Inter vs Spal match day 27 preview #136


Following their draw against Frankfurt in the Europa League Inter finally go home to welcome visitors Spal. Inter look to reclaim third place as they lost that spot after dropping points in back to back matches which would se their rivals jump them in the standings. Spal on the other hand at leasthope to move up in position in the table. The last time these two sides clashed at the beginning of the season Inter won the match 2-1 and they also look to take the season sweep from them as well. There have only been going on a now total of four matchups between these two and Inter have won two out of their last three matches while the other match ended in a draw. This match is critical for Inter because if they don’t show improvements from last season they may get rid of Spalleti and maybe in the hunt for a new manager. Here is how these two stack up against each other.



Inter Milan

Recently Inter have been hit and miss as of late with going from a string of victories to dropping points and losing their spot in the top three. Inter overall this season have been average overall in way of performances. Some weeks they’ve been on fire other times it looks like they don’t even care about winning the match. Handanovic who has twelve clean sheets this season as done a great job stepping up as a leader after taking the role of captain. He has done a solid job organizing his team and making sure they are where they need to be along with making sure they stay focused on the match at hand. Martinez as also shown improvements after becoming the new starting forward he is slowly becoming a threat but he needs to add more intensity to be a real issue to opponents. Defensive wise they have been lackluster as of the few matches allowing their opposition gaps to work through to create chances of their own and most have been able to find the back of the net as a result. One player that as been doing this is D’Ambrosio who hasn’t been playing well recently. On the attacking and midfield side of things this is the area that has seen the most improvements as they’ve done a much better job creating chances and finishing them as well which as been a issue as of recent seasons. With players such as Politano and Radja have really helped in this area as they have been the ones to create most of those chances and also Martinez as well. Out with injuries are Radja with a calf injury. The key threat will be Politano who is a strong goal chance taker and will do what is needed to help Inter get those much needed three points if Spal don’t keep him at bay it could send them home with no points.



Spal are definitely the underdogs in this match but they are a side that won’t go down without a fight. Defensive wise they struggle to defend the ball against stronger teams such as Inter, Juventus, Milan etc. They have a hard time shutting down their opponents chances.They also struggle to protect the wings along with defending against shots from a long range. In way of attack they struggle to finish chances although they do a solid job attacking set piece situations along with taking chances after direct free kicks which Inter will need to keep an eye out for. Players that are out with injury or suspension on their team are Lazzari who is out with a unknown injury and out with a red card suspension is Cionek. However they do have a few solid defenders who will try to stop Inter such as Felipe, Vicari and Regini. In their midfield they have Kurtic and Spina who are strong goal chance takers. Then on the forward position Fares and Petagna who is strong in and out of the box he will do what it takes to bring those three points home which is why he is the key player for Spal.


The bottom line


This match will all boil down to if Inter can shake off their recent performances to focus on getting those much needed three points. Also they will need to focus on keeping the ball away from Spal especially Petagna who will be a threat to Inter if they’re not careful. They will also need to focus on finishing their chances as well. Spal on the other hand will have to work harder as Inter are a stronger side and will do everything to win this to get back on winning track. This match should be a win for Inter as they are also at home in this match and they are the more dominant side they should easily get the three points in this match.


Inter projected 4-2-3-1

Gk Handanovic
Def Dalbert, Skriniar, Devrij, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Gagliardini
Att mid Persic, Mario, Politano
Forward Martinez
Spal projected 4-3-3

Gk Gomis
Def Costa, Felipe, Regini, Vicari
Def mid Kurtic, Spina, Valoti
Attack Petagna, Fares, Paloschi

Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date March 10th
Time 9am USA 3pm UK 4pm Italy

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