Blood bath in Ferrari as Inter destroy Genoa as they get back on winning track. #145

Score:Inter Milan 4 Genoa 0FT

Luigi Ferraris
Genoa Italy


After a crushing loss against Lazio Inter travel to take on eleventh place Genoa who are coming off a loss of their own against Udinese. Inter beat them the last time they faced each other in the first half of matches in the start of the season. Inter overall have won majority of their matches against them. Inter in this match look to increase their lead as Milan now sit one point back after they drew in their match on Tuesday. Genoa on the other hand are just looking for a win. In this match Inter are the clear favorites but they have been hit and miss all season. So there are a few things that they will need to do in order to win. First and foremost they need to wipe the loss against Lazio out of their heads and focus on the match in front of them. They will need to make sure to finish any scoring chances they take. They need to make sure they maintain possession of the ball along with controlling the match in Genoa’s half of the pitch. Defensive wise they need to make sure to steal the ball often if Genoa get the ball and they will also need to block their chances as well. They can also utilize the offside trap to throw them off their game. This should be a easy win for Inter but everything and anything is possible in the last two months of matches. In the first half Inter took the bull by the horns as they took hold of the scoring chances and possession. Inter took the lead as Gagliardini landing the ball in the back of the net making the score 1-0 to the visitors. Then before the half would end Genoa gifted Inter a penalty which is converted by the returning Icardi making things 2-0 with that the half ends. The second half Inter continued their pressure on Genoa and they would add to their already commanding lead with Perisic this time finding the net making it 3-0. If that wasn’t already abuse enough Inter put the nail in the coffin as Gagliardini gets his second goal of the match with that Inter decimate Genoa as they widen their gap on Milan as they now sit four points above them.

In this match Inter stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal is the captain and leader in clean sheet Handanovic. On the defense on left back is former Juventus player Asomah who as become an ancor for the defense giving them some direction. In the middle is Skriniar and Miranda. Then finishing them off is D’Ambrosio. On the defensive mid is Brozovic who as yet to find the net as of late then next to him is Gagliardini who is replacing Vecino. Then on the attacking side of things on the left wing is Perisic who hopefully gets back into form as he himself as found himself scoreless. In the middle returning to the starting lineup is the ninja Radja who as helped Inter immensely. Then capping him off on the right wing is the major player they need to sign at the end of the season is Politano. Then up on top returning to the starting lineup is Icardi this is a gutsy move as there is still negativity and drama surrounding him in my opinion after his childish behavior he needs to be sold in the summer transfer window. But he is the only viable option at this point until Martinez returns from injury. 



Following bets and lineups being announced this match kicks off. Minutes into the first half with Inter already taking hold of the possession Genoa looked to kick things off as Stefano takes a shot from the right of the box is saved by Handanovic in the center of the goal. Minutes later Inter get their first chance of the match with Perisic getting a shot from the center of the box blocked. This is followed up by a attempt from the ninja but his attempt is saved in the top center of the goal. Genoa after that get their second chance of the match as Antonio misses the goal as it goes over the crossbar. A minute later Politano misses the ball as it goes over the crossbar as well. Both sides so far have proven they want that coveted opening goal but Inter look to be the stronger side here as they’re dominating each aspect of the match. Fifteen minutes in Gagliardini from the center of the box finds the back of the net putting Inter up 1-0. This is followed up two minutes later with a shot from Perisic taking a header which is saved in the top left corner of the goal. Eleven minutes later Christian misses a header as the ball goes to the right of the goal. Inter are maintaining their pressure on Genoa letting them have limited chances. Perisic minutes later gets a left footed shot blocked. Lukas with eight minutes in the half misses the goal following his right footed attempt from the center of the box. Romero draws a foul on Icardi which he is sent off on a red card and gifting Inter a penalty which Icardi converts making it 2-0 to Inter. Before the half ends Inter look to add to their lead as Radja from outside the box takes a shot which goes over the crossbar with that the half ends with Inter up 2-0. If they keep this pressure up they can easily win this match which should be easier now as Genoa are down to ten men.


After the break this match resumes. Minutes into the half Icardi looked to add to Inter’s lead with a header which misses the goal to the left. Minutes later Genoa look to get on the board with Pedro taking a shot from outside the box which is blocked which Inter have done a solid job with. This is followed up with a shot Christian taking a shot from the center of the box is saved in the lower right corner by Handanovic. A minute later Inter add to their lead as Perisic buries the ball into the lower right corner which puts them up 3-0. In the sixty sixth minute Mario comes on for Brozovic. A minute later Pezzella gets a shot from outside the box is blocked. Politano with seventeen minutes left to play in a completely Inter dominating match takes a shot from outside the box is saved in the top right corner. This is followed up by Inter’s next subbing as Valero comes on for Politano. With fifteen minutes to go Genoa are desperately trying to get at least a consolation goal as Christian gets a shot blocked from the left of the box. With ten minutes to go Icardi is replaced by Balde. Inter seconds later put the proverbial nail in the coffin as Gagliardini lands a header into the lower left corner of the goal making it 4-0. With that the match ends with Inter coming off with a huge win as they now sit four points above their rivals Milan.


This was a huge win for Inter as Milan sit four points back and if they keep up this momentum their spot in third might be sealed. Though they still need to work on things both offensively and defensively when it comes to stronger teams which have been their downfall this season. If they work on this key area they can be a threat once again until then in the top five is where they’ll remain. The man of the match is Gagliardini who scored two goals and provided assist where needed. He also blocked Genoa’s chances along with stealing the ball from them as well. For now the Icardi situation is this yes he needs to leave at the end of the season but until then if he is still a potential viable asset to the squad they might as well utilize him. On Sunday Inter welcome visitors Atalanta the last time they faced each other Atalanta killed Inter 4-1 Inter look to make sure they don’t take the season sweep with them. Until then as always FORZA INTER.

By the numbers
Inter Milan
Possession 77%
Shots 14
On target 7
Passes 884
Pass success 92%
Possession 23%
Shots 8
On target 2
Passes 255
Pass success 74%
Top of the table
Juventus 26-3-1 81pts
Napoli 19-6-5 63pts
Inter Milan 17-5-8 56pts
Milan 14-10-6 52pts
Atalanta 14-6-9 48pts

Bottom of the table
Udinese 7-8-14 29pts
Empoli 7-7-16 28pts
Bologna 6-9-14 27pts
Frosinone 4-8-18 20pts
Chievo 1-11-17 11pts

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