Inter vs Benevento Coppa Italia match day preview #109


Following the winter break football action returns as it starts the Coppa Italia tournament once again. In this match Inter take on Serie B side Benevento. The last time these two sides faced off was last season when Benevento was in Serie A but being in last place they got relegated back to Serie B. When they did play Inter won the season sweep with winning both of their matches against them. Inter overall have won all their matches against Benevento. So far Inter sit in third place in Serie A while in Serie B Benevento sit in sixth place in their respective league. This looks to be the only resonable title that Inter can win this season as the league belongs to Juventus again and they have a real challenge in the Europa League this is the only title that they can possibley give to the fans this season.


Inter Milan

FC Internazionale v Cagliari - Serie A
Inter so far sit in third place. Player wise who knows how they’ll do especially with coming back from break. But Inter on the defensive side as been the more consistent side. This comes with the help from the normal starters such as Devrij and Skriniar along with Asomah but it keeps things fresh when they swap to keep Vrsaljko and D’Ambrosio legs fresh but in my opinion Vrsaljko is the way better player and does a better job in the right back roll. On the offensive side of things they have a few things to work on like finishing chances as they struggle to do so. Player wise Keita has really stepped up has he now has four goals for the season after not doing anything early on. Martinez is doing a better job in the formation Inter have been using as of late whereas Icardi does better solo and needs to get more starting time. Inter have no players on the injured list but players who can be at risk of suspension are Martinez with four yellow cards and same goes for Brozovic as well. The key player will be Keita Balde who I good at finishing chances and assisting the team in chances of their own. If Benevento don’t isolate him it can be lights out for them early on.



Benevento sit sixth place in Serie B. Benevento have a huge problem defensively. They have a hard time preventing teams from creating scoring chances against them. Especially from a few critical areas such as against stronger teams like Inter Milan. Also they struggle to defend the ball down the wings and in other areas of the pitch. This could be a problem for them in the match. Offense wise they have a hard time finishing scoring chances as well. They also struggle with offside issues as well which deters possible chances. They just like Inter have a full squad. The player that Inter need to keep an a eye on is Costa who will try to steal the ball from Inter so isolating him is a huge must.
The bottom line
In this match it will come down to Inter taking advantage of the match early with ball possession and taking chances early same will go for Benevento though for them they have the challenge. Inter will need to utilize Balde in the left wing roll as he has been doing better than Perisic as of late. Benevento will need to isolate him early on. This match should be a easy win for Inter as they are the stronger side but even in recent Coppa Italia matches they even seem to struggle against Serie B sides.
Inter projected 4-3-3
GK Handanovic
Def Asomah, Devrij, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Vecino, Brozovic, Valero
Att mid Balde, Icardi, Politano
Benevento projected 4-3-3
GK Gori
Def Chiara, Tuia, Costa, Leizia
Def mid Viola, Pinyo, Tello
Att mid Improta, Asensio, Insigne


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date January 13th
Time 11:00am usa 5pm uk 6pm italy

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