Inter vs Sassuolo talking points #114


After back to back wins Inter welcomed visitors Sassuolo in the second of two closed door matches. Going into the match Inter were the stronger team on paper despite losing five out of their last six matches against Sassuolo. Sassuolo going into this match were coming off a loss to Atalanta in the same result they beat Benevento with a 6-2 loss. So Inter had all the momentum going into this thing. In this match both sides needed the much needed three points for Sassuolo to get a better spot in the table and Inter wanting to close the gap between them and second place Napoli. In the first half Sassuolo took advantage of the ball early on creating chance every chance despite Inter leading the possession. It would be not after the fifteen minute mark where Inter finally would get some scoring chances of their own. Inter however were getting schooled yet again by Sassuolo especially with Berardi controlling the ball . The half would end with both sides still at 0-0. The second half Sassuolo still despite Inter holding onto the possession were continuing their onslaught on Inter creating chance after chance but Inter were lucky to hold out for a point against Sassuolo which against them was the best result they could get as they normally get no points from them.
The Sassuolo curse




This is another prime example of the Sassuolo curse which Inter in their past six matches against them have only won once. When Sassuolo play they play like a mid table team against majority of the teams. But when it comes against teams like Inter they crank up the heat. It shows from everything from the offense all the way to their defense preventing Inter from getting minimal chances. Inter have still yet to find out the formula to beat this Achilles heel. Once they find that out they may have a shot of defeating them. Until then the curse lives on.

Berardi in this match was unstoppable. He not only did a great job assisting players with chances but did a phenomenal job creating chances of his own. He is a huge key player in their attacking midfield. He had seven chances of during the match also following close to him in chances in the match was his teammate Boateng. Berardi is one of those players who is good at reading the pitch and getting the ball where it needs to go. He is good at lining up chances and getting the ball to the goal. Not only is he good with the feet he is also good at creating chances in the air as he shows he is good at headers. As long as he stays on Sassuolo this is one player Inter will need to beware of as he will continue to be that threat

The Defense of Inter


In this match for Inter if it wasn’t for their solid defense unlike recent seasons this match would’ve easily been a loss especially with how hard Sassuolo’s offense was pushing. They are finally showing signs of cohesiveness and wanting to prevent the opposing sides offense from scoring which hasn’t been seen from them in quite a few seasons. Shout out to Handanovic for being consistent in the match making those epic and critical saves. In the past I used to razz the defense for being terrible but they’ve come a long way since then. This show that the defensive coach is doing a great job with that portion of the team. The offense however needs some work but no matter what in all aspects there is always room for improvements.

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