Inter vs Udinese talking points #98


This week after drawing to PSV in the Champions League Inter took on seventeenth place Udinese. The last time these two faced each other they split the season sweep as they each got a win a piece. Going into this match Inter won five out of their last six matches against them. Also they were the clear favorites to win but during this time of the year you never know how Inter will perform especially against bottom table teams. After all the anticipation the match began with Inter coming out on fire creating chances left and right as they took hold of scoring chances and the possession leading it with 65% compared to the 35% possession of Udinese. They also did a great job in that half holding Udinese to a stand still not letting them get any chances of their own. The whistle blew ending the half as both sides stood at 0-0 a piece. In the second half Inter kept up the possession and creating scoring chances despite Udinese getting a few chances of their own. When this match seemed to be heading to a draw Udinese ended up with a handball gifting Inter who were struggling at finishing chances a chance to score and of course Mr. Penalty otherwise known as Icardi converts the penalty giving them the 1-0 lead despite more chances being created the penalty was the only goal scored as Inter came away with the win.


Spalletti tactics

Over the past few matches Inter have seen Spalletti change some tactics more so in the way of formation. Normally Inter use the 4-2-3-1 formation but as of late they’ve been using the 4-3-3 formation. Also they have been experimenting using different players in different positions. While trying new things is good but to be doing it more often can cost a team points and this is where in my opinion is a bad idea for Inter. Player wise the change up is fine as you need those fresh legs once in awhile to give fatigued players time to rest. But the issue is the formation and the location of the players. Icardi is better off in a solo position and with being in a 4-3-3 formation in the middle doesn’t give him room to flourish and do his magic. The best formations to help Icardi and the rest of the team shine would be the 4-2-3-1 or a 4-5-1 formation so that way Icardi is on the top and it allows him to do his thing. Also on defense the use of Vrsaljiko is a way better option for the right back spot as D’ambrosio as been hit and miss as of late. But overall not a fan of the tactics Spalletti has chosen as of recently.

Udinese defense

Udinese defense in this match was very well done. With all the chances that Inter created they did a very solid job holding them off. Most of the shots were either saved or blocked which despite being a lower table team they were able to hold off a strong Inter offense. They are showing the fight of wanting to stay in the top flight and if they continue what they’re doing they’ll do so. Despite the penalty goal they did a great job defensive wise.



Clinical finishing concerns


Inter’s offense in this match was hit and miss as they did a great job creating chances. They had a total of 22 shots compared to the seven of Udinese they did a solid job creating them but the finishing of them left something to be desired. With the amount of chances they had they should’ve easily been up 3-0 by the half and up a few more goals in the second. The lack of finishing is killing them because you can’t rely on winning by just getting penalties. This offense shows more during December as the team is tired but that is no excuse to slack off as Juventus continue to push on even when there is nothing left in the tank which is what this offense should aspire to be. Hopefully they can regain focus and get back into a decent finishing side again or else as usual fans maybe on another December emotional roller coaster.

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