Inter vs Juventus talking points #95



This week Inter took on table leaders and seven time Scudetto winners Juventus in a late weekday matchup. Going into the match it was clear that Inter were the under dogs and had their work cut out for them. Juventus have won 50% of their matches against Inter. Last season Juventus won the season sweep. Inter going into December have expierienced a curse where they go on a downward spiral and go on a winless streak and a loss here could set that in motion. In the first half of the match Juventus took hold of the match taking possession and the scoring chances with Inter getting a few chances of their own but struggling to finish them. The half ended both sides at a draw. In the second half both sides continued pressure on each other despite Inter finally getting even on possession. This match could’ve ended in a draw but Juventus proved why they are the cream of the crop with quick thinking from Cancelo he took a cross pass to Mandzukic who follows it up with a header and the ball lands in the top cneter of the goal. This gave Juventus the 1-0 lead. Inter would try and equalize but the match ended with Inter losing 1-0 and may have started the December curse. But hopefully they shake it off before the next match or else it’ll be a long month.


Politano subbing


Early in the second half Inter decided to switch out Politano for a player who has been under performing as of late Valero. This could’ve been the worst decision they could ever make. Reason is because Politano is good at creating scoring chances and doing so with long range passes. He is a way more versatile player in my opinion not only is he good playing at the offensive position he is able to be a defensive player when needed and is able to transition to either one with ease. Valero on the other hand has been not playing to his full potential in quite a while and it showed in this match. It would’ve been better to keep Politano playing the full ninety minutes and had a better shot at getting a equalizer after the Juventus goal.

Dominance of Juventus



Juventus time and time again prove why they are table leaders and seven time title winners. They work well as a cohesive team. Offense wise they do a great job creating scoring chances and finishing them. They use a bunch of methods that help them create those chances which earns they are a creative team in that aspect. On defense they are like a stone wall they are hard to get by and they don’t let you get any room to work to create chances of your own. Tactic wise they are very strong and they have one of the best managers out there who works with his team to make sure they secure those three points and will fight to retain their title for another season which will be the case this season where they go for title number eight.

Cost of Cancelo


Inter last season who could’ve been signed at the end of last season. In the beginning of last season Cancelo was shy and had a hard time getting any momentum going but in the back half he started coming to life and became a valuable part of Inter’s defense. But at the end of the season his loan was up Inter decided not to sign him due to FFP regulations. Juventus saw the opportunity and decided to sign the left back after seeing what he did at Inter. That should be the greatest regret they have ever made. Because now he has become a unstoppable force on their defense and it really showed in this match and Inter are now probably shaking their heads. In my opinion that choice is now coming back to haunt them.

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