Points dropped in Cagliari as Inter lose grip on third place #134

Score:Inter Milan 1 Cagliari 2


Sardegna Arena
Cagliari Italy
After a controversial draw against Fiorentina last Sunday Inter tarvel to take on fourteenth place Cagliari in a Friday night matchup. Inter look to maintain their position in third place as they now sit two points behind their rivals Milan. Cagliari in this match will look to move up in the league standings. The last time these two sides faced off in the start of the season Inter would go on to beat Cagliari. Overall Inter have won five out of their last six matches against them. Inter in this match will need to shake off the disaster of the match last week as they had the match won then with a slip up and a botched call caused the draw. They will also need to make sure they finish their scoring chances along with maintaining possession of the ball. Defensive wise they will need to prevent Cagliari’s offense from getting any breathing room along with blocking their chances as well. Cagliari on the other hand will need to do the same but work more even creating chances as they struggle to do so but where they really succeed and one area Inter will need to work on is winning the ball in the air which is where they flourish. This match should be a easy win for Inter but anything is possible as every point here on out matters. Things in the beginning of the half got off to a slow start but would pick up steam as both sides created chances. They also did a solid job of defending the ball as well. Before the half ended is where the only three goals were scored the first coming from Ceppitelli giving Cagliari the 1-0 lead. But minutes later Inter equalized things once more as the bull Martinez makes things all square. Before the half ended Pavolleti would give his side the lead once again making the score 2-1 at the end of the half. In the second half Inter would try to equalize with Cagliari looking to either add or mainatin their lead both sides continued to create chances but Cagliari would hold on as they would win the match putting Inter’s third place spot up in the air.


Inter as usual would stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation which as been with them all season mostly. In goal is the captain and leader in clean sheets Samir Handanovic. On the defense on left back is Asaomah who is an ok defender but due to his old age as slown down and isn’t as good as he used to be. In the middle is the duo of Skriniar and Devrij. Then capping them off is none other than D’Ambrosio. On the defensive mid is the dynamic duo of Brozovic and Vecino here is where Gagliardini should start as he is a stronger player than Vecino and does better in that position. On the attack side of the spectrum on the left wing is Perisic who as really stepped up as of late and has gotten better creating chances again which was a issue for awhile. In the middle is the ninja Radja who as shown signs of life becoming a force to be reckoned with. Then on the right wing is Politano who as added depth to the sorely lacking midfield. Up top is striker Martinez who as gotten more starting time and should’ve been playing as a starter sooner as he as become a stronger player. This is a ok lineup but they need to be careful of Pavolletti who is a strong forward and who will do what is ever needed to get the job done.


After final preparations and bets this match gets started. Things would start off slow with the first chance not coming until the tenth minute with Cagliari looking to put themselves on the board as Artur after a cross from the center of the box takes a header but the ball goes to the left of the goal. A minute later Martinez lands a shot from outside the box is blocked. So far this is a even match in both possession and creating scoring chances. A few minutes later Paolo lands a header but the ball misses slightly to the right. Minutes later Pavolleti takes a chance from the left of the box but Handanovic saves the ball in the center of the goal. Things would be defensive for awhile as no chances weren’t taken again until close to the twentieth minute as Pavoletti after a cross from Cigarini lands a header which misses. Martinez nearing the thirty minute mark from the center of the box connects a shot which goes over the crossbar. In the thirty first minute a own goal is scored as Perisic accidentally kicks the ball into his own net which puts Cagliari up 1-0. A minute later Paolo misses a shot from the right of the box as the ball goes over the crossbar. Inter so far were trying to get a much needed equalizer which they would get minutes later as the bull Martinez lands a header following a cross from Radja lands in the lower right corner. But this equalizer would be short lived as Pavoletti sinks a shot from the center of the box into the lower right corner giving the homeside the lead once again with that the half ends with Cagliari up 2-1.



Following the break this match resumes with Inter trying to bring things back on even terms while Cagliari look to seal the deal and get those much needed three points. Minutes into the half Martinez from outside the box misses as the ball goes to the right. Within two minutes of each other Politano sets up two chances but one his shots misses while the other is saved in the lower right corner of the goal. Seconds later D’Ambrosio from the center of the box is blocked. Inter have felt the sense of urgency as they are creating more chances in this half verses that of the first. Cagliari wouldn’t get their first chance of the half until Pavoletti misses a shot from the center of the box. This match so far despite owning the possession as been all Cagliari. In the sixty eighth minute Inter make their first subbing as Valero comes on for Vecino. In the sixty ninth minute Martinez sets up two good shots one is blocked while the other misses the goal to the right. Inter are really in desperate need of a goal. Radja from outside the box lands a right footed shot but the ball is blocked. Martinez seconds later lands a header which misses to the left. Minutes later Inter make their next subbing as Candreva comes on for Asomah. Two minutes later Martinez takes a shot which is saved in the top right corner of the goal. Inter’s chances of scoring are dwindling and it doesn’t look good. With three minutes to play Inter make their last subbling of the match as Ranocchia comes on for Brozovic. With that the match ends with Cagliari winning the match as Inter drop more points putting their third spot in the air. There are no words to describe this loss except they had so many chances to equalize but they were wasted. This may knock Inter out of third place. The man of the match is Martinez who was the only one who did anything out there in way of creating chances. Next match for Inter is next Thursday as they take on Frankfurt in the Europa League. As always you know the drill.


By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 60%
Shots 24
On target 6
Passes 512
Pass success 84%
Possession 40%
Shots 14
On target 5
Passes 73%
Pass success 73%

Top of the table
Juventus 22-3-0 69pts
Napoli 17-5-3 56pts
Inter 14-5-7 47pts
Milan 12-9-4 45pts
Roma 12-8-5 44pts

Bottom of the table
Udinese 5-7-12 22pts
Empoli 5-6-14 21pts
Bologna 3-9-13 18pts
Frosinone 3-7-15 16pts
Cheivo 1-10-14 10pts

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