Inter’s defense holds as Inter salvage a point at home #113

Inter Milan 0 Sassuolo 0


San Siro
Milan Italy

After their win against Benevento in the Coppa Italia Inter welcome visitors eleventh place Sassuolo. This is the second match behind closed doors with the Curva Nord only being closed for the third home match. Sassuolo on the other hand are coming of a loss. Inter team wise have become a solid side as they sit in third position. They have done a decent job creating chances though finishing those chances could use some work. Defensive wise they need to work better against stronger teams. Sassuolo are good offensive wise as they do the same as Inter though they struggle fouling in critical areas such as inside the box. Defensive wise they struggle against stronger teams as well in the air and through balls. Both sides play possession style football this should be evenly matched in this aspect of the match. Inter will need to beware as Sassuolo will deter their chances using the offside trap which Inter have been known to fall too in various matches. This should be an even match though Inter are the stronger side slightly. Because in five out of their last six matches against Sassuolo they lost. So history may repeat itself here but hopefully things work in Inter’s favor and they can beat their Achilles heel once and for all. In the first half Sassuolo took advantage of the ball early and they dominated in way of scoring chances as well. The only positive of the half for Inter was their dominance of the possession of the ball. The half ended with each at a stand still. In the second half Sassuolo kept up with taking chances while Inter maintained possession of the ball. To be honest this was the best result Inter could get against Sassuolo as both sides share a point each.


Inter stick to the 4-2-3-1 formation which they used against Benevento this is a change from the 4-3-3 they’ve been using in Serie A competitions as of late. In the goal is key starter who got a break last match is Handanovic. On the defense is left back Asomah. In the middle the pairing of Devrij and Skriniar who have worked well as a cohesive unit. On right back who as had on and off performances is D’Ambrosio. On the defensive mid is epic Brozovic and returning to the lineup Vecino who as not been playing up to par recently. On the attack on left wing is Perisic and next to him moving behind Icardi is Mario who as really come back to life after being given a second chance at redemption. Capping them off on the right back is Politano who as also become a threat to the attack. On the forward position is Icardi. This is a weak lineup especially against Sassuolo who will fight tooth and nail to win this match. They do need to beware of Berardi who is good at creating chances and will more than likely score against them like history shows.




The players took the pitch and this match gets underway. Shortly into the half Sasssuolo looked to keep to the tradition of beating Inter with Berardi from outside the box taking a right footed attempt but it gets blocked. Minutes later Berardi again steps up this time with a left footed shot from the outside the box but the ball goes to the left. So far this match is all Sassuolo early on. After the fifteen minute mark is when Inter get their first chance of the half as Vecino from the center of the box takes a header but it goes over the crossbar. A minute later Boateng misses a header of his own from the center of the box which is followed up by Berardi reconnecting with the ball with his left foot but Handanovic saves it in the center of the goal. Minutes later Politano from outside the box takes a left footed shot but it’s blocked. Sassuolo as always go all beast mode when facing Inter and they’re doing just that so far in this match. With twenty one minutes left in the half Inter need to wake up and get some momentum going or it can be lights out for the home side. Berardi in the twenty fourth minute takes a left footed from outside the box goes over the crossbar. Minutes later Perisic from the center of the box takes a shot from the right of the box is close but goes to the right of the goal. With fifteen minutes to go now Berardi from a direct free kick takes a left footed shot goes to the right. Politano from the center of the box takes a shot with the right foot is saved in the top center of the goal. Minutes later Brozovic lands a left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. With that the half ends with each holding a 0-0 draw. Inter will need to step up or else this match will easily be another loss to Sassuolo.


Following the break this match resumes with both sides wanting those much needed three points. Minutes after the of the second half Boateng lands a header from the center of the box is saved in the lower right corner of the goal. Eight minutes later Boateng again takes a header from the same position after a cross from Manuel is saved in the same position the lower right corner of the goal. A minute later Inter get their first chance of the half as Brozovic from a long distance from the goal takes a right footed shot but it goes to the right of the goal. Shortly after Djuricic outside the box takes a shot with the right foot but it goes to the right of the goal. Seconds later Inter make their first subbing as Radja replaces Mario. It would be sometime before the next chance is taken this match as been all Sassuolo in the attack. With twenty minutes left Berardi lands a left footed shot but his attempt from the right of the box is blocked. Minutes later Icardi after a cross from D’Ambrosio takes a header but misses to the left. Manuel eight minutes later misses a left footed shot from the center of the box as the ball goes to the right of the goal. Inter make back to back subbing as Martinez comes on for Politano and Valero comes on for Vecino. Martinez after being put on takes a header from the center of the box is saved in the center of the goal. Mehdi from the center of the box is blocked. In the final seconds of the match Inter looked to secure a win and break the Sassuolo curse as Martinez takes another header from the center of the box is yet again saved in the center of the goal as both sides get a point a piece in this match.

This was the best possible result they could’ve expected against Sassuolo which is a side they normally lose too. The attack was awful in this match they struggled to create chances and the chances they did create they failed to finish them. The also tactic wise struggled as well since Spalletti failed to make most of the subbing in the last ten minutes of the match and by that time it was game over. They needed to put Martinez as a starter in order to have really had any shot of scoring as he’s proven he’s worth a spot on the starting lineup instead of a sub. The only strong part of the team was the defense they did a great job stopping Sassuolo’s chances along with keeping a clean sheet. The man of the match goes to Sassuolo’s Berardi who did a great job creating chances and keeping the pressure on Inter at all times. Also he did well with assisting his side where it was needed. Next week Inter take on Torino earlier this season they both played to a draw so this match can go either way but hopefully Inter get back in the winners seat.


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 58%
Shots 13
On target 4
Passes 525
Pass success 84%
Possession 42%
Shots 16
On target 5
Passes 393
Pass success 80%

Top of the table
Juventus 17-2-0 53pts
Napoli 14-2-3 44pts
Inter 12-4-4 40pts
Roma 9-6-5 33pts
Lazio 9-5-5 32pts
Bottom of the table
SPAL 4-5-10 17pts
Empoli 4-4-11 16pts
Bologna 2-7-10 13pts
Frosinone 1-7-11 10pts
Chievo 1-8-10 8pts

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