Wasted chances cost Inter as Lazio jump Roma in table #142

Score: Lazio 1 Inter Milan 0


San Siro
Milan Italy
After their huge win over their noisy neighbors Milan and the final installment of international breaks Inter welcome visitors Lazio. Lazio themselves won their respective match against Parma. The first time these two sides faced off against each other this season they both played to a 1-1 draw. But overall Inter have won three out of their last six matches against them. Inter have shown small improvements against bigger teams but there is still a lot of room to get better. In this match Inter will look to widen their gap between them and Milan and it will be a little easier as they lost too Sampdoria yesterday. Lazio on the other hand looks to jump their rivals Roma to secure a spot in the Europa League. Inter in this match will need to keep the ball away from Lazio as they are a threat especially inside the box and Immobile in this area is a beast. Also they are strong at scoring chances which is why they need to keep the ball away from. Also they will need to make sure to finish their scoring chances as well which is the area they have gotten better in. They can use one thing to their advantage to detur Lazio’s chances they can utilize the offside trap as Lazio are usually caught offside a lot. This match can easily end in a draw but a Inter win is possible. In the first half Inter took hold of the possession and scoring chances. But twelve minutes into the match Lazio converted a shot by Savic putting the visitors up 1-0. Inter would have many chances and were unable to covert on them as the half ended with Lazio on top. In the second half Inter continued their hunt for an equalizer. They continued their pressure on Lazio but once Inter fell behind it was pretty much lights out as Lazio win the match now putting them up over their rivals Roma who also lost earlier in the day.




This week Inter go with the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is none other than the leader in clean sheets and the captain Handanovic. On defense on left back is Asaomah. In the middle replacing an injured Devrij is Miranda who will swap with him occasionally. Then capping them off is D’Ambrosio who as really not been performing to the levels that has been seen in past seasons. He as been on a slow decline as of late. On the defensive mid is Brozovic who as been on a severe scoring drought after the start of the season. Then next to him is Valero. On the attacking side of the spectrum on the left wing is Persic who as been hit and miss some weeks he will score and help with assist but other weeks he doesn’t do much at all. In the middle is Vecino then on the right wing is Politano who is one of the more stronger players in this area. Then up top replacing Martinez is Keita Balde who is returning after being out for a few weeks due to injury. This is a bad lineup at least in way of tactics a 4-3-3 formation would’ve in my opinion been better so they have that extra defense if needed. But they will need to keep an eye on Immobile and Savic who are strong goal chance takers and will look to capitalize on them.




After bets were made this match gets underway in the heart of Milan. Seven minutes into the half Inter looked to put themselves on the board as Perisic from the left corner of the box takes a shot but the ball gets saved in the lower left corner of the goal. Seconds later Vecino tries a shot of his own but it gets blocked. This is followed up with a shot from Skriniar who takes a right footed shot which misses over the crossbar. Inter have taken advantage of scoring chances along with possession. Savic thirteen minutes in lands a header into the back of the net following a cross from team mate Alberto which puts the visitors up 1-0. After the twenty minute mark Inter would look to score an equalizer as Brozovic looks to end his scoreless drought with a shot from outside the box but it gets blocked. Three minutes later Perisic gets his shot blocked as well. Inter are hard pressing to get themselves back into this match. Keita from outside the box looks to even things up but his shot is saved in the center of the goal. Things would slow down a bit as the chances wound down a bit but after the forty minute mark Lazio get their second chance of the match as Bastos takes a header which is saved in the center of the goal. Keita gets his second chance of the match as he gets a chance saved in the lower left corner. Before the half ends as Alberto who scored the opening goal of the match gets his shot saved in the top right of the goal. With that the half ends with Lazio up 1-0. Inter despite being the stronger side are struggling to capitalize on any of their chances which are going wasted. If they don’t capitalize on any of them it could be lights out at the San Siro for Inter.



Following the break this match resumes with Inter in the hunt for that needed equalizer. Minutes into the half just like the first looked to start things off with Perisic from outside the box connecting with the ball as it gets saved in the lower right corner. This is followed up by a shot from Politano but the ball misses the goal as it coast over the crossbar. Moments later Vecino lands a header which is saved in the center of the goal. Inter have had a lot of chances but are wasted especially with too many cross attempts. A few minutes later Lazio get their first chance of the half as Felipe from the center of the box gets his shot saved in the top right of the goal. Inter are so close but yet so far. With thirty one minutes in play Politano misses a left footed shot as the ball goes to the left of the goal. This is followed up by two chances from Immobile one of his chances misses the goal and the other is saved in the center of the goal. With almost fifteen minutes left to play Inter make their first subbing as the ninja Radja comes on for Valero. Minutes later with time winding down looks to get his side at least a point but the ball misses to the left of the goal. This is followed by their next subbing as Candreva comes on for D’Ambrosio. With seven minutes to play Radja connects a shot from outside the box but the shot is saved in the lower right corner. Politano seconds later gets a shot blocked from the center of the box. With six minutes left they make their final subbing as Mario comes on for Balde. A minute later Persic had one final chance to give his side at least a point but his shot is saved in the lower left corner with that the match ends with Lazio taking all three points as they jump their rivals in the league standings.



This was a huge disappointment. Inter could’ve easily won this match based on how much they were putting on Lazio. They dominated the scoring chances and possession. But they had way to many wasted chances. If they could’ve capitalized on one of those chances they could’ve at least secured a point. But all they can do now is shake off this loss and focus on the match that happens in only a few days time as they take on eleventh place Genoa who they destroyed 5-0 in their first match in the season. They can get back on track with a win here as things become critical. The man of the match is Asomah who did a solid job blocking chances and stealing the ball. As always until the next one FORZA INTER.

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 65%
Shots 18
On target 7
Passes 623
Pass success 88%
Possession 35%
Shots 6
On target 5
Passes 345
Pass success 77%

Top of the table
Juventus 25-3-1 78pts
Napoli 19-6-4 63pts
Inter Milan 16-5-8 53pts
Milan 14-9-6 51pts
Lazio 14-6-8 48pts

Bottom of the table
Udinese 7-7-14 28pts
Bologna 6-9-14 27pts
Empoli 6-7-16 25pts
Frosinone 3-8-18 17pts
Cheivo 1-11-17 11pts

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