Inter vs Sampdoria match day 24 Preview #125


Following their critical away win in the Europa League Inter will welcome visitors ninth place Sampdoria. Sampdoria on the other hand are coming off a shocking loss to relegation side Frosinone. The first time these two sides faced each other in the beginning of the season Inter would win the match 1-0. Overall Inter have won four out of their previous six matches against Sampdoria. Inter in this match look to widen their gap as they currently sit in third and need a little more breathing room between them and fourth. Sampdoria on the other hand look to move up in the league standings. A win for Inter right now would be huge after all the craziness that has been going on at the club as of late with Icardi rejecting a call to the Europa League squad and being stripped of the captains band which Now belongs to keeper Samir Handanovic. So a win right now would be a breath of fresh air for not just the club but supporters as well.


Inter Milan


This match for Samir Handanovic is a huge one as he now is the captain of the squad and this is his first Serie A match with that roll. Handanovic has always shown strong leadership qualities which will help get the other players in line. So far he has twelve clean sheets in Serie A this season. He will do what is needed to see this side succeed. Defensive wise they’re still hit and miss but they are slowly working on becoming more consistent. Skriniar despite being a solid defensive player he is also good at taking on an offensive roll as he is known for taking scoring chances despite not finishing or always capitalizing on them. Another solid defender is Devrij who is solid at blocking opposing teams chances along with stealing the ball as well. On the defensive mid Brozovic continues to be the more consistent player in that area while Vecino and Valero are hit and miss. Offensively Martinez is showing he can be a starter as seen in their match against Rapid where he was the main goal chances taker. He is a threat in and out of the box and is quick and agile. In the midfield players such as Keita and Politano are strong chance takers who do a great job trying to get Inter on the board. The key player in this match will be none other than the bull Martinez who if Sampdoria can’t contain will run circles around them especially because he’s so quick.





Sampdoria despite being a mid table side they are strong just like Sassuolo and Torino. Their strongest defensive player at the moment is Bereszynski who is good at controlling the ball and making sure their opponents don’t score this is the same as Ferrari who does the same thing. These two together make for a solid defensive wall. In their midfield players who prove that they are good at taking chance and finishing them as well are Praet who has one goal this season but despite not having a lot of goals he is a solid goal chance creator. Inter however will need to be more careful of their forwards as Sampdoria have three forwards who are very solid players and who look to dish Inter a loss on their home turf. The players in that area are Defrel, Capari and Quagliarella they together have a combined twenty seven goals so far this season with sixteen of those goals coming from Quagliarella who is their top scorer this season which is why he is going to be the difference factor in this match as he is a proven goal scorer who is good at reading the pitch and finishing those chances if Inter don’t isolate him it could be lights out for the black and blues.




The bottom line

In this match it will come down to Inter finishing those chances which still needs improvement. They will also need to defend the ball better as this is a issue as some players are known to be aggressive and will try to get past Inter’s defense. Inter will also need to make sure they isolate Quagliarella as he is a beast and will do whatever is needed to get his side the three points. Sampdoria will need to do the same as Inter along with keeping Martinez in a box not allowing him room to breathe. This match should be a win for Inter but without Icardi as captain he may decide to throw Inter under the bus and cost them the match where in this case it would be best to not let him play as he could screw them over.

Inter projected 4-2-3-1
Gk Handanovic
Def Dalbert, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att mid Perisic, Radja, Politano
Forward Martinez

Sampdoria projected 4-3-3
Gk Belec
Def Bereszynski, Ferrari, Tonelli, Sala
Def mid Barreto, Praet, Ramirez
Att Defrel, Quagliarella, Capari


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date Feburary 17th
Time 11am USA 5pm UK 6pm Italy

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