Inter Milan mid season review #108



Hello everyone welcome to the midway point of the season. So far Inter currently sit in third place with 39 points. Inter in the beginning got off too a rocky start as they failed to win their first two matches with a draw to Torino and a loss from Sassuolo which to be honest was a normal result from them as they struggle to defeat them. But they got their first win of the season by defeating Bologna. After that they lost to the hands of Parma. With that they would go on a seven match winning run. Their next loss came at the hands of Atalanta 4-1. Then they would get a win then a draw to Roma which they could’ve won but gave up two goals. Juventus would defeat them. In their last four matches before the break Inter won three matches and a draw. Third place for Inter at this point in the season is a good thing this is only one place from where they were finished last season it’s a start in the right direction. Maybe in the next few seasons Inter may end up title contenders once again but right now this is as good as it gets. Now lets get into a few pros and cons so far that have gone on so far.



So far this season Inter sit in third place which is about three spots better than where they were last season after dropping from first place to sixth place. This is showing some improvement from recent seasons. Inter if they continue making changes and doing what is needed to one day be in the title race once again. They have done a great job in creating scoring chances which was one thing that was lacking last year their creativity in making them. Also they have started utilizing other formations and experimenting with changing player positions which is good to get a variety going but there is a downside to it which will be mentioned in the next section as cons are discussed. Player wise they are doing a better job working together and geling more on the pitch. They did a great job bringing in a player that could be a successor to Icardi if he leaves the club that is the bull Martinez who has three goals and one assist so far this season. Two players who are only on loan that would be a great addition to the club at the end of the season is Balde and Politano who add depth to the midfield not only with opening up chances but assisting chances of others as well. Together they have a total of six goals and five assist. There are areas where the team can improve which is going to be in the next section but overall these are some of the good things that have gone on so far this season but as they say there’s always room to improve and get better.

Now to jump in the downsides so far this season. First is while Inter has done a great job creating scoring chances they still struggle to finish those chances. This comes by them being caught offside along with not getting a good read on the pitch. This is one critical thing they need to work on as those finished chances can translate into goals scored which goes into points. As mentioned earlier it’s good that they’re swapping players and trying different formations is a good thing but the downside is using the 4-3-3 formation which puts Icardi in a row of three. This is not a good idea as Icardi is better in a solo position up top where he is better utilized. The only way around this would put Martinez in that area as he’s better when put in a 4-3-3 situation. They also need to work on player errors. On the player side of things the Radja deal was one of the worst transfer deals as Radja as been injured most of the season and recently got in trouble for being late to practice. He isn’t delivering what was promised to supporters. Same with Vrsaljko he isn’t on much and isn’t being utilized which is why he might go back to Athletico Madrid.


Final thoughts

This is so far a decent start to the season team wise this is the strongest side in quite a few seasons. Of course they have a long way to go to be a threat for the title but this is a step in the right direction. Manager wise Spaletti is hit and miss he makes a decent starting lineup but his substitutions are straight up trash but overall for now he’s still the best manger for the team going forward. Well there is another whole half of the season to go and that starts off with Inter’s Achilles heel Sassuolo who Inter struggle to defeat. But before then Inter face Benevento in the Coppa Italia which for Inter should move them to the next round but anything can happen and it’s time to get ready for whatever else this crazy season holds.

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