Inter vs Torino matchday 21 preview #115



After last weeks draw against Sassuolo Inter take on eleventh place Torino in their stadium. Torino are coming off a 3-2 loss to Roma. Their match against Roma was heading towards a 2-0 shut out but they came back from that deficit despite still falling short as Roma pulled off the win. Also this match holds significance for Torino as they look to secure a spot in the Europa League next season so a win here is critical. The last time these two faced each other they played to a 2-2 draw. Which was their first point of the season after the loss to Sassuolo in the first match of the season. When it comes to the history of the last six matches majority of their matches have ended in a draw. But when it comes to winning matches the edge goes to Torino having two wins compared to Inter’s one. Basically this match can go either way depending on who wants the points more but Inter clearly have the edge and the stronger side on paper but it can go either way regardless.


Inter Milan


First off shout out to Inter’s defense last week in their match against Sassuolo being the only side who helped the team secure at least a point. They did a solid job blocking Sassuolo’s chances and Handanovic stepping up and saving chances that got near the goal. Devrij and Skriniar have stepped up especially in this area blocking chances and stealing the ball. They in their own right have done a solid job of creating chances of their own along with helping assisting chances as well. On the offensive side of the spectrum their a few things to note and mention. There are a few players that have stepped up while there are others that have left something to be desired. First the players that haven’t been up to par as of late. Starting off is none other than Icardi who as been getting limited chances and hasn’t had much time with the ball. The majority of the time he scores now comes from penalty situations. The next player that has been slacking as of late is Perisic who is normally the secondary goal scorer but he hasn’t had chances of his own much either. But players that have stepped up is Martinez who is slowly getting more playing time after showing he is more than capable of being a starter and more so apart of the clubs future. He shows he can create chances along with assisting that and showing leadership qualities and taking the charge when needed. Same thing could be said about Keita Balde though he is currently on the injured list he as shown massive improvements from day one getting goals of his own in my opinion as of late is a better left wing option than Perisic. The key player in this match will be Politano as he as stepped up in creating chances as well and will do what is ever needed to get the job done and if Torino don’t contain him they will cause them issues.





Torino defensive wise are solid in their own right. The top defenders who do a solid job preventing chances and stealing the ball comes from players De Silvestri, Ansaldi and Koulou they do a great job making sure their opponents don’t get the chance to score. Koulou however has two goals so far this season and is one of their defenders that also shows great ball skills and creating chances of his own. He is a versatile player who can go back and forth as a defender and a offensive player depending on where they need him at the time which makes him a threat in his own right. In their midfield a few players who have 2 goals and one assist each that add depth to their squad are Rincon and Meite who are threats when given the ball because they will take it and run with it and will score if you’re not careful. On their attacking side otherwise their forwards they have a few players who can be major threats especially the player that will be the difference factor in this match will be Falque who has three goals and two assist who is quick with the ball and if he steals the ball he will do whatever it takes to score but in all honesty the key player in this match will hands down be Belotti who overall this season has seven goals along with two assist not only will he do what Falque will do but as the predominant goal scorer for their team won’t go down without a fight and if he isn’t contained he will run all over Inter and may possibly dish them a loss.




The bottom line



In this match it will come down to if Inter can isolate Belotti along with finishing chances of their own as they struggle to do so as of late. They also need to make sure to keep the ball away from them as much as possible to prevent them from being able to get chances of their own which is another weakness of Inter’s they have a hard time stopping opponents from creating chances. One thing Inter can use to detour Torino’s chances is by using the offside trap which is one of their weaknesses along with using player mistakes to their advantage as well. They can also attack down the wings to create their chances as they are weak defending down them. Inter will also need to work hard to win the ball in the air as well. Torino however will need to use creating multiple scoring chances to their advantage as Inter are usually at a loss preventing opponents from creating chances. They will also need to continue winning aerial duals in order to have a shot of winning this match. Based on history a draw in this match isn’t out of the question but win wise the edge between these two sides is Torino who have two wins compared to Inter’s one but either way this match can go a variety of ways so it will be an interesting one.


Inter projected 4-2-3-1
GK Handanovic
Def Asomah, Devrij, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Attack mid Perisic, Martinez, Politano
Forward Icardi


Torino projected 4-3-3
GK Sirigu
Def Ansaldi, Silvestri, Lyanco, Koulou
Def mid Baselli, Rincon, Lukic
Att Belotti, Falque, Zaza


Stadium Olimpico Grande Torino
Place Torino Italy
Date January 27th
Time 11am USA 5pm UK 6pm Italy

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