Inter Milan vs Atalanta talking points #148



After the win against Genoa in the middle of the week Inter welcomed visitors Atalanta. The last time these two sides faced each other Inter lost to them in a 4-1 beat down. Overall their record is 2-2-2 so this match could’ve went a variety of ways. With Zapata out and being at home there should be no reason that this match shouldn’t be theirs for the taking. Following bets and preditions the match got underway. In the first half Inter took control of the shots game while Atalanta had the slight edge on the posession. Inter early on though did a solid job preventing them from creating chances of their own. But once they get their first chance it was pretty much even in scoring chances depite Atalanta not finishing any of their chances in the half. With that the half ended in a 0-0 draw. In the second half of the match Inter continued creating chances along with Atalanta but Inter in this half took hold of the possession. Despite strong efforts from both side this match ended in a draw as both sides each get a point. This put Inter five points up on their rivals Milan who sit in fourth place.


Loss of passion from Icardi



Icardi this season is a former shell of his old self. A player who would be in contention for the golden boot now isn’t even in the standings or if he is he is at the far bottom. But it is shown more as of the last eight weeks where Icardi hasn’t started much. This whole issue pretty much started when Icardi rejected a call to the Europa League squad which resulted in him having his captain’s armband stripped from him and passed down to Handanovic. Then his wife got involeved and caused friction between Icardi and other players in the locker room especially Persic. This shows after Politano scored a goal and did a Icardi like celebration and Perisic pulled down his arms in disgust. But after consideration Spalleti had no choice but to put him back in the starting lineup after Martinez suffered an injury and Keita Balde is weak in a striker position. The past two starts Icardi has had he has had little to no chances and the only goal scored was a penalty in the match against Genoa. When he plays he looks like he dosn’t want to be there. He has showed interest of leaving the club and based on the drama him and his wife caused and the lack of performance it is time he makes his exit from the club which may happen come seasons end.



Atalanta’s wasted chances


Atalanta in this match were weak without their main threat Zapata. Zapata has had over twenty goals so far this season but in their recent match he was sent off on a red card eliminating him from playing contention in this matchup. With that Atalanta were without their main fire power. Atalanta did a ok job creating scoring chances. They had a total of nine shots for the night. Despite creating them all they didn’t even finish one of those chances. Most of the chances they had missed the goal entirely or Inter were able to blocked those chances. So all their chances were wasted as they couldn’t complete them. If Zapata would’ve started this match would’ve been all Atalanta as he would’ve made shot after shot. That and as he has been on fire he would’ve capitalized on them and Atalanta could’ve easily had this match if he played. Which proves why he is a threat to all who face Atalanta.




Inter’s weak links

So far as of recent weeks and months that have shown some players besides Icardi who need to be sold at the end of the season due to lack of performance. The first is D’Ambrosio he as been lackluster as of recent seasons. He has a hard time blocking chances and as left gaps which have allowed their opponents the opportunity to create scoring chances along with finishing them. This has cost Inter at times valuable points. Some of the matches they had could’ve ended in a win but due to errors they lost or got at least a point from them. Midfield wise Brozovic as been on the longest scoring drought and very seldom creates chances this is also said of Valero and Vecino who really don’t add depth anymore. Perisic despite getting a goal here and there is pretty much the same story. It is sad to see these players decline but maybe a change of club may spark life into these players so it is best that the club try to sell them at the end of the season.

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