Inter vs Roma talking points #92



This week Inter went to the capital to take on seventh place Roma. Last season Inter won the season sweep with a win and a draw. Majority of the matches Inter and Roma have had most ended in a draw but win wise Roma are the stronger side. Going into the match Roma were looking to move up in the table as they’ve been inconsistent this season as they sit top mid table while Inter on the other hand looked to keep their position in third or jump to second place. In this match Roma were the weaker side as they had majority of their key starters out with injury. After the players took to the pitch the match got started. Both sides in the first half did a great job creating chances and defending the ball keeping the match at 0-0 a piece for majority of the half. It wasn’t until the back end of the half when Inter would break the tie as Keita scored his third goal of the season with right footed shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the lower left corner giving Inter the 1-0 lead. The half ended with Inter up 1-0. In the second half they continued to open chances but in the fifty first minute Roma got the equalizer they needed as Under lands a left footed shot to the lower right corner making things all square once again. Both sides held each other to a draw until the sixty sixth minute as Icardi takes a header and the ball goes into the top right corner giving Inter the lead once again. Inter could’ve had this match in the bag if it wasn’t for a Inter player getting a penalty which Roma converted said penalty and made things even and both sides would hold out for a point a piece.


Roma’s Character

Roma are a persistent team and will do what it takes to get points. They do this by not letting any mistakes get to them. Also they continue their focus throughout the match. Roma do a great job coming from behind situations by creating chances and assisting fellow players. They also have integrity and creativity to do what it takes to get the job done. Roma prove why their the kings of Rome not only by being a good team but by showing class and respect.


The December curse


December is never a good month for Inter. Inter has of the past few seasons once December hits things go awry. For example last season once December came December went on a seven match downward spiral. They went from being the table leaders and they dropped to ninth place but comeback to secure the Champions League after beating Lazio 3-2. Will this December be just like the others? Only time will tell.

Inter Exposed?


This match here may have just exposed Inter’s weaknesses. Such as their uncanny ability to be caught offside costing them valuable chances. Also teams are showing other teams where the team is most vulnerable defensive wise. Usually if they want to get the ball by the defense they go for the weak link on the defense which this season has been D’ambrosio who has been hit and miss most of the season. Offense wise they have shown their former selves a little by not finishing scoring chances and letting potential chances get away with them. Hopefully they fix these issues or other teams may take advantage of them being finally exposed.

Zaniolo Penalty


Zaniolo in this match should’ve been granted a penalty. This comes as D’Ambrosio trips up Zaniolo inside the penalty area when Zaniolo was going for a pass of the ball. Following the trip up Zaniolo fell to the ground. But following this clear penalty Inter scored a goal which was a huge moment in the match. Totti quoted after the match “ We’re all here asking ourselves how the guys in the VAR booth didn’t see a foul on Zaniolo inside the penalty area is an embarrassment. What are they doing? Why are they not called to explain their actions?” Totti couldn’t have put it any better the people in the VAR booth need to start explaining their actions and be held accountable just like everyone else. Ever since VAR has been introduced it has been used for both bad and good. What I mean by this is that some calls should not have been mad while some should. Some goals have been awarded to teams that didn’t deserve it while some of those chances got missed. This is the case when Brozovic had the hand ball and which was the great call and it gave Roma the second equalizer of the match. It was used in a bad way which is mentioned in my last point in this article. In my opinion I’m glad they brought in the VAR which has been a help in various leagues.

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