Inter secure much needed win as grueling schedule that’s awaits #137

Score:Inter Milan 2 SPAL 0FT

San Siro
Milan Italy

After their draw against Frankfurt in the Europa League Inter welcome visitors Spal. In the beginning of the season Inter would beat them 2-1. Overall in their past three matches Inter have won two out of the three while the other result was a draw. So Inter are the strong favorites in this match. Inter in this match will look to reclaim their spot in third as they dropped a spot after dropping points in back to back matches the worse was the loss to Cagliari where they lost. Spal on the other hand look to move up in the league standings as they still sit near the relegation zone. Spal will have their work cut out for them in this match as they are the clear underdogs. Inter in this match will first and foremost need to get their winning mentality back and shake off their recent draws and losses along with focusing on the match at hand. They will also need to work on finishing the chances they create. Defense wise they need to control the ball in Spal’s half of the pitch and make sure they don’t get room to create chances of their own. Spal will need to do the same thing but it will be harder for them to defend as they struggle to defend against clubs such as Juventus, Milan, Roma etc. as they’re stronger sides. This match should be and easy win for Inter anything less should be a call for Spalleti’s head. In the first half Inter would instantly take advantage of the possession of the ball early on as they had over 60% early in the half. They also took advantage of scoring chances as well and holding Spal at arms length. Inter looked to have scored in the thirty minute area with a goal from Martinez but after Var check it was ruled a hand ball and the goal was disallowed. Things ended scoreless at the half as both sides held each other to a stand still. In the second half Inter still kept their pressure on Spal despite them gaining ground in the possession area but Inter were still in firm control. In the middle of the half the deadlock is lifted as Politano finds the net giving the homeboys the 1-0 lead. Then ten minutes later they added the nail in the coffin as Gagliardini lands a strike into the net helping get Inter back on winning track giving them hopes of getting back into third place and with a tough schedule ahead they need all the momentum they can get.


In this match Inter will stick with the Spalleti special the 4-2-3-1 formation but their would be some significant changes to the players and their positions. In goal is the captain Samir Handanovic who helped prevent a red hot Frankfurt from getting any goals in their match in the Europa League overall he has twelve clean sheets for the season. On defense is where the first of the changes occurs. On left back is Dalbert is not really a shocker in this role as he normally swaps this position with Asomah. Next to him is Miranda replacing Skriniar in this spot. Then pairing up with him in the middle is key defender Devrij. Then making his second Serie A start is Cedric Sores who is on loan until the end of the season. On the defensive mid is the pairing who in my opinion as always worked and gelled well together are Gagliardini and epic Brozovic. Then on the attacking side of things on the left wing is a huge change starting in this position is Asomah where in the history of his time with the club we see him in a midfield roll which the club hasn’t seen before. In the middle is the preverbal Lazuras who was given a second chance is Mario. Then capping them off is a player who has come strides since the start of the campaign is Politano who as become a threat as he is good at assisting the ball but he is a goal chance taker who majority of the time finishes those chanes. Then up top is the bull Martinez who as become a threat in his own right becoming a threat in and outside of the box along with having goals under his belt as well. This is a ok lineup that can beat Spal but with the changes who knows how this match will officially go. But they do however need to beware of Potegna who will do everything in his power to make sure Inter fall short of their goal of the much needed three points.


Following all the hype and anticipation along with people placing final wagers this match commences. Inter two minutes in looked to put themselves on the board as early as possible. This comes as Mario takes a shot from the left of the box but he kicks the ball a little to hard as the ball coast over the crossbar. Two minutes later the underdogs Spal looked to go up on favorites Inter with Fares from a long distance on the left hand side takes a shot but Handanovic saw it coming and positioned himself in time to save the ball in the lower left corner of the goal. After ten minutes Gagliardini from the center of the box clips the ball with his foot but he hooks a little to much after Cedric hooked him up with a cross as the ball goes to the left. A minute later Gagliardini took a shot this time from outside the box but instead of missing the goal to the left it would go to the right. Inter have done a great job creating scoring chances and keeping hold of the possession along with giving Spal limited chances to get any momentum going. Minutes later the bull looked to take the charge in getting Inter on the board as Martinez connects with the ball from the center of the box but the ball goes over the crossbar. It wouldn’t be until after the twenty minute mark that Spal gets their second chance of the match as Kurtic takes a shot which is blocked outside the box. Shortly after Petagna after a cross from Kevin takes a header which goes to the right of the goal. Over twenty five minutes in Martinez after a cross from Cedric who as helped with assist mostly so far hooks Martinez up for a header but the attempt goes to the right of the goal. Inter are on fire so far. Three minutes later Politano gets a shot blocked from outside the box. In the thirty third minute it looked as if Inter would take the lead as Martinez found the back of the net but after VAR review it was ruled a hand ball and the goal would be disallowed as the hunt for the first goal of the match continues. Minutes after Politano who as done a solid job creating chances takes a shot from outside the box misses to the left of the goal at it coast past the upper 90’s. In the forty second minute Inter would have to make their first substitution of the match as Candreva comes on for Brozovic after he suffers an injury. In the final minute Petagna would get one last chance to give Spal the lead before the end of the half with a shot from the right of the box but that shot is blocked. With that the half ends scoreless and with another half to play Inter look to be clearly in the drivers seat and in firm control of this match. If they keep it up they may get those needed three points.


Seconds into the second half following the break Inter suffer another injured player as Ranocchia comes on to replace a injured Miranda. Ten minutes into the half Inter like the first looked to get themselves on the board first as Dalbert From the left of the box takes a shot which is blocked. Spal in this half despite Inter still owning the possession have closed the gap a bit in this area. In the sixty sixth minute Candreva from the left of the box gets a shot blocked. A minute later Inter break the deadlock as Politano from the center of the box takes a left footed shot which lands the ball in the lower right corner giving the home side the 1-0 lead. In the seventy fourth minute make their last subbing of the match as Valero comes on for Politano. Seconds later Cedric from outside the box takes a chance to get his first goal with Inter but the ball goes to the left. But this is followed up with a shot from Gagliardini after an assist from Cedric buries the ball in the back of the net following a shot from the center of the box making it 2-0 Inter. Inter at this point have the match in the bag all they have to do now is defend the ball and make sure Spal don’t score. With ten minutes to play Inter looked to add to their lead as Candreva misses a shot from outside the box as the ball goes over the crossbar. Five minutes later Gagliardini lands a header from the center of the box but the ball misses the goal to the right. In the final seconds Spal looked to get a consolation goal as Petagna from outside the box takes a left footed shot but the ball is blocked and with that Inter come out victorious as the hunt for third place continues.


This win for Inter is huge as they need all the momentum they can get as they have a tough six matches coming up and it starts with the second leg match against Frankfurt in the Europa League. Then it’s on to the Derby against rivals Milan where there will be no love loss. So any momentum they could take with them was much needed. They did a solid job holding Spal to a almost near stand still allowing them only five chances the whole match. They also did a solid job creating and finishing chances but Spal is a weaker side with the schedule ahead is where the real challenge begins for them and if they can bring back points from them especially with third place hanging in the balance. So every point is now critical as there is only two and a half months of football to go. The man of the match is Politano who did a great job setting up and finishing chances along with assisting. He is also the player who gave Inter their opening goal of the match which would help solidify the win. He as come a long way since the start of the season and should be signed at the end of the season as he is a great addition to the club. Inter will take on Frankfurt in their next match in the Europa League and where they will decide on who moves onto the round of eight as the first leg ended in a draw so this match will decide it all. As always until the next one FORZA INTER.



By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 55%
Shots 15
On target 2
Passes 437
Pass success 82%
Possession 45%
Shots 5
On target 1
Passes 353
Pass success 77%

Top of the table
Juventus 24-3-0 75pts
Napoli 17-6-4 57pts
Milan 14-9-4 51pts
Inter Milan 15-5-7 50pts
Roma 12-8-6 44pt

Bottom of the table
SPAL 5-8-14 23pts
Empoli 5-7-14 22pts
Bologna 4-9-14 21pts
Frosinone 3-8-16 17pts
Cheivo 1-10-16 10pts


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