Inter vs Lazio match day 28 preview #141


Following the final installment of international breaks this season Serie A action resumes with Inter taking on sixth place Lazio in a home match. The last time these two side faced each other at the start of the season they played too a 1-1 draw. Inter have overall have won majority of their last six matches against them. In this match both sides have their own agenda’s for winning this match. Lazio in this match will look too jump their rivals Roma to get into one of the Europa League spots making Roma have to fight for the last one. While Inter look to widen their gap as Milan still loom just two points behind them. Inter are looking to at least improve and finish in third. With only two months worth of matches every point is critical. So every match is a must win for them. Here is how these two sides square up as they go into battle on Sunday afternoon.



Inter Milan


First off to note the injuries sustained to players over international break are Martinez, Devrij, and Radja. The team that as been playing as of late is the best it as been in quiet sometime. Especially after beating their rivals Milan in one of the most heart stopping matches between them in recent seasons. Defensive wise Handanovic as really shaped the team like keeping them in line and providing a positive moral. Devrij has stepped up and as helped block chances and steal the ball away from opponents. Sadly due to him being injured he will not be playing in this match. Him and his partner Skriniar work wonders together. On the defensive mid they are still hit and miss but they are continuing to get better as the matches go by. Offensive wise they have done a better job of creating and finishing scoring chances. Players that have stepped up in this area is Politano and Martinez who both have scored goals and have become threats. If Inter don’t sign Politano at the end of the season would be a huge mistake as he as come a long way from the start of the season. Also in the forward position as Martinez is out it is more than likely that Icardi will start but it is unsure of how he’ll perform after all the drama that as been surrounding him and his wife as of recent weeks. The threat in this match will be Politano who as become a key goal scorer at times but he mostly is good at assisting the ball to team mates and will do what is needed to get the three points. If not contained he can cause Lazio issues especially in the box as he is getting stronger in this area.




On the injured list for Lazio is Lukaku. They have a solid defense which is mostly led by Felipe who is strong at ball stealing and tackles. Also another strong defensive player that they have is Acerbi. But overall a lot of their defensive players are solid and have been known to cause other teams issues. In their midfeild is where there is a player who doesn’t get enough credit for how great of a player he is Savic is that player. He is strong at goal chance taking and is strong at finishing those chances. He has three goals and three assist this season. He is a threat inside the box and will be the key player in this match. A few other players worth mentioning in this area who are also strong themselves and will try to get their side the three points are Romulo and Lulic. They are also threats as well. On the forwards the strongest player that struggles in international duty but shines when playing for Lazio is Immobile who won the shared golden boot last year he currently has a total of thirteen goals so far but he is behind in goals as he is tied for sixth this season.



The bottom line

FC Internazionale v SS Lazio - Serie A
In this match will come down to if Inter can isolate Savic and if Lazio can shut down Politano. Inter will need to make sure to finish those scoring chances especially in the air. They will also need to defend the ball as well. They need to make sure to control the match in Lazio’s half of the pitch along with maintainig possession of the ball. They can detur some of their chances by drawing them offside as they struggle in this area. Lazio will need to utilize the same tactics. This will be a hard fought match as both sides are strong. If anything the worst case scenerio a draw but a win for Inter is possible.

Inter projected 4-2-3-1
GK Handanovic
Def Dalbert, Miranda, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio
Def mid Brozovic and Vecino
Att mid Perisic, Mario, Politano
Forward Icrdi


Lazio projected 4-3-3
GK Proto
Def Acerbi, Armini, Felipe, Silva
Def mid Correa, Lulic, Savic
Att mid Rezzi, Immobile, Neto


Stadium San Siro
Place Milan Italy
Date March 31st
Time 1:30pm USA 7:30 UK 8:30pm Italy

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