Inter vs Cheivo talking points #101




Following a win against Udinese Inter welcomed visitors Cheivo. The last time Inter faced Cheivo they won the match 2-1 but overall Inter won five out of their last six matches against them. Going into the match Inter were the clear favorites as they were the stronger team along with Cheivo struggling all season as they got docked points for FFP issues and had to do some selling of players to make up for it. In the first half of the match Inter were all over Cheivo as they dominated the possession and creating scoring chances. Just as the half was heading to a draw Perisic a player who was struggling as of late took a shot from the center of the box takes a left footed shot from the center of the box as the ball lands in the top center of the goal giving Inter the 1-0 lead. In the second half Inter continued their pressure on Cheivo doing the same thing as in the first half continue creating chances and keeping the ball but in the final minute as Inter seemed to have had this match won but Cheivo weren’t going to have it as Pellissier lands a right footed shot to the center of the goal as each side would get a point a piece.



Pellisser’s Captain contribution

Pellissier has been one of the more consistent players on Cheivo. He is their top goal chance takers and does a great job when he gets a chance to finish them. He showed why he’s one of their best players in the match. He showed he is good at reading the pitch and is good at knowing when to strike. Especially when he scored the goal he saw the opening he needed and took that shot to the center of the goal. Going into the match I knew he could be a difference maker and how correct I was with that prediction.


Substitution blunder


This of course is another tactic issue section that needs to be addressed. Inter not only have been messing up in way of formations and player selection. They have also been messing up when it comes to making substitutions. Politano who has been a stronger player gets substituted way to soon in the second half. Also the players that are coming on for the other players are players that usually so nothing to help the team or haven’t done so in a long time. This is another tactic issue that is costing the team as well and is another problem that needs to be fixed.



Perisic Improvements 

Perisic in this match gave his best performance in quite sometime as he’s been having issues creating scoring chances. Normally he is the secondary goal scorer behind Icardi but that isn’t the case this season. He has shown signs that he doesn’t want to be apart of the club anymore after showing interest of wanting to join a EPL club. This is causing supporters to want his head they’re telling him that they’ll have no problem with him leaving. In my opinion if you’re not showing that you want to stay at the club and aren’t giving a 100% on the pitch it’s time to go.

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