match. In the first half both sides would open chances and try to set the momentum for the match before the half Inter would go 1 goal up on Roma after a goal from Keita Balde following VAR controversy against Roma. In the second half both sides continued to create chances Inter would score another goal but Roma would comeback twice as the match ended in a draw and each side salvaging a point each.

This week Inter change formations to the 4-3-3 formation. In goal is none other than key keeper Handanovic. On defense on left back is Asomah. In the middle is the duo who has worked very well as a cohesive pair Skriniar and former Lazio player Devrij. Capping them off on right back is a player who’s performance hasn’t been the best lately is D’Ambrosio hopefully this match he can show signs of life once again. On defensive midfeild on left wing back remaking his start is Mario who is showing improvements mostly being on the bench but Spalletti is trying to give him a second life as they call it. On center is Brozovic coming back following a suspension for being given a red card a few matches back. On right wing back is Valero instead of normal starter Valero. On the attacking side of things on left wing is Keita Balde who has two goals for the club both coming in the same match. In the middle is top scorer Icardi. On the right wing is Perisic who has been struggling this season to get any momentum going if things don’t change soon he may be shown the door and this also comes in wake of rumors of him wanting a change to the EPL. But Inter will need to keep a eye out for Schick who is good at creating chances and doing what it takes to get the job done.



After bets were made and the players took their spots this match gets undeway. Inter looked to start things off hot as Icardi misses a right footed shot from the left of the box. Minutes later Roma get their first chance as former Inter youngster Zanilo clips a right footed shot but the ball misses to the right. The momentum of the match is getting set as both sides are getting a feel for what the other will do. Nearing the ten minute mark Balde following a pass from Brozovic takes a shot but it gets blocked. A few minutes later Keita takes another shot from outside the box but it’s saved in the center of the goal. Almost fifteen minutes in Florenzi tries to get Roma the lead with a shot from outside the box but Handanovic manages to save the ball in the lower left corner of the goal. Both sides have done a great job creating scoring chances and defending the ball well to keep each other at a stalemate. Twenty minutes in Perisic after a connecting cross from D’Ambrosio takes a header from the center of the box goes over the crossbar. Six minutes later Florenzi from the center of the box takes a right footed shot but the ball hits the woodwork. With fifteen minutes left in the half Icardi lands a right footed shot but his shot is saved in the lower left corner. So far possession wise Inter have the advantage. Moments later Zanilo takes a left footed shot from outside the box is saved in the middle of the goal. After thirty seven minutes the deadlock is finally broken as Keita gets his third goal of the season with a right footed shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower right corner giving Inter the 1-0 lead. Now can Roma comeback with the equalizer? In the final minute of the half Mario looked to add to Inter’s small lead with a shot from the center of the box but it goes to the right of the goal. The half ends with Inter up 1-0.



Following the halftime break this match resumes with Inter looking to add to their lead while Roma are in the hunt for the equalizer. Inter in this half get the first chance of this half as well as Icardi gets a right footed attepmt blocked. Seconds later Roma comeback with a equalizer as Under lands a left footed shot to the lower right corner of the goal one of the best goals of the season Inter could only watch. Minutes later Nzonzi looks to give Roma their first lead of the match with a right footed shot but it gets blocked. Near the sixty minute mark Valero from the left of the box takes a left footed chance but it’s blocked as well. Two minutes later Inter make their first subbing of the match as Politano replace Keita. Shortly after the substitution Inter take the lead once again as Icardi lands a header to the lower right corner giving Inter the 2-1 lead. Nearing the seventy fifth minute Roma equalize once again as Kolarov converting a penalty given by Brozovic with a hand ball with a left footed shot to the right corner. A minute later Roma look to get their first lead of the match as Under misses a left footed shot from the center of the box. With ten minutes to go Inter try to recapture the lead as Valero takes a shot from the left of the box but it gets blocked. Following that Inter make subbing number two as Vecino comes on for Valero and at the same time Martinez comes on for Perisic. In the final minutes Pastore tries to give Roma three points with a right footed shot from the center of the box but it misses to the right of the goal. In stoppage time Inter’s Brozovic left footed shot get saved in the center of the goal. Roma get one final chance before the final whistle tries to get those three points as Bryan takes a header on the right of the goal but it goes just to the right with that the match ends with each side getting a point a piece as the match ends 2-2.


Yes a point is a point but a loss for Inter here was nothing but unacceptable. Inter were facing a weak Roma squad and were the stronger team on paper there is no reason that Inter should’ve lost this match. If Brozovic didn’t have the hand ball and if Inter were able to keep the ball and defend well they could’ve easily had this match in the bag. But that one slip up more than likely cost them those much needed three points. The man of the match is going to Keita Balde. He did a great job creating scoring chances. Also he helped with assisting players and defending the ball if needed. Overall this match was a disaster for Inter as they should’ve won the match. On Friday Inter take on the league table leaders Juventus in Turin the last time Inter took them on Juventus won 3-2. This match will be difficult for them as Juventus are a strong team. In my honest opinion this will be another loss for them but hopefully that doesn’t end up being the case. As always


Man Of The Match: Keita Balde DtfCXIeWkAA-czK


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 54%
Shots 17
On Target 7
Passes 477
Pass Success 83%
Possession 46%
Shots 15
On Target 5
Passes 387
Pass Success 81%
Top of the table
Juventus 13-1-0 40pts

Napoli 9-2-2 29pts
Inter Milan 9-2-3 29pts
Milan 7-4-3 25pts
Lazio 7-3-4 24pts

Bottom of the table
Udinese 3-4-7 13pts
Empoli 3-4-7 13pts
Bologna 2-5-7 11pts
Frosinone 1-5-8 8pts
Cheivo 0-5-9 2pts


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