Inter vs Fiorentina match day 25 preview #129



Following a huge win against Rapid Wein in the Europa League Inter travel to take on eighth place Fiorentina. Fiorentina themselves are coming off a win of their own. In the beginning of the season Inter would win the match 2-1. Inter have been on a good run of form as of late after Samir Handanovic taking over as captain following the whole Icardi fiasco. They have won their past two Serie a matches along with both legs against Rapid Wein. This is no longer Icardi FC this is definitely Inter FC with all the players stepping up and doing what is needed to get those three points per match. Inter in this match will look to keep their place in third as the gap is still four points between them and fourth place where their noisy neighbors Milan sit. Fiorentina on the other hand are still in the hunt to potentially moving into Europa League spot battle as they need to win their next few matches and hope Lazio, Atalanta and Roma lose their respective matches in order to do so. Inter in this match will need to keep their winning ways going if they want to stay in third place which will be a better finish than last seasons fourth place.


Inter Milan


Inter ever since Icardi hasn’t started because of the drama they’ve caused the team as really stepped up. This shows in a variety of areas on and off the pitch. Off the pitch the team as built up a winning mentality and tactical strategies. This comes from rotating players to keep fresh legs along with keeping negative stuff now out of the locker room which won’t affect players performances which was seen during the Icardi saga. Defensive wise Skriniar and Devrij continue to be a force together as they continue to block player chances and stealing the ball with Skriniar helping create chances along with assisting when needed. Brozovic and Vecino work well together despite Vecino being the weaker link in the duo as he struggles to steal the ball along with blocking chances but he does have his moments though. But he needs to step up though. On the attacking side of things is where Inter have shown some small improvements. Politano is showing he is good at creating scoring chances and scored a goal against Rapid in the second leg match. Martinez has seriously stepped up taking the charge in the forward position as he is a proven starter now. Spalleti is realizing how much of a threat he can be and is starting to realize he should have let him be a starter more often early on in the season. Radja as stepped up himself as of late but is still being hit and miss performance wise. Still out is Balde who hopefully returns to the squad soon as he is a great left winger if given more playing time. The key threat in this match will be Perisic who is slowly getting back into form and if Fiorentina sleep on him he can get the ball away from them in a heartbeat and set up a scoring chance and possibly capitalize on it.







Fiorentina in this match have their work cut out for them as they take on a red hot Inter team. Hugo and Milenkovic are Fiorentina’s best defenders as they are good at stealing the ball and getting the ball to their teamates so they can set up scoring chances of their own. Despite being a mid table team they have a solid defensive core which you don’t want to fall asleep on or else they can take the ball from you without you even knowing what happenend. In the midfield they have a few players that standout and will cause Inter problems if they’re not careful the first two are Gerson and Pjaca who are good at scoring chances both inside and outside the box but the real player that will be the deciding factor in this match who does all that and is quick and agile is former Aston Villa player Jordan Vertout. Forward wise they have quite a few players who are proven goal scorers and will be a nightmare for Inter if not contained themselves are Cheisa, Simeone and Murial. Overall this is a solid team that like mentioned earlier despite being in the middle of the table are for sure a team that will take full advantage of you if you fall asleep on them.

The bottom line


Inter in this match will need to keep their winning mentality going in this match to carry them through it. They will need to make sure Fiorentina are well defended and make sure they maintain possession of the ball. They can utilize the offside trap to catch them off guard and deter some of their scoring chances. Also they foul in critical areas which they can use to their advantage as well. They are strong mostly down the wings and using long shots as well which Inter will need to cover better in this match. Also they will need to work on winning aerial duals as well as Fiorentina flourish in that area as well. Fiorentina on the other hand will need to shutdown Martinez and Perisic if they have any chance of winning this match. This match for Inter will not be a easy win not by any means but if they do what is needed they can win this match but against Fiorentina a draw here would be a fair result as Fiorentina won’t go down without a fight.

Inter projected 4-2-3-1
Gk Handanovic
Def Dalbert, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att Perisic, Radja, Politano
Forward Martinez

Fiorentina projected 4-3-3
Gk Lafont
Def Biraghi, Hugo, Milenkovic, Ceccherini
Def mid Fernandes, Veretout, Benassi
Att Gerson, Muriel, Cheisa



Stadium Artemio Franchi

Place Firenze Italy

Date Feburary 24th

Time 1:30pm USA 6:30pm UK 7:30pm Italy

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