Inter vs Cheivo match day preview #99

Following their win against Udinese Inter travel to Verona to take on last place Cheivo. Inter have seemed to hit their under performance streak this time of year as they have the past few seasons. Cheivo on the other hand have been struggling all season after being docked points for financial fair play issues which have seen them go from middle of the table to the bottom of it. The last time these sides faced each other Inter won the match 2-1. Overall Inter have won five out of their last six matches against them. Both sides need the three points Inter need them to maintain their third place position while Cheivo are hoping to get some momentum going to climb out of the hole they find themselves in. So a win for either side would be huge especially for Chievo.

Inter Milan



Inter have hit the December wall. Defensive wise they showed a little consistancy in their match against Udinese as they kept their chances limited only allowing them seven chances with only one of them being on goal. But Inter still struggle with defending against stronger teams as shown in their match against Juventus. They still need to work on that. Vrsaljiko as been a great addition when he played and will do in my opinion a better job than D’Ambrosio as been doing as of late. But Asomah may need a player to swap with as he seems fatigued and could use some rest. On the offense they are getting into their old ways and are having a very hard time finishing scoring chances. They need to get back into finishing them or else wins may come a dime a dozen. Player wise it was a great move replacing Perisic who has been slacking as of the past few matches and if things don’t improve there are rumors that he may be shown the door. Also Vecino is defiantly better than playing Valero. Out with injury is Dalbert. The key player in this match will be Devrij who as become a crucial player on the defense and who does a great job blocking shots and taking the ball from the opposition.



Chievo Verona


On the injury and suspension list is Andrea, Tomovic and suspended Frey. Defense wise Cheivo is a very weak side they have a hard time maintaining possession of the ball. That and they have a hard time preventing their opponents from taking chances on goal. Which has cost them points. Offensive wise they are good at maintaining the lead but they have been struggling to create chances and finish them as well. They have their work cut out for them in this match as Inter despite struggling are a strong side which could be this sides downfall. The key player for them will be Pellssier as he takes chances and will try and help his side to a win despite the odds stacked against them.

The bottom line

The bottom line will be if Inter can shut down Pellssier and if Udinese can stop and get by Vrsaljiko. Inter tactic wise can use a lot of Udinese weaknesses to their advantage such as fouling in dangerous places which can deter them from chances. Also they can use the struggle defending the ball in areas such down the wings and set pieces which Inter can cover those areas well as they like to utilize the whole pitch. They also have a hard time avoiding player errors. They can draw those as well. Cheivo will have to make sure they can keep possession of the ball and keep Inter on their toes. This match if Inter can wake up and finish chances and keep the ball away from Cheivo this match should be a easy win anything less will be nothing but a disappointment.
Inter projected 4-2-3-1

Gk Handanovic
Def Asomah, Skriniar, Devrij, Vrsaljiko
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att mid Perisic, Keita, Politano
Forward Icardi
Cheivo projected 4-3-3
Def Bani, Barba, Rossettini, Kaleba
Def mid Birsa, Cinelli, Karamoko
Att Pellissier, Grubac, Stepinski
Stadium Marcantonio Bentegodi


Inter’s Stephen Devrij




Chevio’s Sergio Pellissier


Verona Italy
Date December 22nd
Time 11:00am USA 5pm Uk 6pm Italy

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